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Recreation Beyond Miracle — Post Spiritus Otium

Adelere Adesina 👑
3 min readApr 26, 2021

— Author’s note on how to read this: This is a four-dimensional writing. The writer is ‘You’ (and its inflections); the reader is ‘I’ (with inflections); God/Spirit/Our Father is ‘It/She/He’ (with inflections); things or reality is ‘They’ (with inflections); humanity is ‘We’ (and inflections). Any thing/object is ‘This/That/These/Those’ (and inflections). Let Me Understand It.

Would you now move into the terrain of faith? We feel this is a misunderstood, blind religious idea used to explain away what we do not understand. But you persuade to tell me what you understand of faith, that after all, it may help me to reach heights of life I never attained before. You claim that far from using it to explain away what we do not understand, faith explains everything. What’s the proposition?

Initiating Creation

Whatever theory of how all things were created, there is one truth of creation that I cannot disprove: ‘God believed in His Ability to Create, and So Did.’ This never changes, not even now for us all.

You say, Divinity has faith in his Word, that ‘Whatever he sent it to, there shall it prosper.’ You say, Spirit trusts completely the life within it to expand and flow into wherever spirit moves. You say, Faith is the central power and the starting point of creative movement.

God should, could never have initiated creation if there was any moment of doubt that the first creative words and work would be a success. He had faith in himself and his words, and created the entire cosmos, wherein I stand now.


The Divine is infinite. So that if the Divine is love, it is infinite charity. If it is peace, it is infinite calmness. If it is joy, it is infinite rejoicing. If it is point, it is infinite proof. If it is truth, it is infinite absolute. With these thoughts, you guide me to see.

If it is faith, it is infinite confidence. Confidence is trust. Trust is word. Word is expression. Expression is motion. Motion is action. Action is accomplishment. Accomplishment is creation. Infinite faith is infinite creation.

Yes, if the Divine Mind ever had doubt, this would be infinite. Infinite doubt would be worry, darkness and disintegration. Faith of the Infinite in the infinite power to create is Creation.


Why are we endowed with freewill? Because of the unifying, dynamic belief of our Father.

Why do we have the creative power to choose our destiny? Because of the mindset of Divinity.

Why have we received the responsibility of our life? Because of the feeling of God.

The ultimate unifying belief of God, for which creation did not stop the fifth day, was this:


‘God believes I shall choose goodness. God believes I shall express love. God believes I shall create life. God believes in me.’

How would God believe in me before my creation? Because of love. Because I Am a Partaker of the Divine Nature, and all things which I have created in my life has come by Love.

That which is the subject of my belief becomes an object of my witness. For I have loved it in the heart, then I bring it forth in the world of forms.


I am the living faith of God. From my spirit to my body is the realisation of Spirit’s imagination from the beginning. I am the ultimate proof and point of the Creativity within the Divine Mind. I Am who I Am.

God’s image and likeness, I Am Divine, and heir of the divine nature. Therefore, faith is doubled within me; the faith of the divine.

I am a Creative Centre for God. My action is Creation.

— Humanity credit in Deum.



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