Letters to I from I Am

Source Notes on Unity and Power

Adelere Adesina πŸ‘‘
2 min readMar 29, 2021
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Individualized Spirit,

Within God,

The Only ONE.

29th March, 2021

Dear I,

I Am and I see my struggles. I see my setbacks. I see the anguish I have borne. I see my cross I have carried. Kudos on persistence and will, in spite of the aches and cries I have shed at my Gethsemane.

But know that before I was, I Am. Before I was born, I Am. Even before Abraham β€” the father of faith whose seed of faith is I β€” was, I AM. I Am the Alpha and Omega.

I Am Eternal. I Am Infinite. I Am Glorious and I Am Glory from the beginning, even before the foundation of the world. I Am and I choose to become Son of Man, in the form of a servant. I count it not robbery to be in the form of I Am, yes, of God the Spirit.

But I become me, and I bore the experiences of weakness, the obedience of a servant. Now, I awaken for I Am the Awakening.

From eternity, I chose this form of flesh that I may through it manifest the glory of Spirit. Yes, that though I become weak, I feel and I Am Strong. Yes, that through the weakness of the lowest nature, the strength I Am is glorified.

At this awakening, I know and understand that I Am given the name above all names, β€˜Jesus: God with Me.’

This is my name henceforth, I Am. I Am the Father. And this is my name. At the mention that I AM (be it by my breathe, my saying, my feeling, my seeing, whatever asserts Beingness within me), all conditions of life bow and I transcend them. For I Am.

Mine is Truth,





Adelere Adesina πŸ‘‘

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