How To Simply Earn Your Way To $1 Million In Life

Adelere Adesina ๐Ÿ‘‘
2 min readDec 10, 2020
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I want to share a really simple idea with you. It is, you must know, an expensive idea. One which if you begin to implement can earn you well beyond a million dollar in life. Prove it to yourself if it can or cannot. It is the simple idea of being a business scientist.

Beginning today, commission your mind to execute the idea of observing products, brands and solutions when you enter into supermarkets, malls and marketplaces online as well as offline. Do the following steps:

1. Observe their similarities and differences, and their uniqueness each. The former is comparative analysis; the latter is positive analysis. Cross check with products of other industries.

2. Choose one of these industries, products or services you want to focus in and determine what you want to achieve there in the long run.

3. Begin to think of how to improve the existing products or services for better satisfaction of humanity. Donโ€™t limit the solutions to your choice industry. Look for creative links that can be adopted from other industries or that can become a synergy into them. It might be a simple modification or a completely new way. But whatever idea comes to your mind, donโ€™t discard it. Write it down in your Creative Notebook and read them to yourself (the ideas) from time to time. Train yourself to spend at least thirty minutes each day engaging your mind to do this for the next thirty days.

4. Explore all there is to know about the choice industry that can help you implement the idea you have found most intriguing to you. Learn how the idea can be implemented. If you spend another thirty minutes each day on this for thirty days, you will have made remarkable findings.

5. Then, execute it. Perhaps by meeting the manager/board of directors for an existing company and presenting yourself to help them solve a definite problem, requesting a definite position in the company for this. Or perhaps by creating a new organisation of your own with members who share enthusiasm and passion with you for your dreams.

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