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Always? Yes! Always. I speak this from experience, such amazing experience. The fundamental activity of our imagination is inner speech. We are always bringing forth visions in the mind by the direction of our speech.

Now, twelve results I have with my inner speech are as follows:

1. I manifested my beautiful Queen.

2. My parents accept and love my Queen.

3. I have the exact number of students I was pleased to have.

4. I moved to the exact apartment I wanted.

5. I made a successful proposal to my Queen. She said Yes!

6. I receive success stories every day of 2023.

7. I published my book, the Power of Inner Speech.

8. I had my prewedding ceremony with my Queen.

9. My apartment got furnished as I imagined.

10. I published my second book, the Power of Revision.

11. I have the most lovable and honourable friendships.

12. I enjoy the royal service of great employees who love to work for and with me.

All these events were desires I did not know how I could achieve them. Some of them even seemed impossible at the time. But they all came to pass in their own ways. And they are exactly as Iโ€™ve described them to be.

I realise that I have been celebrated with Congratulations EVERY MONTH for a memorable or remarkable event in that month. And this has been going on since July 2022.

I was congratulated by my friends for meeting and dating the lady. I was congratulated for making my first million in a week. I was congratulated by my friends for having the exact students I would like to have. I was celebrated by my family and friends for moving to a new apartment. I was congratulated for my successful proposal. I was congratulated for my first book. I was congratulated for my prewedding ceremony. I was congratulated for my Masterclass. I was congratulated for my second book. I was celebrated on my birthday. I was celebrated with her on my Queenโ€™s birthday.

Indeed, every month, some truly amazing event occurs that is good news which everyone celebrates with me.

I urge you to learn to control and use your inner speech. You will find it is the most important education of your life with the most beautiful transformations to you.

With that, Iโ€™ve shared 36 success stories in this series. Let them remind you that your Imagination is the only way to change your experience and create your results!

Yours royally ๐Ÿ‘‘,
Adelere Adesina ๐Ÿคด๐Ÿฟ



Adelere Adesina ๐Ÿ‘‘

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