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I shall make this the straightest, clearest and briefest detail on the Step by Step of how to revise. Before you read on, two things.

1. I am a definite authority on this subject with the hundreds if not more than a thousand results I have with revision in the last two years of using it (I'm still compiling the results.)

2. I agree with Neville that this teaching is unique and a spot of great difference between common metaphysics and the practical law of assumption. The Bible teaches it. William Blake and Neville. To the best of my knowledge, those are really the explicit sources that teach it as a core aspect of metaphysics and in a simple yet profound message.


Now to the HOW-TO of REVISION

Revision is to change your current belief to your ideal belief when both disagree. You are renewing your mind rather than conforming to this world when you revise.

The external facts have a certain kind of evidence when they are disturbing or dissatisfing. They bear witness that the subject's beliefs have not been truth or wholly (holy). While these external facts portray the evidence of unfulfilled desire, it is up to you to make an appeal in your mind to the Supreme Court of your Imagination, and this appeal would reverse the unfavourable judgment of your senses and reasoning mind which negated the wish fulfilled. This appeal is made by presenting new evidence, one that only you conceive in your mind's eye as the new yet more original thing than what has formerly been known. Your new evidence of the wish fulfilled results in a new verdict, simply the wish fulfilled.

Revision is how we appeal to the Supreme Court of our mind to reverse displeasing experience into favourable outcomes.

The most important thing in revision is an ideal. There must be one into which you wish to turn the current situation, otherwise you are complaining.

These are the simple steps that all revisions must go through.

First, you must identify the current belief which you want to change. It could be and mostly is what happened. So, 'What happened that you did not like?" All that it takes for this current belief to warrant change is that you didn't like it. It could even be good, but you didn't like it.

Second, WHAT DO YOU WANT INSTEAD? You must identify what you would have liked or liked better than what happened. Be honest with yourself. Don't have any other opinion of it other than what it is that you want.

Third, imagine that you experience what you like instead of what first happened. Actually remember it as if what you now what had happened satisfactorily at that earlier time. Repeat it again and again in your mind.

Fourth, once you've done it, go about your life. If at any time you remember it or someone asks you of it simply repeat your revision exactly as you first did it.

Let me share an example from Neville Goddard’s lecture, The Pruning Shears of Revision. And we match them to see the steps.

"What am I believing concerning that one--he is unemployed and he can’t find a job? I’m believing it. Now put away that sin where he is missing his mark and then by the putting away of the sin I do it only by the sacrifice of myself and myself is that belief, so now I revise. I can’t say well, I will no longer believe he is unemployed: I believe he’s employed. I do it by the pruning shears of revision. I bring him before my mind’s eye and I congratulate him on his good fortune because he is now gainfully employed. I allow him to accept my congratulations, because I do not see a man unemployed, I see him employed and he knows he is in my mind’s eye for in that state I have pruned him from the unemployed state and once more reshaped the branch that grows in the garden of God. Tomorrow people will see him as they could not have seen him before the pruning that took place within me and he will be gainfully employed."

Pay close attention. First, someone is actually unemployed, but Neville described it as an idea he was simply believing. The person's unemployment was believed. And that unpleasant belief was first identified. "I believed he's unemployed." That's the situation you don't like.

Second, the ideal was identified. It must be a positive idea, something which actively replaces the unwanted experience. Not that you just don't want what you don't like anymore. But: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Note how Neville warned on this note: "I can't say, 'Well, I will no longer believe he is unemployed.'" You can't say, "Well, I will stop believing in what I don't want." That wouldn't do it. You must identify what you want. Such as employment for our friend in our example.

Third, he said he would bring the friend before his mind's eye and congratulate this friend on his new gainful employment.

That means if my friend first came to me and said, 'Adelere, I am helpless. I'm looking for a job and I've had nothing to do.' I will first admit, I want him to have a job. It's my personal desire for him. Then I'll imagine he has the job by remembering our conversation on his employment, but remembering it this way. I'll first assume he already has this new amazing job. Then I'll say, "Friend, congratulations on your new job." He answers, "Thank you, Adelere."

I repeat it today until I actually believe that he is gainfully employed. How would you know that you've believed it? Do it first. You know when you realise you are not thinking of your jobless friend, but happy inwardly for your employed friend.

Then carry on with your life.

Do this and you'll change your world. I can count ten cases instantly where people who didn't have jobs got a job by my revision for them, and that's only because I did not sit down to actually find all the cases where they got a meaningful job. I don't announce it to them that I did it. They may never know, but I Know. I revised and it happened!

Practice this art for anything. Job is just one. You can practice for your relationship, health, wealth, happiness, daily lifestyle, career, spirituality or anything. As you do, you will find heaven is truly within you.


This article details HOW TO REVISE.

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