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Adelere Adesina 👑
2 min readJun 22, 2021

We all desire peace, no matter who or what we make of ourselves. Peace is a paramount part of our desire in life. So, the most attractive word I just wrote in that simple title is ‘peace.’ But the most important word of power, the ‘how-to’ is contained in ‘Be’. Whereas we’d say one or two things about being, I want to encourage you to dash outside of ‘comfort’. Comfort and peace are not the same thing. A person may be in the comfort of their house but without the peace of their home. A person may be in the comfort of their job but not be at peace with their work, career or life. Let me ask you my friend, where are you? In comfort or at Peace?

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Now, the secret method of achieving peace is neither a method nor an achievement. This means peace isn’t something you do nor is it something you have. Doing and having may come in and out of being at peace. We can talk in terms of ‘having peace’ or ‘doing peace-making.’ But to really live in peace, to be at peace is in Being. To understand ‘being’, think about this. Right now, are you alive? I mean do you see yourself ‘being’ alive? If yes, then great! Of course it is Yes! So, what did you ‘Do’ to BE alive? Or maybe instead there were just things you possessed to BE alive. So, what did you ‘Have’ to Be alive? Nothing!

You didn’t do your childbearing nor did you first have your egg and sperm before you became alive from the womb. Those things were supplied by your Nature, the Universe, in order for you to BE. The state of Being is itself the Peace that you’re reaching for.

When you stop defining yourself by what you do or what you have and you start discovering yourself by who you really are, then you realise peace of mind. Because that is where being at peace is: in your Being. So, the question is: Who are You?

This real discovery, this primary question that no formal educational system ever taught anyone… Do you now wonder very few are at peace though many are in comfort? Are you excited to find out who you are and find your peace of mind? Come and get just that in this 3-Day Challenge with Sheena Cantar.

3-Day Challenge with Sheena Cantar



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