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4 min readJun 29, 2021

Welcome heartily 💖!

This is a success course designed for your lunch time. It is:

Concise | Simple | Direct | Practical | Resourceful.

In essence, Creatively Designed to Impact You and to Multiply. So, it has a fast-growing demand + community that is influencing its market value — and you have access to it now.

Your Most Important Life Value

First, tell me what is the more important value to you: Success or Survival?

Whether Survival or Success, you are set for a life-improving life now! What you will make out of this course is certainly going to depend on your approach: Success or Survival. However, watch out for others who share a similar value with you in the comments or the community. You have common grounds to build something productive together.

What You Get from This Lunch Time Course

Wherever you may be in life right now, this Course and everything it offers is for you. This course is so short in preparing you for success that you can use it during your lunch break or at any such short period.

Your mind is the greatest power in creation to create any success or win. You can never come to the end of learning what you can do with it — but you must understand how it works and how to use it indeed. You get this understanding in this Course, and this gets you to realise your success unfailingly.

The Course’s Activity

The Course’s primary activity is going to be between this page and its course book. The course book, Build Your Mind Build Your Life, can be accessed via this link. It is easier to access the book on your phone when you have Okadabooks App installed on your device.

Build Your Mind→Build Your Life by Adelere Adesina

Every additional content and updates to add value to this course is going to be updated here about daily for the next couple of days.

Resource and Activity #1: The course book which is to be read according to the instructions within the book.

Resource and Activity #2: There are extra materials in and for the book which are integral to your success. They are to be utilised as instructed in the book, outside of your lunch time. Their links are included here.

Whereas they mostly can be done without interrupting your present activities, when they must interrupt your present daily arrangement, I suggest you choose interrupt it. If your daily arrangement can become more effective, it is worth the interruption, isn’t it?

Resource and Activity #3: Refers back to this page and its resources. This page offers you updates to materials and communities that can support your success. Explore the comments and find like-minded people you can begin to network with. Join communities that resonate with and inspire you. Find programs that will even provide you with opportunities too.

Your Guides/Teachers in This Course

Whereas Adelere Adesina has written this course and collects more useful resources for you, he is not the only guide whose voice is in the course. Some of his friends mentioned in this course that you are going to learn one or two things from include:

Sheena Cantar | Douglas Vermeeren | Lis Hoyte | Will Rudy | Lin Chen | Tarnya Coley | Maria Hall | Bob Proctor

With your early access to this coaching, you also receive the opportunity to meet some of them in a class or two together, and even join their communities and masterclasses for free.

Links to Some Resources

The current list of resources in the course book can be accessed here as well.

  1. Guided Meditation to Abundance by Bob Proctor
  2. Bob Proctor’s Transferring Vibration
  3. The Strangest Secret in the World by Earl Nightingale
  4. How to Manifest Your Life Using Imagination by Neville Goddard
  5. The Spirit of Opulence by Thomas Troward

A Simple Act That Skyrockets Your Success Instantly and Leaves You Awed…

…Is sharing this course with at least a person in a day. You have heard that giving creates its receiving. Do not think it is money alone that you must give. This course remains free to the first 1,000 people. The least you can do is to give at least one person a day while you study it. Simply ask them:

What is your more important value: Success or Survival?

Don’t judge their response. Just love them and share this page’s link with them. Just as surely as a stone falls to the earth when you throw it up, your giving will come back to you in many blessings in different forms: money and many other things that you cannot buy with money.



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