Intelligence and Selection

While writing a chapter of my new book, L E T: The Science of Attraction, I came upon an idea that I have read several times, heard plenty times and even spoken on many occasions. But it dawned on me differently at the moment that I was writing. It had got me wondering and I remembered something my mentor, Sheena Cantar, has shared around the idea. She has shared with me that scientists realise people make decisions some seconds before their brain reads the frequency of the thought of the decision. In other words, people actually decide on ideas before they even think the ideas consciously. Another source that I remember studying this from was Joel Goldsmith’s Beyond Thought and Word. You may have heard the idea, too, with many poetical and philosophical teachings. Such as the saying that Life is the space between the letters or Peace is the silence between notes of music. The art of meditation is listening for the silence and the art of knowledge is reading in between lines. It is this same idea that I want to share with you. I hope that my discovery is going to help you make a discovery, too.

In my book, the following words were written. ‘We iterate this key idea thus. The fingers are moved by thought, ‘the initial non-physical work of mind’, but the selection in the thinking of the sequence of happenings is something that is caused outside of thought or beyond thought. It is not thinking that selects what thinking thinks… We are led to understand there is the Mind… if it were not so, then every possible event would happen at once — if every event causes itself. In the same manner, every possible thought would be in thinking at once if thinking causes itself. The intelligent selection of thought that creates order and intelligibility in event must be in essence out of thought. Whichever way we turn, there is Intelligence and It is capable of using the Mind to make time and chance happen. We may call this Intelligence whatever we choose so long the essence of it is not removed from our knowledge. We may call this Intelligence Creator since it creates by the selection of Thoughts that occupies its Mind, and makes the happenings through the Thoughts that proceed from the Mind — thus, we may call it Maker… Intelligence uses the Mind to Choose Thoughts, and through these Thoughts, mold and make the Events of the Universe.’

This Intelligence is not intelligent. It is not a quality; it is Being as Intelligence. It is the knowing beyond knowledge. Knowledge is to read these lines and be aware of what they say. Knowing is to read in between the lines and be aware of what Is said and saying — what is Being. Before you think a thought, you have chosen the thought to think. The choice does not happen in your mind. Choice is not a thing you do with your thinking. If it were so, if you were choosing with your thoughts, then your thoughts are choosing themselves and your reality automatically happens without any freewill at all. Do you realise that your thoughts are things, and they become the things that happen in your physical world? If your thoughts are choosing themselves and thoughts become things, then your thoughts are the autopilot of your life. But by introspection, you know that you are the one choosing what you think. You are the one deciding what is going to be in your mind at any point in time. I do not mean the you of ego, the false you that thinks it knows but knows nothing. The Real You that is Intelligence and Choice, that Real You, the Higher Self, are the chooser of your thoughts.

When we understand this to a level of practical application, we find that Intelligence is Selection. Thomas Troward has mentioned these as the very expressions of the Divine Nature. Now, I want you to consider them very closely. Because you are aware of your body and your mind, you are neither your body nor are you mind. You are Intelligence, the Awareness that sees body and knows mind. The primary virtue of Intelligence is Selection. Selection unfolds as Decision! I urge you to go into your mind now, and realise how the flux of thoughts are there only and strictly only by your permission. No person is thinking for you, not even when any suggestion is applied to you.

On a more practical note, we realise that EVERY POSSIBLE IDEA exists Here and Now in BEING! You are the Intelligence which appreciates — in every financial sense — the Idea that You Choose. Decision is Acceptance of an Idea, even if it is the decline of an Idea. For to decline an Idea is always to Accept another. Choice is a recurring opportunity of affirmation and Being is the Affirmative. This means you are forever and always choosing an Idea. The Idea that you choose, the Word, creates all of your thoughts. In fact, the Law of Attraction is set into motion immediately as an Idea is chosen by Intelligence. This Selection selects a basis of observing the world. The basis, the idea, is a seed that is sown in the Mind. It attracts everything that is like it or necessary to it. This means when a thought springs in the mind because You have chosen that thought-basis, thoughts of like nature continue to flow into your mind. Until you change your Idea, your thoughts and consequently your feelings as well as actions are going to be locked on all the happenings that are bound to the Idea.

You can choose What to think at any moment. This means thinking is not choosing thinking nor does thinking choose to think. It is You who chooses it. But when you don’t choose the Idea you Desire, to Think It, you realise that you have chosen the Idea you do not Desire to Think It.

Every Idea has in it the power to attract everything in its nature. In fact, the Idea is Attraction itself. This Idea is what John called the Word. Your Idea is spirit, and did not just come to being when you chose it; it always has been and always will be in creation. It does not need you to be — but when you choose it, it begins to be in form through you. In the Idea is Life or Attraction. And this Life is Light or Thought-Consciousness. A more common word is Mindset. Neville calls this Idea, this Mindset Your Assumption.

Do you understand more fully now? You are Intelligence, because of which You are Selection. By Selection of an Idea which is simply being, You bring Order to every possible event. This bringing of order is what is called Faith. For this Order is Your Assumption of what is possible. All things are possible if you believe is not saying you never are in a state of unbelief. The Real You is Being. All things are possible AS you believe is meaning. Look within yourself for your Assumption and look around your results for what has happened. All things ARE possible AS you Believe means that every event which is bound to your Idea or Assumption of Reality continues to unfold in your reality. Every possible thing is done As you believe.

You cannot think differently, feel differently nor act differently outside of your Idea. An individual who holds the Idea of lack cannot think and feel abundance unless the Idea is first changed to Surplus, which truly Is. An individual whose Idea is that there is any possibility of illness has created thoughts of ill-health in his mind. The thought cannot be diffused unless the Individual first returns to Being, to Intelligence and from there embrace the Idea that there is the possibility of Perfect Health only. Just as a seed brings forth its own, an Idea brings forth the fullness of its own thought.

To change your life, you must renew your Idea. You must step into Being. This is the art that the ancient have called Meditation or Listening or Breathing. Listen to the music; listen for the silence between the notes. Listen until You ARE just BEING! This is to Relax completely from all of your work, your old labour in thinking, feeling and acting the same thing over and again. Unless you enter the Rest of the Sabbath, you cannot be Resurrected in the New Idea. Rest and realise that You Are Intelligence. You are the Knowing. You can then choose for once the Idea you desire. Perfect Health. Peace. Abundance. Opulence. Self-respect. Wealth. Happiness. Joy. Contentment. Discipline. You can only Select not when you are using your mind — for your mind is already doing the work — but when you are Being You, the I Am.

I hope that my journey with you in my discovery renews your awareness and puts you in a higher plane to glorify your life with higher glory and purpose. Peace.



Adelere Adesina 👑

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