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6 min readMar 30, 2022

Question: I’ve been wanting to manifest my SP, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve felt it real and I’ve been imagining for a long time. I need a good relationship now, and I need it fast. What can I do?


Answer: My friend, the first step to your manifesting isn’t imagining and feeling about just anything. It is clarity to the point of falling in love with an idea. Because our environment exposes us to so much information about many daily things, we do have this clarity on a lot of daily events — that is why we manifest our whole day so easily. But when it comes to relationship, we might fail to have enough clarity on what exactly we want. ‘Let me again lay the foundation of changing the future, which is nothing more than a controlled waking dream. 1. Define your objective — know definitely what you want.’ (Neville Goddard, Out of This World)

I hope you have really covered this step. If not, let us examine. What manner of relationship do you want? A loving relationship? A loving and caring relationship? A loving, caring and wealthy relationship? A loving, caring, happy and wealthy relationship? My repetition is intention and extended to let you understand that they are really different. So, define what you want from your ideal relationship with your SP. Not the face of a person as such, but the ideals that a person will embody. Would you like to travel with the SP? Would you like to receive care or to express service and be appreciated? Would you like to be treated as royalty? Would you like to be supported and supportive for a noble vision? Would you like to be financially okay, or financially abundant? What manner of parenting would you like, if you wanted parenting? What manner of love making and romance would you like? Would you like a relationship of a lifetime? Of 100 years or of 10 years? Would you like to live in a large dream house or a small one? Not all these areas must apply to you, and not all the areas that apply to you have been identified. But what is useful is to DEFINE YOUR OBJECTIVE. As Neville put it in a lecture,

‘Knowing what you want, place your attention on its clarity of form. Do you know that the moment you draw a line you encompass energy? That without an outline, everything is nothing? Draw your outline and make your picture as clear as possible. The moment you think of influence, you reduce a miracle to magic. All the people in the world are only yourself pushed out. No one has the power to hold you back or promote you, for you are self-promoted or self-restricted. Before you imagine, take a moment and clarify the form your imaginal act will take.’ (Neville Goddard, What Are You Doing?)

In his book, Your Faith is Your Fortune, Neville emphasized, ‘Here is a simple formula for successful fishing. First decide what it is you want to express or possess. This is essential. You must definitely know what you want of life before you can fish for it.’ So, I really hope you are clear about what you want. This might look like a tasking activity. Now, we all like shortcuts if it won’t cost us gravely. And there is just one shortcut to this. In fact, it is the only way to it. In order to know what you want in an SP, you must be sincere in what you want with yourself. Apply honesty and integrity. Honesty is doing to yourself as you would want others to do unto you; Integrity is doing to others as you would want them to do to you. So, what do you want your lover to do to you? And what do you want to do to your lover? (I encourage you to not think in terms of helping someone’s weaknesses. Think in terms of strengthening an already strength, of uplifting an already uplift. Don’t give sympathy from within when you could give empathy and passion.) In fact, by giving yourself clarity, just by loving yourself enough to really decide this is what exactly you want, you could just have it manifest. Because in the process, you tend to assume you already have it — and persistent assumptions harden into facts.

From this step, you may just have realised here that your SP is actually you, only pushed out. The simple reason why you’ve been imagining and dreaming but it hasn’t happened is because you are in need of love for yourself, rather than being in love with yourself. Giving yourself the focus of what you would want in your ideal relationship is giving love to yourself. It requires (as I wrote elsewhere) your daring nature, your courage to face it and Be it. Be in love, my friend. Be Love, and love will always find you (for love is you).

The second step is to create a simple scene that will imply you have already got a relationship with your SP going. Don’t live in it as yet. Just create such a scene. A very very simple scene with a simple act that you will do. It may or may not include the face of an SP, but as Neville advised, don’t try to influence anyone. ‘When you imagine you may include others, but do not think in terms of influence. Rather, think only in terms of clarity of form.’ (Neville Goddard, What Are You Doing?) Just a simple scene with a simple act that implies you are already engaged/married/fulfilled with your SP. This scene could be an image OR a single phrase of expression, and the act would be the deed to be done in it. Would it be A RING on your finger that you would TOUCH? Would it be A GARLAND in your hands that you will WEAR on your SP? Would it be going in your Saat Phere? Would it be signing a marital document with a change of name that you feel pleased to bear? Would it be a close friend pulling you aside to warmly greet you? A simple scene and act that could let you focus regardless.

When Neville was asked, ‘What is your technique of prayer?’, he answered, ‘It starts with desire, for desire is the mainspring of action. You must know and define your objective, then condense it into a sensation which implies fulfillment. When your desire is clearly defined, immobilize your physical body and experience, in your imagination, the action which implies its fulfillment. Repeat this act over and over again until it has the vividness and feeling of reality. Or, condense your desire into a single phrase that implies fulfillment such as, “Thank you Father,” “Isn’t it wonderful,” or “It is finished.” Repeat that condensed phrase, or action in your imagination over and over again. Then either awaken from that state, or slip off into the deep. It does not matter, for the act is done when you completely accept it as being finished in that sleepy, drowsy state.’ (Questions and Answers)

The third and fourth is to carry on with your imagining the act and feeling. This you already know, as your question implies. And if you don’t, you could see it explained in Neville’s answer above.

Remember to ask yourself now. Are you in love (with your ideal partner) or in need of love (from a person)? Which more deeply means, Are you in love with yourself or in need of covering up for that love with someone else’s show of affection? You won’t find a cover and be fulfilled. I believe you truly want a loving and cherishing relationship, not just a random moment of life. So, instead of being in need and finding something to cover up, begin by accepting yourself in love. Be in love with what you desire — for that is being in love with yourself. Don’t be in need of love by focusing on what people expect you to want. But one question is most important in this aspect, ‘What do I really want?’ Most of all, I know that You Are Blessed with a happily married life. Isn’t that wonderful? Remain in the state of blessedness, my friend.



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