In the Beginning, God Created the Heaven and the Earth


Adelere Adesina 👑
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The Bible opens with these words, ‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.’ This expression is everything. To experience it is the purpose of humanity. Our purpose for examining the nature of the atom and the galaxy is so that we can find the CAUSE of life. Is it so that when man has found it, man dismisses it? Certainly not! But so that this Cause could be applied wisely to remake life. Therefore, thousands of philosophies and millions of books have been formed, written, guessed to explain the mystery of this opening statement. As though an explanation is anywhere as significant as an experience. So, I request you to seek its experience. If you experienced this scripture, what would it mean in your life? How would you feel to KNOW you may consciously create your own life, create the life of anything you wish even as far as the ends of the universe?

In the Beginning, God Created the Heaven and the Earth. Let us attempt to put this expression in the most literal interpretation from how it is written.

‘In the first, gods create even the firm from the lofty.’ It would be very unclear to operate with this way, so put it: ‘In the Beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.’ So, the FIRST or beginning of that which is FIRM or earth is Elohim (God made up of gods) creating it from the LOFTY or heaven.

If we understand God to be beyond time, then the act of creation is instantaneous or in Now, independent of time. This beginning is therefore the FIRST and INSTANTANEOUS act of God, not a beginning of time but a beginning which is at once a completion of creation. Therefore, ‘Creation is finished’. Even more important to understand is that this beginning is NOW. Any moment when God acts the action that occurs only as the FIRST is the beginning. So, Now is the beginning. Do you understand that any moment when God creates what is firm from what is lofty is the beginning?

And this God that is Elohim, it is the plural gods expressed in unity the supreme God. Thus, God would address Self and say, ‘Let us make…’ Now, there is ONE GOD! He is One made up of many, made up of all of us. Just as every cell of your body is You and makes You up; but even more intimately so. For imagine that each cell of your body is not merely making you up but is entirely You as You fully and wholly are. This is the supreme God, ONE who is the many.

Well, God is the ONE who is ALL. There is no other being but God. Or how would you understand this? ‘I am the LORD, and there is none else.’ (Isa. 45:5) There is no other else. So, are you? I mean, do you exist? If this statement were to be true, then you could only exist if you are the Lord. For there is only one being who declares that He Is (that ‘I Am’) and this being is the LORD. There is no one else, no other being at all. You are the God who at first created the firm from the lofty, the concrete from the feeling. You created and still create the earth that is manifestation from the heaven that is consciousness.

It would interest you to know that the word translated ‘created’ is really to ‘create from entity’. Therefore, the first act of God is to create all things which have concrete form or appearance from Self. We read further, ‘Let there be light.’ This is a command by God; but given to whom? Well, ‘I Am the Lord, there is no one else.’ So, the Lord speaks unto ‘self’ and from ‘self’ brings forth light, brings forth all that is brought forth. ‘Let us make man in OUR image.’ There is no other form, image nor substance by which all things have been created but God’s Godself. God is the substance from where all things are made, and You are this God that we speak of.

‘I told you that and I believed it and I heard it and read it and tried to put it into practice, but now I know that you and I are made of the very substance of God and we are one with Him.’ (Neville, The Birth of the Babe)

So, this is the Beginning. This NOW when you begin the creative act. The creative act is to create from your SELF, from your lofty place or feeling all that pleases you to manifest. Turn within you and give what you desire to have form. You can give anything form when you imagine. From what substance is the outline of the ring fixed on the newly wedded finger or the voice of your friend announcing the good news? There is only one substance within, and that is your Imagination. Go to the end. For this is the secret of the beginning, of that statement. ‘In the beginning, God finished the work.’ ‘In the beginning, God arrived at the end.’ These would be perfect ways to express what happened at the beginning. Why? Because at the first, God assumed the ultimate purpose is achieved when we learn ‘created the heavens and the earth’. Therefore, ‘creation is finished.’ Go to the finish line and assume you’re viewing the world from there. How would you be cheered? How would you hear the world around you? How would you see the race is completed? This is the work of imagining.



Adelere Adesina 👑

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