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Goals are the fund-a-mental collections of mind. A goal is not the result you have in reality; it is the only funds you start with mentally to manifest certain results in reality. Simply put, a goal is a desire that you have committed to. Now, there are implications of what I have said so far which if you clearly understand, you can use to change your life.

  1. A goal is a mental fund. It is the money of the mind. When you set a goal, you mean you want to have something. You may have heard or learned that the process by which you have anything is to be, then do. Let me give you a quick instance of that. You cannot have a college admission unless you first become a qualifying candidate. You become a qualifying candidate by decision. When you make the decision to become a qualifying candidate of a college, you do things that are necessary for this position. You study, go to tutorials, follow the admission processes, etc. All of this doing is following your decision to become a qualifying candidate. Now, this is the trick. The Goal Is Achieved Not When You Have the Admission But When You Make the Committed Decision to Become a Qualifying Candidate. A goal is expressed in words by, β€˜I want to have…’ However, goals are mental states, mental assumptions and mental commitments. A goal is attained in becoming. In fact, a goal is the resource of becoming. Thus, it is the mental fund for changing your life. This means the way you use money to buy new, lovely things in your physical reality is how you use a goal to buy new mental states and awareness in your intellectual/mental reality.
  2. A goal manifests eventually in its results, and that is good. But as I have mentioned, a goal is committing to having. The having itself is rather a result. You say, β€˜I have achieved my goal.’ But the goal remains in the mind. This is why it has often been said that the physical reality is but a shadow of the original patterns of things. However, you cannot have the results in reality unless you start with the goals. Since we become what we think about and goals are the mental funds of change, the only way to change things you do not like in your physical results is to begin with goals.
  3. Can you see already that you do not need to have any physical condition before you set a goal and act on it? It is untrue and pure illusion of the mind, a function of false programming to think that you need money before you work on the goal to start your big business. The only funds you need for change is the goal itself. It is the fund-a-mental thing. It is not real that you must have the money before you have the goal to own the house. The goal is the money itself. Quit giving yourself all excuses that you must have a physical condition before you own a mental state and start owning the mental state you want to have.
  4. A goal must be unlike anything you have achieved before. It must be a new thing entirely. Probably I am going to expand on this in another note. But briefly, look at the other simple definition of goals there: a desire that you have committed to. See, when you talk about desires, you may think of what Wattles Wallace have called them: a possibility seeking expression or function. A desire is a possibility; it has never happened in reality. It is not an actuality until the point you think or speak about it. But because all things are possible or the only thing that is impossible for you is to imagine your Being out of being (i.e. you cannot imagine that you do not exist β€” it is impossible for God to lie, to deny, to negate, to not be true), if you can think of something in your mind, you can have it in reality. If you see the possibility, then it awaits your commitment to make it a reality. This is only when you can be sure you have made a goal. It is unconditioned by present reality nor conditional upon the guarantee of present actuality nor conditioned to be iteration of the present. It is absolutely new, and rather conditioning the present reality when it happens. A goal must have such as a desire, otherwise it is not a goal and the person who has it is cheating their existence of its true expression.
  5. Set a goal or you are poor. I do not mean set a financial goal alone or you are poor. I mean set a goal or you are poor. There is no such reality as poverty; only lack of awareness about the abundant riches. To escape this lack of awareness, set a goal. Goals are the funds. They are the money. Set goals about your finances, health and relationships. You may find you have covered goals for all areas of life when you set these three. For instance, career goals are goals intersecting at least money and relationship goals. When you set a rich, abundant life goal, you have enormous funds in the mind. Your sense of worth at the intellectual level is attached to the goal, the becoming you see in it. Get it clearly. Your sense of worth at the spiritual level is infinite. You must be aware that you are one with God. This is what validates Point 4, but I put an elaboration of this point to some other time. At the physical level, your sense of worth is what you have. At the intellectual level, you are rich only because you have an incredible goal. A goal is the mental fund. When a person says You are poor, it is not true if they mean you do not have physical money. Are is an inflective verb to Be. Be is not the same as Have, Be is a stative word, describing a state (of mind). Thus, the only time you are poor at mentally is when you do not have a worthy, valuable goal. You can be sure however that you are still rich spiritually. But there is no doubt the awareness of this enormous, infinite wealth as a spiritual being is absent in the person who has no goal. For goals are the money that you spend in becoming; and becoming is what raises your awareness to the infinite resources of the Spirit until you understand that you are more than you think you are.

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