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11 min readDec 2, 2021

Welcome to the Laws of the Universe

It was a tragic situation on Labour Day at Michigan park. Well, here was a man on a cliff taking photos of the absolutely best view from a cliff. And while making better use of the opportunity, he fell. Sadly, he fell into his death. It was the third death from accidental falls in the summer at Michigan state parks. These are exceptions to the standard safe ascent and descent off cliffs, really. So few cases that they are worth the news (1). Regardless of the unhappy nature of these news, they remind us of a bitter truth about the universe we live in — it is governed, absolutely governed by Laws! Gravity, Newtonian laws are few amongst the natural laws that effect the deaths of these individuals who fell, and the same laws that guarantee the safety of the thousands who use these cliffs daily since they did not ‘fall’.

It is just a reminder to us all that the laws of the universe work the same on every ‘body’ in it. As William Atkinson remarks, No one can break the Law. We may not be humble enough to understand and accept this as a basic fact; yet, the events of our daily lives under careful and honest considerations bear the mark of the idea. Let me repeat it in bold. No one can break the Law.

It is either we break in working against the laws or we work in harmony with them. When we work harmoniously with the laws, ‘our safety is guaranteed’ in all areas of life where we respect them. Where we violate them, the result is a certain death on one or more planes of life. Reporters might just not have enough coverage, right? Most of these deaths, happening daily, go unannounced on the news. Except that each individual feels it.

Once again, Welcome to the Laws of the Universe!

The Seven Laws, Meet Them and Honour Them

There are seven laws of the universe. Actually, this is a very tricky statement and whoever has studied fairly into the nature of the world we live in like you are doing now knows what you’re learning now. There is Only One LAW! It manifests in seven forms, and they each manifest in many ways and so on. When we grasp the seven, however, we have a sufficient key to cope and thrive even in any area of life. These laws, I didn’t invent them. O, no. No committee sat down, no council where they debated the laws of the universe and approved seven subject to revision. They have been and will be — eternally so! We meet them now so that we shall begin to work in harmony with them. After all, if we are not familiar with someone, we cannot expect to be in continuous harmony with it. Right?

1. The Law of Orderly Trend

This law is the principle within all life that there is always Law and Order in everything. There is no disharmony, no chance, no inharmony anywhere. Everything proceeds from the lowest to the highest, from the least to the most. Whether you are a philosopher, a theologist or a scientist, this is a law you already identify most certainly!

Thomas Troward in his book the Creative Process in the Individual began with these words, ‘There is an ancient saying, “Order is Heaven’s First Law.”’ Well, the very first words of the Bible started, ‘In the beginning…’ This is the first law, we continue to grasp it again and again.

Have Fun with It 😁: Is there a slightly disorganized environment around you (e.g. your room, emails, etc.)? How does it manifest ‘a trend’ of disorganisation/irritation around you? Could you do something slightly different to put a little orderliness? When you’ve done that, how different do you feel?

2. The Law of Analogy

I was reading my sister’s WhatsApp status today itself. She, Oluwatunmise Adesina, is a creative, and she makes tie and dye clothes (Adire). She made some amazing clothes that you could play tic-tac-toe on it with a special person. Well, she played with two people and she was sharing the experience with us, the viewers. Her first player was so focused on Oluwatunmise losing the game that while she had easily won, she didn’t realise it. And my sister was mute until she had won the game. Wonderful, right? She took business and life lessons from there. In Oluwatunmise’s words, ‘You literally have no business with your competitors, be your own competitor…’ What has happened? How did a tic-tac-toe game become an inspiring set of business principles? The law of analogy.

This law suggests that what is true of one is true of all, that there is a correspondence amongst all life. A wonderful summary of the law: ‘From one, know all.’ If a principle is true of matter, it is true of energy. If an experience is true of the atom, it is true of the sun. You get the gist of this? So, if it is true of tic-tac-toe … 😁

3. The Law of Sequence

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a notable writer and American philosopher, mentioned that this is the law of laws. Why isn’t it? I guess I was 5 or 6 when I first asked that question most parents dread how to explain. Yes, most parents dread it so much. It usually starts from one ordinary question, and boom! The boy or girl goes as philosophical as Socrates. The first question might even be, ‘Mum, why don’t crocodiles live in our house with us?’ Then from one to another, and you soon hear, ‘If God created everything, then who created God?’ One son asked his father like that, and he mailed it to Billy Graham. I love how Billy put this response published on November 18, 2004. ‘Your son is now old enough to realize that everything we see around us was created from something else. In other words, the things around us didn’t just happen; they had a beginning, and someday they will also have an end. And that’s why it is hard for us to imagine something that has no beginning and no end.’ (2) This law is so obvious to the human mind early in life that most of us ask that question, or similar ones based on our environment and upbringing at times, about the cause of every effect in the universe.

That is another way to put this Law of Sequence: the Law of Cause and Effect! ‘Nothing happens by chance. Nothing happens without a precedent manifestation, and a subsequent manifestation. Everything has its “before and after” things. Nothing stands alone.’ This is an amazing law of life, isn’t it? Especially when we learn how to use it — it will become to us the Law of laws.

4. The Law of Rhythm

If you did some science back in high school, you would have learned the Kinetic Theory of Matter. This is something R. Jones have to say on this theory, ‘The kinetic theory of matter (particle theory) says that all matter consists of many, very small particles which are constantly moving or in a continual state of motion.’ Look at your phone that seems so still, or your table or your chair. They are like a deep ocean that appears to be still. Yet, you know that there is a constant flow and current in the ocean. You know that this flow is non-ending. Everything around you is in that state. So intense motion that it appears to be still. Let us have an idea of this movement. Oxygen is needed by all animal life, including humans. Luckily, there is oxygen in your room. The oxygen around you at room temperature moves rapidly between 300 to 400 metres per second. The typical airplane travels 16% slower than that. Yet, the air in your room might look so still that you don’t even realise it.

Welcome to the law of rhythm, that reports everything to be in constant and continuous movement. Everything is in rhythm, in beats — in motion. Everything vibrates or oscillates, whether physically, mentally or spiritually. Every single idea of life is constantly vibrating. William Atkinson said, ‘To control Vibration is to control all forces in the universe.’ So be it.

5. The Law of Balance

I mentioned Ralph W. Emerson earlier. He wrote an elaborate essay on just one idea: Compensation. You go to the supermarket and you buy what you want/like by exchanging your valuable money for it. Accountants also know this law. I did a check with my friend accountant friend, Robenson. I asked him, ‘What is double entry in accounting?’ He said, ‘It is accounting one debit and another credit with the same value.’ It applies in business as a rule. Don’t you think it would apply in our mental, emotional and spiritual lives? The law of analogy would say… you guessed right!

The Law of Balance simply manifests in how everything is offset by something opposite to it so that both arrive at a balance. There is a Centre to every thing, whether physical, mental or spiritual. The pendulum that moves to and fro has its centre, doesn’t it? Everything is compensated; everything is balanced in another thing. This law when it is truly understood and lived in harmony, it brings the government of power and poise in the lives of people who use it.

Let’s Make Another Fun. Will you solve this $1 paradox? If everything is in constant rhythm, how could there be balance to AND in everything? (Hint: The pendulum) First to comment a solution receives 1USDT, right? Yay!

6. The Law of Cyclicity or Cycles

This law simply declares that everything moves in circles. Not only are things constantly moving as the law of rhythm indicates. Not only do they move to and fro a certain centre as the law of balance suggests. In fact, they move around two extremes from time to time. The day moves to night, and back to day, and back to night, and back to… You wake in the morning and work in the day and sleep in the night (or you might have a different cycle). Another way to put it is that everything has its routine. Everything has its natural course of going to and coming fro TO THE SAME PLACES!

Also when we count it carefully, we shall find a clock for this routine: the cyclic or orbital time. The earth revolves around the sun in 365.25 days. The moon does the same in 28 days. No two things have the same time, or they would be the same thing. Yet, everything exhibits this behaviour of moving in circles. If things move in circles, there would have been no real progress per se. A certain up will move to a certain down, and something or someone will only be moving among these extremes. However, you and I can master this law. When we do, we don’t stop the law from being law. Far from it, we start to make an excellent use of it by converting the circles to spirals. ‘Worlds and atoms; Cosmos and Man; all are under this law, and move in accordance therewith.’’The wise and strong convert the circles into spirals. Instead of traveling around in an eternal circle, the wise and strong rise in spirals to attainment and advancement.’ I would like to remind you that this is the purpose of our ten-days work.

Want a Fun Time! Peel an orange or an apple continuously, and you will have a spring spiral. Use a pen or pencil to ‘cycle’ across the spring and observe that you are simply ‘ascending’ or ‘descending’, even though you are going from left to right time and again. Share pictures, will you? Haha.

7. The Law of Opposites

This law is so fantastic. If you are male reading this, then you have a sense that there is a female. Right? Or Left? 😉 If you have a light, it is suggestive of a darkness. A software suggests there is a hardware. If you have forward, you have backward too. If there is a front page, there is its opposite. Matter suggests its polar opposite of Mind. The north is where you are when you are looking south, right? Haha. That’s so good that I want to say it again, ‘The north is where you are when you are looking south.’ As such, every truth is half-truth. Everything is and is not simultaneously. In fact, every opposite is the same thing from various degrees or poles only. Every thing that seems to oppose is one and the same thing manifest along different degrees of intensity. Hot and cold are but one temperature in different degrees. Hydrogen and oxygen are but one atomic matter in different atomic numbers. Is that not the idea again, ‘The north is where you are when you are looking south — and when you flip on the same spot, just the same spot, you are south facing north?’

This law is magic, true magic which when you have some grasp of it, it provides you with the power of transmuting any idea into the equivalent which you desire. This law helps you to maximise your potentials, to live your dreams, to change reality at will and to approve your peace of mind intentionally. It is with this law that you could most easily form a harmonious relationship with yourself (your past/future) and other people.

Get a Practical Result Instantly: Take a note/e-note (dedicate it to these exercises) and on a page, draw two lines across vertically. Label the first side ‘North’ and the second side as ‘South’; the third side, call it ‘Yes, Resolved!’ Pick three disagreements you had with/on others today, whether expressed or not (meaning you might just not accept their point of view, not necessarily voicing that). And write their views under ‘South’. Write your views under ‘North’. Imagine you are to defend their views as if yours for some reasons without condemning yours (Hint: Two opposing views always aim at the same purpose, just difference of methods). Each time you’re able to do it, simply write in the third section: ‘These two views have one central idea. Amazing, and I’m proud I found it.’ And please, clap yourself for the discovery! You could share what you learn in this process with the community. Thank you for your valuable contributions.

The work I have with you is best expressed by William Atkinson,

The Seven Laws may be applied under the mind and will of the individual, enabling him to take advantage of the flood‑tide of Rhythm, and to neutralize the ebb‑tide; to enable him to neutralize the Opposites; to find and hold the Balance and Poise; to convert the Cycles into Rising Spirals; to take advantage of the Law of Sequence — thus to Master Fate, instead of being her Slave; to conquer laws by laws; to oppose principle to principle; to acquire the Art of Mental Alchemy, or Transmutation of Mental States and Conditions.

My sincerest wish is that have the information of how to master —and even master — yourself in these ten days experience.

I hope this has been fun for you. And did you learn something? Perhaps unlearn or relearn? Kindly share it in the comments, my friend.

See you here within 24 hours.🥳🥳🥳


(1) Joshua Rhett Miller, Man falls to death from Michigan cliff, may have been trying to take photos; 7 Sept. 2021, New York Post:

(2) Billy Graham, Our 6-year-old son asked us this: “If God created everything, then who created God?”; 18 Nov. 2021, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association




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