Levelling Up the Practice


Adelere Adesina 👑
2 min readMay 3, 2022

I hope that you practiced the simple exercise from yesterday. The exercise is straightforward.

Relax yourself. Close your eyes. In your mind’s eye, bring yourself to touch different simple objects. Touch a baseball, a tennis ball, a golf ball, a piece of silk, money, a key, etc. You could choose your natural list of three to four such objects. Touch them and feel the reality of them. Feel a baseball. Feel what it smells like. See what it looks like vividly. Then move to the next, a piece of silk. How does that feel to touch? How does it smell? Then next. You could add something you would taste, like taste an apple, then taste milk. Something you would hear. Like the voice of your friend over the phone, then shift to the voice of a commentator on the radio, the voice of your favourite relative in person. If you could feel differently with these objects, then they exist within you. They have an independent reality within you beyond their forms that we see objectively. Now, level up the exercise.

Today, repeat the practice with these objects in your practice time. Then practice STANDING in the location. In other words, learn the art of making ‘There’ become ‘Here’ within you. How?

Suppose you are on your bed when you want to practice this. Now as you shut your senses to the reality of your bedroom, imagine you are now at the front door of your house. All you have to do is ensure you STAND at the door. That is, let it feel that you’re subject to the law of gravity, or you are literally pulled to stand on the ground of the door. Don’t make any movement yet, just ensure you’re STANDING.

Or suppose you are sitting on your chair in your study, relax yourself and shut your consciousness away from the physical senses. Now, assume you are back in your room and allow yourself to lie down on the bed. Feel that your back is laid on the bed, that your skin touches the bed and allow the coziness to wrap you.

While you recline on your favourite chair in your living room, you could assume you are back in your workplace or school. Assume you are standing before your table there. Or you are sitting at your favourite restaurant. And allow yourself to feel the reality of standing, leaning or sitting exactly where you’ve chosen to be. Should you be back to this body, you must feel as though you have actually been there when you’ve done this rightly. How? Take all the tones of reality from there by your previous practice. In other words, what does the air of that place smell like? The chair you’re seating or the table you’re leaning on, could you feel as though you saw it? Touched it? Hear the natural sound of that environment. Whether a bird chirping or some telephone ringing. Well, done? Well done!

We continue with the practice tomorrow.



Adelere Adesina 👑

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