How Is It Done? The Shortcut to Manifestations!

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We always want to do it deeper, firmer and quicker. Because we always want to get better at manifesting our desires. Although it seems that that one SP that is yet to be manifested or the millions that you’re still waiting to see in the bank is your greatest desire at the moment, I assure you that it is not. Your greatest desire has always been and will remain having the intuitive knowing, the innermost experience and unnarrated conviction that You Are God! Eternal, Divine, and Infinite Love! What would imply this desire is fulfilled? Clearly you would expect yourself to manifest whatever you wish whenever you wish to. This is why when the SP is yet to be manifested or the millions are yet to be in the account, you could get anxious and wonder, ‘What else haven’t I done? Why isn’t it happening? Why is what I don’t want happening?’ So, I encourage you to shift your focus. What you chiefly desire is to get better at manifesting anything and everything you want, not to manifest just one thing. It isn’t the one SP or the millions ‘alone’, but the ability to manifest that as well as any other (whether big or small, any other) desire that gives you the assurance. Isn’t that why you are actually learning about your wonderful imagination on a daily basis? So, wouldn’t it be great to give you the shortcut to manifestations so that you can actually manifest faster and faster?

Let’s cut to the chase. ALL manifestations that has ever happened and that will still happen, all of them are done by the Law. The Law is that Imagination Creates Reality. That is, if you imagine being it, you shall inevitably experience it. So, if you want to get faster and better at manifestation, there is only one shortcut. Go from Imagining the Desire to Imagining the Fulfilment. No branching. No middle. No magical thing in-between!

A disciplined imagination sees everything not as it appears but as he would like it to have appeared. A controlled imagination shortens the manifestation time not by any special ‘secret’ but by dismissing all secrets to focus on USING the one law as closely to the moment of desire as possible. The master in the art of continuous and daily manifestations is a master because by constant practicing of just this one act (imagining the end), he has made it a habit to live in the end of any wish. My profound teacher, Neville, explains it this way.

‘Although this technique is simple, it takes practice to become its master. Your true direction is to the knowledge of what you want. Knowing your desire, point yourself directly in front of it by thinking from its fulfillment. Silence all thought and allow the doors of your mind to open. Then enter your desire. Stay with your imagination as your companion. Start by thinking of your imagination as something other than yourself, and eventually you will know you are what you formerly called your imagination. It is possible to amputate a hand, leg, or various parts of the body — but imagination cannot be amputated, for it is your eternal Self!’ (Neville Goddard, The Secret of Prayer)

So, what is the shortcut to manifestations? In practical terms, it is this. Always (in constant practice) go to the end and live in the end. If there is anything to support you then, it must be that which helps you to reach the end as quickly as possible and helps you to stay in the end as long as you please.

1. Simplicity!

Keep the end simple. You want to enter the end faster? Simpler is the way. The more complicated anything is, the more difficult to locate. Conversely, the simpler the thing, the easier to locate. Well, you know how easier means less time? Always keep the end very very simple. If you can keep it to a single scene and a single act. What is a single scene and a single act? If you’ve been to a drama show or watched a movie, at the beginning, a stage is set and something happens right there. That thing which happens at the beginning triggers the rest of the drama/movie. It may even be just an ‘Hi’. But that initial action in the initial setting triggers the hours long drama. That is a single scene and a single act, and it is ALWAYS very very simple. Then you limit the whole imaginal act to just that single act in its single scene.

‘When you know exactly what you want, construct in your mind s eye a single, simple event which implies fulfillment of your desire, an event where in self predominates. Instead of sitting back and looking at yourself as though you were on the screen, you be the actor in the drama. Restrict the event to one single action. If you are going to shake a hand because that implies fulfillment of your desire then do that and that only. Do not shake hands and then wander off in your imagination to a dinner party or to some other place. Restrict your action to simply shaking hands and do it over and over again, until that handshake takes on the solidity and the distinctness of reality.’ (Neville Goddard, Thinking Fourth Dimensionally — Lesson Three)

2. Uniqueness!

Keep the end unique. You want to be more accurate about the end go to live in? More specified is the way. The clearer your specification of the end, the more accurately you will locate it. This is (in conjunction with Simplicity) the process that also calls forth the ‘Feeling’. Dave Whitley once did a marvelous video on Feeling. The various levels of feeling he described are all associated with one thing: specific nature. It may be possible you cannot get very very specific with a particular setting, especially someplace that you’ve not had a physical impression of before. That’s okay. Simplicity can help. By keeping it simple, you then give the scene a general OUTLINE. All Uniqueness comes from outlines. Consider a blank page. It is a place of infinite possibilities and no actuality. So, how do you give it a specific form? By outlining something: maybe a stroke of line, a curvature of letter ‘o’ or a drawing of the lion’s head. But the more outlines you have, the more unique it is AND the easier a unique feeling about it can be evoked. Simplicity lets you easily repeat the imaginal act. Uniqueness lets you easily have the feeling of the end being fulfilled. Now, Neville says this severally. Consider the following for an example:

‘Do you know that the moment you draw a line you encompass energy? That without an outline, everything is nothing? Draw your outline and make your picture as clear as possible. Perhaps you are giving a party to honor one who is present. Sit at the table with friends and raise your glass. Congratulate your friend on his new position, his greater salary and more responsibility. Stick to that thought, and it will not matter to you who is influenced.’ (Neville Goddard, What Are You Doing?)

3. Repetition!

Repeat the single act in the unique scene! Mentally DO the drama time and again until you have successfully awakened within you the feeling of fulfilment. It is just the same way actors get a grasp of their roles. They repeat their roles in the scene time and again. They practice before the mirror or before someone, then again with their cast. You now see the final act in the cinema (the manifestation) and it is perfect! But it took them repetitive practice. You really do the same thing at times very unconsciously. Such as when you repeatedly practice the lyrics of a song you like. You become a sudden master of it someday and you surprise yourself; people will love how you’ve mastered it. But it starts with constant voluntary repetition. So, you repeat living in the end; get familiarised with it until you mentally become it. Repetition in a period of meditation and frequent repetition over periods of meditations (otherwise called persistence) both matter. It is repetition that awakens the feeling within you. Feeling is done when you have become it. You feel it because you are one with the nature of your desire.

‘If you would assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled more frequently, you would be master of your fate, but unfortunately you shut out your assumption for all but the occasional hour. Practice making real to yourself the feeling of the wish fulfilled. After you have assumed the feeling of the wish fulfilled, do not close the experience as you would a book, but carry it around like a fragrant odor. Instead of being completely forgotten, let it remain in the atmosphere communicating its influence automatically to your actions and reactions. A mood, often repeated, gains a momentum that is hard to break or check. So be careful of the feelings you entertain. Habitual moods reveal the state with which you are fused.’ (Neville, Creation Is Finished, in Awakened Imagination)

4. Practice Again!

You already see this in the quote from Neville’s book above. We are already great manifestors, but because we are not being that now, we often don’t manifest the wonderful things we desire. For many months now, not a day has passed that a wonderful event has not manifested for me or around me — which I once desired, then assumed/imagined. I have certain desires that have not manifested yet, but I am confident that they are done! Why is that? Because now I have made it a habit to practice again and again with as many desires (personal or through others) as possible. When you do 1, 2 and 3 for a single desire, don’t then stay waiting to see it, and after six hours or six days, you start complaining that it hasn’t happened. I have done this in the long past, and it is such an unwise act. Why, there are a thousand other marvellous things I could practice my art of manifestation through while waiting for the SP or the millions or other such desires. *If you are engaged, you will not be waiting. If you are waiting, you are clearly not practicing as frequently as you could. So, practice time and again. You can easily forget to practice time and again. Therefore, Study to Remember. Then Apply through Practice. Waiting for a desire to manifest shows you are absent from this moment, this now when if you observe, you will realise more desires are waiting for you to live in their end. So, I encourage you to make this a habit by acting it time and again.

Right as I am writing this, I received a message from a friend which is a manifestation for me from a revision I had made two weeks ago. Four hours before, I received another message from another friend which is a manifestation for me from a revision I had made between four months and two months ago (yes, I repeated my imaginal act of this desire for two months before I was able to feel relieved about it). What harm would I have done to myself if because I kept waiting for the manifestation of my two-month old revision, I failed to see and act upon the manifestation I could’ve made in less than two weeks? What is unthinkable is that we might never know the many beautiful manifestations we could miss because we are waiting for one desire to manifest. So, instead of waiting to see how it will be done or when, trust yourself totally. Trust your imagination to do it in the perfect hour. As I found it on one of TrueCosmic articles and I paraphrase, ‘Your imagination knows the perfect time to manifest your desire that will support your divine purpose and unfoldment.’ Isn’t that true? So, don’t wait. Waiting time is the misuse of practice time.

Now, for any one manifestation, you go to the end. That is the shortcut. Apply the Law! Focus on a Simple Idea. Focus on the Unique Idea. Repeat living in it. But that is for one manifestation. Are you interested in just one manifestation for your life? Or would it be okay if you become a master at it? To become a master at it, Practice It Again through another desire, then another, then another. Yes, you’re getting a good grasp of it. And it’s fun, isn’t it?

Now, take this very minute to imagine the end again.



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