IF is the Creative Word

Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readApr 7, 2022


Words are powerful because certain words can push our thinking and feeling in a certain way, unless they are met by a strong and conscious resistance within us. For instance, in a brainstorming session, a team member suggests a brilliant idea which was received by the group. Then another member spoke and said, ‘O, that’s a good idea BUT…’ Even if he hasn’t found a reason why the idea wouldn’t work until that time, at the moment when he said BUT, he will create the reasons. Not only him, but most others in the group would also have created further reasons why the idea should be discarded. That’s how significant words are, so much that if we consciously change our BUT’s into AND’s on the occasions that we talk about what we want, we are going to experience such a shift in our manifestations.

One of such simple but powerful words is IF. This word is ALWAYS used to construct an END in mind. ‘If’ is a word of consequence.

- ‘If this, then that,’ is the idea.

- ‘If this is true, then that is true.’

- ‘That happens if this happened.’

It is always constructing an END. And the law works this way: the end which we imagine and persist in assuming to be true, that end becomes objectified. This is how the law works out creation. Since ‘if’ is always coming from a consequence or an end, this is the creative word to assume our wish fulfilled in a most effortless manner.

We could liberate ourselves from any condition in the world by the use of IF, and so could we fuse into any state in the world by the use of IF.

A man could be poor, but is he capable of the question, ‘What IF I am rich?’ And he answers, ‘IF I am rich, I am this or that.’ Now, by the wise use of the word IF, he has constructed the scene that would imply his wish fulfilled. A woman could have such a weight and she wants to lose some weight. Well, could she creatively use IF? Now, she would say to herself, ‘If I have lost 20kg, I am this or I am doing that.’

IF is the word to change our states. Neville is fond of encouraging us to contemplate, ‘What would it be like IF it were true?’ Then he urges us further to ‘Feel what it would be like IF it were true.’ Well, it is the creative word.

I hope you know that the process of realizing your wish is simple, and simply this. First, decide exactly what it is you want. Second, know what would be like at the moment that your desire is realised. Third, feel it to be true already, persisting in this feeling.

Now, you can creatively use IF for all three parts of the creative process. First, Who/what would I be IF I were a different person than I have been? If you could answer this, you could form your desire. Have I been unhealthy? What would I be IF I were a different person than unhealthy? Have you been disrespected, unrecognized, in poverty? What would you be IF you were a different person? Could you construct a wish that would fall out of place with disrespect, lack of recognition or poverty? A wish that would then be in harmony with respect, recognition or wealth? You will create nothing until you have the desire to. ‘Desire is the mainspring of action.’ (Neville Goddard, Out of This World) If you find no desire nor clarity of desire, you could use IF. It is the creative word!

The second process is to assume that it were already true and construct an imaginal scene which would imply the fulfilment of your desire. Well, you could use IF for this. So you ask, ‘What if I am now a healthy person?’ Then you answer, ‘If I am now a healthy person, I see this or I hear that.’ And you could construct the scene that would imply you already are what you once wished to be.

Now at the third step, you ask within yourself, ‘What would I feel if it were true?’ Or ‘What would it feel like if it were true?’ And you feel, don’t just ask but LET yourself Feel it were already an established fact, so true that you remember the feeling of it being true. You just remember! It is true, and I remember this feeling that it is true. So, you ask, ‘What would it feel like if it were true?’

- IF it were true, it would feel pleasurable. So then feel pleasure.

- IF it were true, it would feel easy. So then feel ease.

- IF it were true, it would feel famous. So then feel fame.

- IF it were true, it would feel lovely. So then feel love.

Just feel as if it were already true, and it would become fact in your world. If is the creative word. So, I encourage you not to compromise your goals. Don’t compromise your desires. Don’t reduce your objectives to fit your current means. But expand your desires by the use of IF. Imagine the fulfilment by the use of IF. And wear the feeling of the wish fulfilled by the use of IF. You are the creative being that the world calls God. You are God, and whatever you wish is yours to create.

‘So, tonight in a simple way this is what I would do: I would be brutally frank with myself, and don’t modify it. If there is no restraint on what God offers, and you have a desire — nothing is impossible to God. So, know exactly what you want, and be honest with yourself. Now, if it were true, what would it feel like? And if it were true, could I restrain the impulse to talk about it? No, I couldn’t. I would have to tell it. Now, don’t modify your objective. You know what you want? Well, that’s it! Now, what would the feeling be like, and what would I say, and to whom would I say it? Well, now, carry on that conversation from the premise of the wish fulfilled, and try to keep it up until it is natural — feels natural. When it takes on the tones of reality and the feeling of naturalness, you’ve got it! The thing is working now.’ (Neville Goddard, Order Your Conversations Aright)

Now I hope you use this Creative Word. You can ask the three questions, can’t you?

- What would I be IF I were to be different (newer, greater, higher, better, lovelier, healthier) from what I have been?

- IF I am now that person, what would I experience (see, hear, smell, taste or touch)?

- What would it feel like IF it were true (IF I am it)?

Well, if you can ask this question, then you are the power animating your world. You are the power changing your world. So, I urge you to ask them today, and practice your own answers. Don’t give another your answers; don’t seek permission. Take your own suggestions upon your desire and practice your answer. Practice until, as Neville says, until it feels natural.

Now, let us go into the silence.



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