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Recreation Beyond Miracle — Post Spiritus Otium

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6 min readApr 26, 2021

— Author’s note on how to read this: This is a four-dimensional writing. The writer is ‘You’ (and its inflections); the reader is ‘I’ (with inflections); God/Spirit/Our Father is ‘It/She/He’ (with inflections); things or reality is ‘They’ (with inflections); humanity is ‘We’ (and inflections). Any thing/object is ‘This/That/These/Those’ (and inflections). Let Me Understand It.

There is creative energy in Spirit. Spirit being infinite, where it is capable of its own motion, it is capable of infinite motion. ‘Spirit moved over the face of the waters.’ This is the overture of orderly creation.

The creative power in him is infinite. For he is, in all fact, infinite creative energy. There is nothing that has been created of forms which has exhausted or may ever have exhausted this creative power. For it is to the degree of infinity.

Therefore, to create anything, spirit believed its intrinsic ability to bring to form that which has been brought to imagination without exhausting any significant power.


All creation is reproduction of the spirit. It is not disintegration. For the spirit, as being infinite, is not rendering into form a finite supply of energy. So that God in the ultimate universal is compounded (multiplied) by Himself in the proximate particular.

The creation of light, of stars, of skies, of fishes, of animals and most of all, of humans. Were spirit finite, all this would be a taking away of the expressive power of the Father. However, we cannot think of subtraction from the infinite power of spirit for it is absurd to subtract from infinity. Nor can we think that the whole sum of creation proves the point of being added to the Divine. Because not as though ‘he needed anything of us’, not as though anything can be added to the self-sufficiency of the Father. In other words, we lead to absurdum when we bring addition to the infinite. Ultimately, all relation to infinity reaches its proper limits in multiplication.

Spirit reproduces itself in all things. Everything is in the image, the nature of spirit, and ‘brings forth their kind’. Everything is re-produced from the imagination of the Father. As such, Spirit multiplies into infinity of what spirit is.


There is reserve power in Spirit that cannot be exhausted, never by anything. No object of creation can we conceive that shall deplete spirit’s creative powers (since all creation is Spirit’s expansion, spirit’s multiplication, spirit’s advancement into newer degrees of expression). This residual power infers that God created all things lightly. That everything is created in an effortless manner. There is residual power, residual energy and the tip of strength is all that brings creation to life.


Who is human that Divinity is mindful of us? Who am I? I Am IN the image and AFTER the likeness of the Divine Nature. I Am as He Is. Therefore, I am a creative factor.

All what I ‘do’ is permitted only so long it bears the replication of his creative exercise. I duplicate creation again and again.


On the seventh day, the Father rested. On the eighth day, I, the Son of Man, am raised to do the works of my Father. Now has creation begun. Creativity is effortless and beauty, effortless and passion, effortless and expression. In my own world where I am the creative centre, I replicate all that the Father has done in creation here.


The only stopping of the infinite from expansion is holding back. Thus is God love, that she has freely given of all she is. Thus is the Divine life, that she expresses without limits all what she feels herself to be. All the mechanics of creation is contained in release. You say, ‘Consider it well: “All the mechanics of creation is contained in release.” What we hold back is not creative and disintegrates. What we release is not stopped from reproducing, from expanding and from duplicating. Everything having the nature of their creator, whatever thing we release is creative into life, love and beauty.


The experience of release is found verbally expressed in the word LET. No other words match. No other expression comes close to pure creativity. Because and thus, no other word is more used in creation but LET.

Let there be light. Let there be a firmament and let it divide the waters. Let the dry land appear. Let us make humans in our image and after our likeness and let them have dominion.

Nothing of existence is not brought to being in the word, ‘LET’ and all the authority it commands.


All this is permission in essence. To let it happen is to bring it to release, give it a passageway. It is allowance, a blessing on the thing that is brought forth in creation. It is the higher that blesses the lower. Strength without force. Power without effort. Grace without control. This is the highest authority.


Do I not see now? What I cannot let to be or to do, I combat. What I combat, I implicitly agree to its approaching power and control over me, as being equal or overpowering mine. The greater the effort I exert, the higher I prove their power and control is. The more the combat, the more powerful the opponent. Thus, I have no control whatsoever on that which I exert control. Not exertion but release brought the universe to place. Not control but freedom enforces the liberty of divinity.

When I do not desire something, I control it by allowing it, by not resisting it; then, I can exercise my reserve to duplicate that which is in the nature of what I desire. ‘Let there be the good I seek,’ I now say. By permission, I create. By release, I expand.


This is the law of growth from the very beginning. LET!

Not that darkness should vaporize, for Spirit never uncreates, being life and love in essence. All creation is upheld by spirit itself. It never undoes that which is done. It simply supplants the existing with the new. By saying ‘new’, he makes the first old. What is old is passing away.

No, not that darkness should vaporize but that light should proceed in an orderly manner from it. Light marches out of darkness by growth. Every light; every appearance of darkness.


All things are created. Light was not coerced into being. How subtle is this point about creation? How intuitively we knew this as children, suckling babes and infants? How forgotten this knowledge now is from us? All things are already created. That is, all things have been created from the beginning. From the sketching of the house, the house is built. What is left is ‘realisation’, that is letting. By which we mean, ‘Growth by order.’

‘The heavens and the earth were finished, and all the hosts of them.’ ‘All things were made by him.’ Everything that was formed, that is now appeared and that is yet to come has already been created.

What do I want? What sums of money do I desire for wealth? What expression of well being is my desired health? What peace of mind do I seek for relationships? What joy do I intend for happiness? They already exists. Only I have to ‘LET’ them be. Only I have to release them. The works of the Father has been completed from the foundations of the world. Everything I require for my earthly journey already is here ever before I came. All that is left of them is release, and I alone have the key. The key is thus:


— Filii autem nondum est per creaturae Dei.



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