Is Manifestation Magic? The Natural Wonders of Your Wardrobe

Adelere Adesina 👑
10 min readApr 11, 2022



Your wardrobe is a universe of wonders. Who would know but you by yourself? Here, you have a special outing, one that occurs once in a year. So, you go to your closet and you find all these clothes. There are three or four of them that you wear nearly everyday. But they won’t go on this special once-in-a-year outing with you. Instead, you look in the twelve to thirty other clothes that you rarely wear. You have them, but you rarely wear them. For all the 364 days of a year, you may never touch them. Some of them haven’t been touched for a day in two or three years. Some have never been used more than once for all the years you’ve had them. Yet, they are exceptionally beautiful and most fitted for special outings. It is one of these that you would choose on this special occasion. When you are seen by your friends and acquaintances at the outing, you suddenly appear angelic, gorgeous, the most beautifully dressed in town. You are literally in the most classy dress. To everyone, you are Magical on this day, and you are made to feel so. But you’ve had it for more than years just in your closet doing nothing but waiting for you to wear it. It is not the clothes but you who chose to be exceptionally gorgeous once, twice or ten times in 365 days of a year. The clothes wait for use. They want use. But the ‘operant power’, the wearer is you. Until you wear these other clothes, the world will continue to see you in those two or three casual clothes that you wear daily without any significance, making you appear to them to have less than you truly have. So, your wardrobe is a universe of wonders. And only you would know. If you would dare to make your daily life continuous special outings, the world would know with you that your wardrobe is a world of natural wonders.

What is amusing is that the way we do one thing is the way we tend to do everything, being creatures of habit. ‘The only reason you and I are functioning as we are today, and are not aware of the greater outlook, is simply because we are creatures of habit, and habit renders us totally blind to what otherwise we should see; but habit is not law. It acts as though it were the most compelling force in the world, yet it is not law.’ (Neville Goddard, Thinking Fourth Dimensionally — Lesson Three) Consequently, the way we treat the world of our wardrobe is the same way we treat this entire world. It is a world of infinite wonders. We live in a world that is called space-time. Ever wonder what a space is? It is called a space because it occupies. It has room for any manner of happening. It is not a boundary, but a space. It can occupy any event, and it has occupied all the marvellous events of humanity. But after all that we have individually and collectively explored of this whole vast universe, we have yet to explore ‘two clothes in a closet of a thousand designer wears.’ So, I am encouraging you to embrace manifestation as a way of life. This is why manifestation is not magic. Exercising the Law that Imagining Creates Reality is not an Abracadabra from a shaman or the aligning of stars by an astrologer. It is NOT magic. It is all natural wonders, the very plenty much many tons of clothes that you and I haven’t even tried out, and that we have habitually failed to use.

Manifestation isn’t magic. It happens, and appears magical. But it is really you exploring your world of wonders, very natural wonders. Do you desire something? Don’t think it will happen by magic. Don’t entertain the thought for a moment that your manifestation is happening by some magic. You are not to busy yourself with the means when you could enjoy the feeling of being in the end. So, you desire something and it appears too small to be significant in the grand scheme of things? Do not despise your little desires, for your imagination and imagination alone conceives your desire for the purpose that it be fulfilled. These toys of life, you have the urge so that by assuming the wish fulfilled, you may tease yourself. Don’t fall into the habit of thinking, ‘It’s too small to use imagination to manifest this.’ Or ‘It is such an insignificant matter in this universe and there are many factors that are affecting it. They are all too probablistic. Can the imagination handle this?’ Have you tried to assume it is done?! Test your imagination, don’t doubt it. Don’t quit before you give yourself the chance to start — for that is what self-doubt is.

People have this attitude with religion. But I encourage you to put it away when you step into the conscious use of this law. People have the attitude that they can pray and petition their gods for big things, but they try to sort the small things by their reasoning mind. On the contrary, they experience daily angers and petty frustrations by these small things going awry. I know because when I reflect honestly on my experience before and after my conscious use of this law, I find this to be a reflection of where I’ve been. What do you find when you reflect honestly? So, maybe you find this old religious attitude too. Please, don’t bring that attitude into the use of this law. ‘All things exist in the human imagination,’ not ‘big things exist in the human imagination.’ Make your order, and the imagination will deliver to your majesty!

These small wishes, explore them imaginatively. You have a wardrobe of natural wonders, and this space can occupy anything you would wish into it. Do you desire it? Can you imagine what it would be like if it were true? Can you assume what your attitude of mind would be if you already possessed what you once wished? It does not matter how big or small; the space is SPACIOUS enough to occupy it — borderless and boundless space it is. So, manifestation is not magic. It appears magical because this is the wonder of your wardrobe, the wonderful resources of life which you habitually fail to use.

Let us be clear that when a manifestation happens, it will not happen magically. There will be a natural sequence of events; but they are unexpected. When you go in your imagination to live in the end, your imagination works out the means by which it happens in your world. It will all happen so naturally, but unexpectedly. Because your imagination is now using those other ‘clothes in your universal wardrobe to clothe your physical experience’, in other words, your imagination is now exploring the natural links and resources which your reasoning mind habitually failed to use. So, it will all happen naturally and wonderfully! Does this mean you conform your ‘big’ desires to realistic tendencies?

We hear too many lectures and read much information on setting realistic goals, meaning don’t aim for too big dreams. Some of us already think manifestations are a magic that they can use to achieve their big goals, while they keep the small desires to the realm of personal effort. I know because I once reasoned that way. So, I would have ‘unrealistic’ goals (meaning unrealistic by the standards of teachers/communities of realistic goals) and TRY to manifest them, then take the small objectives and still TRY to work hard on them. You would probably make such useless partitions of your desire when you think some are realistic, and some unrealistic. Some are big but some are small. But let me remind you that you are manifesting from your Imagination, to whom the whole vast world is but a shadow, and the whole universe is as a grain of sand on its palm. Let me remind you that you are manifesting from your Imagination, and your manifestations are appearing in space-time. All events occupy at A Moment of time. Therefore, whatever may happen, whether big or small, its time could not be bigger nor lesser than NOW when it happens. ‘Now is the appointed hour’ of your wish fulfilled. For time therefore, size or degree of realistic does not matter. I hope you understand it, really — that what you desire to happen, its size, degree, intensity, length, weight, or whatever physical measure you apply to it does not extend the measure of time which is NOW by any stretch. Only feeling extends the measures of time, for only feeling transcends time (see the writing on dimensions of reality). You can feel thrilled in an event and it seems time passed so quickly; or feel bored and it seems time has gone slowly. But the nowness is not affected by the bigness of your desire. Therefore, your desire is as realistic as it takes for you and you alone to feel natural about it.

Your manifestations are appearing in space-time, and earlier I have attempted to let you be aware that space is ready to occupy anything of any size. It is called SPACE for this reason. Now, manifestation is not magic; but this does not mean your big desires cannot come to pass. For when this understanding comes to me that both space and time are collapsed in the gaze of my Abrahamic state/state of numerous desires, I realize that my imagination does just as easily and effortlessly manifest great things as it does small things. And it does all these most naturally using events and occurrences which I could not have reasonably conceived from the state of my longing AND which I would not struggle with the need to conceive in the state of my wish fulfilled. Do you understand this? God, who is your imagination, created the whole enormous universe. It is incredible to think of the stars, each star with its system; the galaxies and constellations. What is MORE incredible is to think that molecules, atoms and even subatomic environments will replicate a similar system, and there would be wonders of wonders in atoms just as there are in galaxies. Humanity could spend the age of humanity trying to resolve the myster of the microverse just as much as the macroverse and still not fathom more than a peck of the whole wonder. Consider it too, the immense creativity that the Imagination puts into the eternal designs of these systems, whether big or small. It appears God has never made anything short of wonder, very natural and simple as it appears, it is reverentially and wonderfully made.

The imagination makes it all in wonderful ways, by his own wonderful means. Whether it is big or small, fat or thin or whatever measure and size, when you imagine the end, feeling into the state of the wish fulfilled, your imagination will bring its appearance in wonderful and creative ways; with same elegance and inspiration whether it is big or small. Surprise yourself with those magical but unused imaginative clothes in your universal closet.

So, construct your big and big goals. Some of my supposedly big goals were realised effortlessly in a matter of days or weeks from when I first entered the state of the wish fulfilled. Some in hours. It’s wonderful for me when I consider these goals that would have been unrealistic by worldly standards, but they happened as if to say I traded a feather for a bar of gold. Who did it? Not the attitude of mind that desires it and says ‘Humph, this is unrealistic for now. Let me go and feel it real maybe it will happen out of the blue.’ It is the attitude of mind that says, ‘I know it is done. I am aware that it is already here. I am open to all that moves me to experience it physically because I am convinced I am already here spiritually.’ By living in the end without considering whether a magic would happen on not (would you expect a magic to happen when you BELIEVE IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED?), I received a program on scholarship which I could not have purchased by my income at the time if I had saved every penny for 25 years, but this happened in a month. And it happened by natural events, by my imagination exploring existing resources in ways that I couldn’t have intellectually conceived — the wonder of untouched clothes in my closet.

My friend, it is not magic. It is wonder upon wonder. Even if your desires defy known natural laws and processes, but you desire it. Well, if you know Who-You-Are, then you boldly assume the wish is fulfilled and wear the feeling. It will happen in the most natural way, and when it has happened, the world will want to explain this magical turn of events which is really the exercise of the wonder working power in your imagination. So they will find new laws and natural processes that support it. Before the days of Newton, of Maxwell and of Einstein, the observed processes of nature were totally different. You couldn’t rationally communicate the idea of going to the moon in the age of Newton, for their known laws would have defied it. But you can say it in the era of nuclear power. What makes the difference? The Imagination has conceived ideas beyond the best of that old era, and man awakens to new laws, principles and processes. So I tell you that there is space for all you desire. It is a magical series of events, but it is not magic. Your imagination knows how to use those habitually untapped resources of life, and if a million people or things must be reconditioned, they shall to awaken your assumptions into physical existence.

Well, with such a vast collection of amazing designers, wouldn’t you make each day a special outing and imagine experiences better than the best you’ve ever had for yourself and for others? Test it; there are yet unused imaginative wonders in your wardrobe of this universe.



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