I want something. It’s very important, and I want to use my imagination to manifest it now. How can I use it starting today?

Adelere Adesina 👑
4 min readApr 27, 2022


That’s okay. It is important that you desire something. Now, are you clear this is the BASIC desire, what you say you want? Ensure you are clear on what you want as a Basic desire, and don’t want something as a means to another end. ‘Go to the end’ means have ‘the END’ in mind. For example, if you want happiness, don’t want to be married to a specific person so that they can make you happy. Want Happiness. If you want to be happily married, want to be happily married, not wanting to be married to a rich man so that the money can make you happy. If you want to be married into wealth, want to be married into wealth, not to be married to a specific CEO so that you can have money. This is very important because usually the most important desire is one where we unwittingly create secondary desires, and we misuse the law that way by imagining ‘How’ we think our actual end would be realised. Understand deeply that when you are imagining how, it IMPLIES the wish is to be fulfilled. So, it is using the law that imagining creates reality to perpetuate desire rather than fulfilment.

Once you are clear on your desire, you should find it something you basically want not because of something else (and this is very important for reaching naturalness). Now, construct a very simple scene that would imply your want is achieved. A scene that would end the desire. What would you hear someone say? Or what would you see? Who would be the most natural (happiest, closely situated to the happening or enviest) person to break the good news of it to you? Or to congratulate you? Now that you have constructed the scene, live in it. That is, let the scene come alive by dreaming being it. Do you remember those moments (especially as a child) when you were having a lovely dream and something woke you. But you wanted to continue/complete the dream. So, you relaxed as if to sleep, and you created the scene of your dream, then you began to act in it. If you can recall ever doing this when you had a lie in, that’s a state akin to sleep.

You can induce this state akin to sleep any moment of the day. If you recall doing it as I described above, you would realise that you usually did it after you have slept, and you could fall asleep again just by doing it. So, it’s up to you to utilize any moment of the day to practice imagining your fulfilment in a state akin to sleep. Meanwhile, you have a most natural moment to do it right before you sleep at night. And you cannot but do something in this moment. So, why not allow the fulfilment of desire to so fill you that you could only OCCUPY IT in the last minutes before you fall asleep at night? Occupy it, not the troubles of the day, not the gossips at dinner, but acting in the dream of your wish fulfilled.

Blake said, ‘There is a moment in every day that Satan cannot find, nor can his watch fiends find it. But the industrious find this moment and it multiply and when it once is found, it renovates every moment of the day if rightly placed.’ My teacher explains Blake further ‘Now, by the word “Satan,” he simply means doubt. Doubt cannot find it. I desire a certain state in this world. Reason tells me it’s difficult; my friends tell me it’s impossible; and so if I doubt that I could ever realize it, that’s the voice of Satan speaking to me. He’s always challenging God. God is my own wonderful human imagination. That’s God. So the protagonists are God and Satan — simply faith and doubt. Can I imagine that I am the one that I would like to be and remain faithful to that assumption as though it were true. If I can and remember that assumption and when I did it, then I will see when it happens in my world the relationship between the natural effect and its spiritual cause. The spiritual cause was that moment of assumption.’ (Neville, Every Natural Effect)

So, every moment you can induce an assumption is a creative moment. You can have many such moments in the day. Anytime you feel like taking a nap during the day, you have your opportunity. You don’t have to wait until then, but you can easily utilize these by imagining fulfilment in your state akin to sleep.

I believe to hear from you how you’ve tried it and it’s worked. Remember, ONLY IMAGINING CREATES REALITY. Nothing else causes all realities.



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