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I do not identify with any school of thought; just one idea that Imagination Creates Reality. And as you come to hear that, I beckon you to test it. Try it and see. Now, in certain ways of thinking, there’s a judgement whether this should be used on materialistic endeavours or spiritual endeavours. It is strange that this question comes up of what to do or not do on your human existence using your divine power when, in fact, you created this human existence to practice the art of image-making with it. You are God, and you create all the time. Irresponsibility to create what you WANT in the materialistic sense does not make you spiritual, it makes you create materialistic things unconsciously. Likewise lack of concern for the manifestation of your spiritual expansion does not make you materialistic; it makes you simply troubling the waters within unconsciously. Asleep, Jesus troubled the waters. When he wakes IN the dream of life, he calmed his own visions and the troubled waters were quiet. Now, I am going to show you with a list, a list of manifestations that I have from the moment I have begun to imagine consciously. Does not this list show you that any manifestation at all is not about the manifestation ultimately? A conscious manifestation is about your waking, the conscious realisation of your power.

I associate twelve 12 manifestations each with my (A) Revisions; (B) Self-Concept; and, (C.) Inner Conversations.


1. She had less than forty-eight hours of the weekend to resolve complications at her work and they were resolved right before 24 hours.

In this manifestation, a friend called me aside and told me the challenges she has faced during the week at work. She misspent money meant for trips on her business campaigns and for payments to her secretary. Her secretary lost two important business documents this Friday. And she must travel before Sunday. I asked her to imagine; and I revised that she told me each was sorted. In 15 minutes, the secretary found the documents. On the Saturday, she received unexpected funds sufficient to make the payments and her trips.

2. She repaid embarrasing debts in two weeks.

In this revision, she called me and told me she had challenges having the money to use to pay loans she took during the pandemic to pay for her masters. She said it had become threatening and she had lost confidence. For the first one month, I asked her to try all other means from strategy to sales. Nothing worked. Then I told her to imagine it in three days adopting the ladder technique to it. In my revision, I heard her saying, ‘It worked.’ Two weeks later, she said those words exactly. O, I had forgotten. She reminded me, and boy was I surprised myself that it worked! At the time, I probably used my imagination 2% of the time, and as I told you, we had tried everything I knew from sales to strategy. But Imagination Worked!

3. I resolved a heated disagreement in my family to peace.

This manifestation was one that took months; but after it resolved, I knew my revision did it and I was satisfied. I made a decision for myself which at the time conflicted with the expectations of my parents and VIPs I had in my life. My parents especially were so disturbed that there was a serious rancour. If you know about revision, then you know that the past was only repeating itself that time. I had experienced similar disagreements on my behaviour as a child of seven, eight years old. I had experienced a serious bitterness when I was just 16 years of age. All of them for matters where I just took a decision. So, I revised them. I revised that things were peaceful and everyone was harmonious with my decisions. I don’t know what exactly happened until date that suddenly made my topic fade from arguments at that time. But that disagreement vanished like it never existed.

4. I conducted a successful business arrangement.

Back in 2021, I knew a celebrity producer through whom I thought I would rise to fame. He sent me a contract to sign and I could feature in a movie on Mindset and Law of Attraction. I did sign it, but was asked to meet some financial requirements which I failed to meet. Thus, we did not conduct a successful transaction. So, I revised it night after night that I signed and we conducted a successful business. After a couple of weeks, I forgot all about it. The exact same month in 2022, another world-famous organisation reached out to me and requested that we become associates. I signed the agreements and we proceeded to become amazing associates, conducting successful business ever since that month. When I was signing the document in 2022, I remembered that I had signed something similar; and I remembered my revisions. Boy did it work!

5. He made the same round trip two times in a week without the financial means.

Don’t let it fool you to assume you must be broke before you manifest! But I love this manifestation in particular because this is one of those times it is most glaring to me that my revision did it. Prepared for a business event, the young man called me to finance it. I was his mentor at the time, I had no money myself but I told him that we would meet there though I couldn’t help him financially. I revised that he met me and said he came by some wonderful turn of events. This was Thursday. On Friday, he was truly headed there. On Saturday, he arrived and we met there. He returned on Sunday; but he did all these by a wonderful turn of events. Then again just three days after his return, he must come back for another business event. It was unplanned for but has now become necessary. We talked again; and I told him, ‘You’d be here,’ for I had stayed back. I did the exact same thing, imagined we met and he told me how he made it by a series of unexpected events. He made it the second time indeed and told me this story. It was fairytale; it was magical what happened here and there until people were compelled to make his journey possible.

6. She started her business in a week.

She walked with me for a few minutes, told me how she’s had this business concept for about a year or two but she had no resources to start it. At the end of the walk, I asked, ‘What do you want?’ As she said she’d like to start the business, I told her to do the next thing she had to do with her business running. That wasn’t what worked. What worked was that for the rest of that afternoon, my vision of our meeting was that she told me she had started the business. It was the Sunday; on the Thursday when we spoke, she told me that she had started on the Wednesday. Got capital in some unexpected way and now she’s running her affairs as she dreamt. Yes, Imagination Created It!

7. He made progress on his house in a year which did not happen in eight years.

When we moved to our new home, my father had not completed it. But it was decent enough for a safe living. For eight years, he talked about doing this or doing that. I was in the university in five out of those eight; I always blamed myself that if I was as successful financially as I wanted, it would have been different. When I graduated was when I knew about revision. One day, I went home and he talked about it. I went back to my room and revised that he was showing me with pride and happiness. He’s such a man; he achieves something, he’d be proud to show his son and the rest of the family. So, I revised that he said, ‘I did this. Do you see that’s done? They’ve come to complete work on those.’ Within that one year, he literally completed everything he spoke about doing and he always called me to come home again and see the next thing they had done. Until today, I can’t remember my financial success contributing to the project directly, and he remains that proud, happy man.

8. She got two high-profile jobs within one month and now works on both.

She told me one day in class, ‘Adelere, there are these two jobs I want to have…’ For three seconds, I zoned out! I live quite effortlessly, probably work four hours a day three to four days of the week. And she wants two jobs? Then I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be a loving thing that she has it? It harms no one, and is a win for all.’ So, I listened to her. After her words, I asked her to imagine being congratulated for having her two jobs — in fact, revise that I was telling you congratulations. Then I revised it that she told me it worked and she got both jobs. Two weeks later, she messaged me that she’s got the first job. I wasn’t excited because I KNEW she secured both positions. And in another two weeks, she told me she got the second position. She works on both now, and whilst her positions are already at the top, they provide her with multiple opportunities to expand even higher.

9. She got a job as the HR Director of a whole continent for a multinational, and enjoys a 128%+ salary raise.

She told me she wanted this from our second or third class in May. She kept going with her self-concept, changed it. Started her revisions in June and used them to solve her extended relations affairs. Made excellent inner conversations in July and changed her nuclear family’s narrative with her inner speech. But in November, she told me she would like a perfect job with a perfect pay for a perfect service. I remembered that’s one of her desires right from May. So, I revised that she already got it. In about two weeks, she told me something wonderful was happening and she’d give me the full gist. It was in December that she told me the whole story, but the whole story was that she had become the HR Director for a well-known multinational for the continent of Africa, and with that is a 128% raise in her pay. Exactly what I revised I heard from her.

10. I started to receive money internationally right on my bed in the most effortless manner.

I am one of the people that can receive international money and spend it right on the spot without any extra efforts. And it is a fruit of my revision. Well, I did a little of this work with my self-concept earlier in March and April. But the current state of affairs was by my revisions from September. As a Nigerian, there were few options I knew to receive international funds safely, most of which were costly for those making payments and time-consuming for me receiving. I had to go to the bank, write a formal request to withdraw in dollars and wait for a few hours, sometimes a day or days. After I changed my self-concept of this, a friend working at the bank told me that if I received in euros, it would be better. So, I revised that she paid me in euros without any waste of time. Then I revised that I received the money just right on the spot without having to visit the bank. Suddenly, the bank implemented a policy that had been made months earlier. They would not approve withdrawals such as I was making anymore for security and scarcity of dollars reasons. And strangely, PayPal restricted my account in the day that followed. But within two weeks, an international payment system was arranged for me. And today, I wake from my bed, transfer money from my international account to my domestic account and before I finish boiling water for tea, it would be available locally. Just exactly as I revised. I think the day I visit that bank again is the day I am buying it.

11. She got rid of 20 years of depression in three months and becomes an example of motherhood, leadership and success.

When she started studying with me, she wanted to get out of the life she had sunk in. She told me about it progressively. But I would revise each story. I recall one day when she told me how she was completely frustrated and unhappy; it was a Sunday and I had just stepped on the streets. I remember this well because I was self-conscious of the Sunday of it. Without any response to her, I revised it. I heard her telling me that she knew it; she got it and her life changed incredibly great! That was in May to June. By July, she has quite well changed! And she rid herself of a depression that had lasted 20 years completely. She entered a new state and continues to rise in consciousness. This story, for me, is literally miracle. For I had not spoken one word to encourage her to get out of depression. I only taught her about the law. If I encountered the same situation before I knew of revision, I sure would have consoled her and simply identified her further with that state. But I refused it, stuck to my mental impression of her freedom, power and joy. Today, she’s one of whom I enjoy discussing life and livingness with. Not only out of depression but also more alive than most! All by my revisions. I still have moments today when I say to her, ‘I remember when you wanted that.’ Because she has just shared another success story of having it.

12. She took a job at the presidential villa for less work-time and triple (300%) her previous salary after ten years of hard work.

She was a teacher who for many years lived with the self-concept that many teachers held to for beating themselves down in life. And she put it on everything else, until we started to study. She wanted this or that, and I’d tell her: You have it. She always operated it herself; never counted just my words for it. She would go back and imagine that I celebrated her. One day, she said, ‘King Adelere, I want to leave my old job and take a new one with a better pay.’ A few weeks later, she got a new job as a teacher with a better pay. Unsatisfied, she said that she wanted something even greater. Less work time, fun job with double the pay. I remember thinking, ‘Ah, just as I have it.’ Then I revised that she had it. But she did something even fun. I told some of my students that I was hardly surprised with manifestations anymore, but that they should surprise me. She revised that I did say, ‘You surprised me,’ to her. And that literally happened in just a few days. She called me from the presidential villa, where her new employer was. She just got a job to do much less than she was doing formerly, with much more pay than she was ever offered. That revision came to pass.

I am literally struggling to not add more stories at this point. Stories of who manifested 50,000EUR just as they requested, or who got awarded at work by revisions. Or stories of who gets married by revision. Of more jobs. Of who were declared missing, then declared found again. Of who resolved technical difficulties with my revisions. Of who posted success stories with just my revision. Of who made career progress. Of who advanced to their next levels in life. Of who were healed. Of who gained admissions, who made rapid sales, who won awards in their businesses, who made financial breakthroughs, who paid rents, whose family affairs got in order. I am actually struggling to resist the temptation to write more success stories for my revisions. But I won’t write them.

Many of these things brought material manifestations, but for me, they remain deeply satisfying BECAUSE these are CREATIONS of my IMAGINATION. Therefore, they are of true spiritual value to me. I KNOW that my Imagination Creates Reality because I KNOW that I imagined these things in my revisions and they happened. I KNOW that I can achieve any objective in this world. I am not speaking the wise words of any truth teacher, and I don’t care to. I followed my teacher’s instructions until that knowledge, thoroughly applied by me, has become experience. Well, this is so far on REVISIONS!

Upcoming is 12 stories of changes in my self-concept that have all become results in my wonderful daily life!

Yours royally 👑,
Adelere Adesina 🤴



Adelere Adesina 👑

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