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6 min readJan 6, 2022

‘Do you think that you are an inspired person? Do you live an inspired life? Do you feel inspired?’ ~ Wayne Dyer


On this certain morning, my amazing friend was teaching our lovely family. It was a flow and his ideas were coherent, were in fact his original thoughts. He was as the weaver weaving the fabric of understanding and expansive awareness in the very moment. Weaving, a highly crafty task: a moment they are fibres, the next they are fabric — and the unfolding it happening as it is being perceived. So was this morning. ‘Creative’ is but the very beginning of words to describe how it felt, how it went. I was truly happy for the heights my friend has attained and for all of us who witnessed such a lovely moment. He was Inspired.


A few hours before, the dark night was over me as I enjoyed the thrill of the day in reverie. Such a pleasant day, a phenomenal day. So many cheerful moments and so many satisfying scenes. Yet, there were events to REVISE, to reimagine them for higher levels of lovingness and greater expression of nobleness. I was lying on my bed imagining when I came across the moments of day that I have interacted with this my friend. I loved it — breathtaking exchanges. And I wanted more and more of goodness. For there is Infinite Love. Infinite Might and Infinite Expression of Perfection! (We all need not be fearful of realising our dreams for there are possibilities upon possibilities up the rank.) So, immobilized on my bed and being where I pleasured in imagination, I thought of when our next natural encounter would be. A few hours from now, our morning call in our pleasant inspiring family. That was it. He desires so much to be a wonderful teacher and I wondered how fulfilled he would feel to have taught lovingly in his own way. I knew in that moment that I would not be teaching in the call — he would. For this I had seen and felt.


I woke up quite early but quite unusually I fell into sleep again. And when I awoke the second time, I tried to join the call in time. I have forgotten my imaginal act, and wanted to share further contemplations on our study. My connection conspired and it held me out for a couple of minutes. So that when I eventually joined the call, my soul brother was well into the teaching. It felt so aligning. Talk of heart-stopping. There it was. When he paused if I’d want to carry on, no that didn’t matter. Please proceed, I urged. And he touched my soul. He warmed my heart. He poured the living waters on my soul and refreshed my spirit with such gracious words, such penetrating ideas stemming from this one paragraph. Yes, he started with a Neville’s paragraph. Still, he spin off his own ideas. He turned out his own creative ideas and led us all into a beautiful moment with him. Even when I would not have acted to realise it, the sequence of events conspired to put him in the expression of himself and he produced from inspiration.


Yet, inspiration is not so far from anyone of us. To be truly inspired takes the practice of humility and service. Even at that, there is never inspiration lost from us in the most ordinary things of life. It may be hidden from our sight, but it is never lost. You are inspired in every moment for a moment fabricated in the entire cosmos is a product of imagining, a marching forth of the unstoppable and primary cause of life. Every event that has happened, every event that is happening is a touch with the infinite. In it is the thunder of silence. In it is the magic of Alice’s wonderland. For if it could happen at all to the point where it has happened, the universe has room for it. Everything in this awe-inspiring universe is contained in God, the Infinite. And God will not contain that which has no room in God. What will not happen is what cannot have an expression of divinity however remote. What happens contains within itself the breath of Spirit. The enthusiasm of God is the contriver of every plan and act of Man. The experience of life is God’s eternal imagining enacting itself. This happening or that happening, every event indeed is a wormhole taking us all beyond the boundaries of this universe. You are never uninspired. The thing which you do is a creative act. It might express upwards or downwards — yet it expresses. Yes, movement could be ascending or descending. Movement at all is the first characteristic of livingness. In this present, you and I are inspired. What you do and what you don’t do are together in the schedules of the universe for providing a life full of the EXPERIENCE of living at all, the experience of living. What we collectively do or don’t do are marched forth from our imagining. And this imagining which is in touch at once with all experiences and conditions of life (for it transcends them) is inspiration. Inspiration is to be in touch at once with all experiences and conditions, to feel oneness with and presentness of the Presence of All in All. This is never deprived of us. Hide not away from this sight therefore, the Present — this alone is eternal delight.


Inspiration is ever expansive in awareness. Inspiration is felt in a feeling of expanding, of becoming larger than oneself — than one old self. To be in inspiration is to feel the Moreness of Life. You and I know we are inspired in that moment when we show some generosity that leaves us fully alive. Or in that moment of loving selflessly. Or in that moment of smiling genuinely. Or in that moment of courage amidst darkness which may befall us. Inspiration however much it uses them, never recycles old experiences. Old experiences are bounded by their limitations, especially our own limitations of perceptions. Inspiration transcends and seems to carry us on its wings immortal beyond the snares of clouds into the boundless space. Connectedness with all Life is Expansion with the very currents of Life that we call LIFE or GOD. GOD evermore expands. For the Infinite cannot shrink. The Infinite cannot be subtracted from, added to nor divided through. It only multiplies. Here is an acorn inspired, which planted in the dirt does not add to God, does not subtract from Spirit, does not divide the Essence of Being. Rather, it Multiplies. An acorn in touch with everything else attracts and repels according to the Infinite Plan of the Oak in the Forever Imagining of God — the Eternal Imagination. And in this unfolds (evermore expands) the Infinite of the Oak Tree. Here is an acorn inspired, and the adder’s egg, and the raindrop, and the brush of the painter, and the union of two lovers, and the service amongst two humans. The quintessence of life is resting within every conceivable grain of sand and no supernova in the heavenly sky is void of the same or containing any more nor less. Each unfolds according to the Eternal Dream of God. Inspiration takes us on expansive thoughts, newer currents of awareness which we ourselves observe with awe while we are in the moment of inspiration. For we could not have conceived humans so frail in sight to unfold such delight. Yet it is promised eternally, My divine strength is made perfect in human weakness. Be wary that you do not mistake comfort for inspiration. Inspiration does not put us in comfort. It puts you and me in dissatisfaction, disruption — even disembodiment. Growth is emergence not complacency. Inspiration puts in you an awful surprise yet delightful. To shrink is to make efforts of de-spiration otherwise desperation. Desperation may in fact be comforting. Dwelling with old thoughts and staying in one’s skin may well offer comfort.


Yet, the fool knows that it is discovery of the unknown friend who must be made not complacence with the known enemy. For the present time shall pass. The gift that can be given can be given now. The kiss that can be showered can be showered now. The understanding that can be made, the empathy and pact that can be offered can be offered only now, not later. The acceptance is a possible reality now and the assurance is actable only now. To fear loss of self over any of these is the danger upon the wise of the world who associate divinity to the external and humanity to the internal. Man has all things but time. And all things are possible within any given time.

What you have, give with love. For the time which you have not shall be taken from you. Inspiration is your expression here and now — here and now IS when you can.

Your phenomenal friend,
Adelere Adesina



Adelere Adesina 👑

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