Life is a Game; Are You Having Fun Playing It?

Inspired through ‘There Is Nothing to Get’ by Sheena Cantar

Adelere Adesina 👑
6 min readJun 9, 2021

It really does not make sense to play a game where there is no fun. I mean, it is not work, not slavery — it is a game! A normal person who is in a game without having fun can barely win. Winners in any amazing game always have fun in the process. And the largest game of all is Life. Are you having fun playing it?

This game, like every other game in life, runs with rules. There is a precise order to the game of life. I remember playing the ludo to the point where I discovered a specific tactic which I use to win nine out of ten games. From that time on, the game was fun for me. I didn’t have any pressure with the game and I wasn’t trying hard to win anyone. I was just having fun — understanding that so far I play by the tactic I’ve found, I would win in the end. It was usually very strange for my opponents and friends that I could be all smiles and laughs, especially when it appeared to them that I was going to lose. The tables would turn suddenly and I would win. Indeed, a game is a game because of the rules in it. Those who have the mastery of the game are those who know the inner rules, how to apply it at every turn of the game and they really do apply the best tactics they’ve got!

Life is a game with its own rules. These rules are actually more like laws when we apply the term to Life. The Universe is govern by very precise laws of success. They are not even difficult to know. They are simple to understand and apply — except that we have to first learn them, and learning anything at first isn’t easy. But is it not worth learning the laws of the Universe? Let’s discover once and for all that it is worth it. I don’t know what your present age is, but you know. Suppose you have spent 20, 40, 60 or even 80 years playing a game that you don’t even know much about. Only guesses, and your best guess so far haven’t given you a real win, a win such as what you TRULY WANT (What do you really, really, honestly sincerely WANT right now?) Now, you make the decision to learn the rules of the game. Since you cannot exit this game unless you exit life, you make the commitment now to participate in the game only by learning the rules as you go. Then you start learning the laws and principles of success, of living a fulfilled and worthy life. Is it truly worth it? Well, YES! Even if it is just a day which is all Today that you spend learning the laws, it is worth it. After all, the alternative is losing today AND tomorrow if you never ‘Spend’ today learning the law (which is rather investing for today and tomorrow). Regardless of how many years you have spent not having Fun, your Commitment Now to learn the laws, devise your tactics by mastery of the rules and comfortably win the game makes all the difference to how the story of your life is going to unfold from this moment on.

I want to call your attention to the word I am using. It is LEARNING. Probably you have read over a hundred books like me on the laws of the Universe. You may have attended fifty seminars, a hundred? Maybe. Maybe you have even studied again and again, and you can explain the laws of the Universe, you really understand them. All of that makes no meaning at all, no Real, Observable, Meaningful IMPACT on your life unless you transform your reading and studying to Learning. Understand me all right. Studying is the starting point of learning. But when you study without any learning, you are just a scholar without results. In Scripture terms, a well-dressed Pharisee without righteousness. LEARNING is the acquisition of information to permanently alter your behaviour by renewing your attitude of mind (how you think, feel and act). In other words, LEARNING has to be a transformation of your experience through the application of the information of your Study. Even the dictionary defines ‘to learn’ as ‘to acquire an ability to do something.’

Learning the laws of the Universe is the conscious commitment to Study and Practice! Commit to yourself that, ‘As I now read about the Law of Thinking/Cause and Effect, I begin to think upright thoughts. As I learn the law of Supply, I live my day at work and home with the feeling of abundance and surplus supply.’ If you still want to really understand why you must COMMIT to Practice what you have read about the game of life and how to win, then remember that there NEVER is a game that is all intellectual. You may be the greatest chess master that the world has ever known.. You may be able to see through all the infinite possibilities from the first move of your challenger. But unless you Make Moves, several moves at that, you can never win. In fact, when you are so lethargic to never make a move, you would be declared a loser after some time has passed. Strangely, that is what many people call themselves today, never realising that they are still in the game anyway. They think of themselves as losers from yesterday, and make that halt them from making the necessary moves of today. No matter the wins or fails of last night, today is a new day with fresh opportunities to play the game with improved skills. What did we say earlier? That when you spend today learning the laws, you insure tomorrow against the failures of today and for the success you have always been capable of. It makes no sense to make the same repeated failures. To have no fun 20 years ago, and whereas all the conditions of life surrounding you has changed, to still not have fun today. You can change that now by a committed decision to learn the laws, that is to Study them and Practice them.

Have fun playing this game. I told my good friend, Omoleye, about the reason I just want to live the best of every single day I spend in this present life. I said, ‘We may not know for sure if we’d have another shot at this amazing life of possibilities. I mean, there are theories and perspectives. But if there wouldn’t be, then living the best of this present one is just important to me. And if there would be another life, it would still be great anyway — since nowhere have I read that there is no win-win.’ My idea is that I don’t have to care about getting a second chance to live a truly amazing life. The infinite chances of every new day that I wake is just enough. That is one of the tactics you gain when you begin to master the laws of the Universe. You see INFINITE POSSIBILITIES and you make your Best Move everyday, having Fun at it, and never worrying about your challenger, the old failures and past conditionings of your old life. Because you are now a new person. You are LEARNING and Mastering the LAWS OF THE GAME OF LIFE!


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