I Wonder

Poem for Friends in Poetry, Theme: Rage

Adelere Adesina 👑
1 min readMay 28, 2021

My sister told me,
‘Brother, walk carefully.
They say the city is heating up.’

But sincerely, I wonder at it.
I mean, I wonder at the day,
the city’s peace when I smile away.
And two and three, and faces beam at me
mirroring to me how I’d appeared to them.

I really wonder where is the rage
since anger disappears with age.
I really wonder and told her,
Are we on the same planet?

Now, I don’t mean people don’t see those things.
But life’s a bottle we’re to drink to stupor.
There’s always to It more to add, more to receive:
Sounds to me like it’s half full.
Sounds to someone like it’s half empty.

So, while they skelter helter in rage
trying to fill life like there’s a void,
I’m gonna share from my half full
and still wonder how it’s always increasing!

Photo by Amina Filkins from Pexels



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