‘How Do I Use My Fear to Succeed?’

Turning the Tables on Your Fear

Adelere Adesina 👑
6 min readApr 26, 2021

Everything is good. Including fear? Yes, even fear. This is goodness in the nature of the thing, not in our perception of it. For instance, knife is a creative invention. It is good, but can be deadly in the hands of a person with the intention to murder. So, fear is good and we can use it for great purposes to renew our lives.

The moment you admit — has have done in the past — that fear is evil, it becomes difficult to do away with it, isn’t it? The law of non-resistance by the principle of I Am makes this hold. Look up the law in another writing about it in case you didn’t know or would like to see more enlightenment.

Alright, good digression. But the core is that fear is good, not to be indulged in — but good nevertheless when rightly used.


Fear’s first goodness lies in us becoming conscious of Self. For nothing is there that we fear unless it proposes to impact on us — our happiness — directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, because we try to resist this evil much, we lose our power to become self-conscious. Instead, we worry in anxiety. This is destructive. But fear puts us in the very centre of attraction of things coming — and we are self-aware of this much before we let worry overrule our self-awareness. When we cloud our judgment with fear and turn it into anxiety is the time fear is used destructively.


In our self-awareness, we come to see that our fear is but emotion, Our own feeling that we give to some imagination in us. Certainly, imagination is not evil. Imagination is thought in orderly and spontaneous movement. Order in imagination is the meaning of the whole sequence of thought. Spontaneity occurs with each element of that sequence, each image of our imagination being arbitrarily created at the plane of infinite possibilities. Our dreams are imagination without conscious interference. We know the experience where we are able to do incredible things in our dreams while on the whole it makes sense. When we are emotionally involved (and we must be when it is intense or prolonged), imagination becomes either fear or faith. The lesson here, however, is that in our moments of fear/faith, we can exercise a conscious control of our imagination.


True control, however, is passive. To hold an office but never have to use the position is eternal authority. Indeed, when we try to control our fears in the traditional sense, we aggravate it. As a reminder, this is the law of non-resistance. So that to control our imagination out of fear into faith (out of negative thoughts into positive thoughts), we do not try to take away negative thoughts. We simply let negative thoughts fade from our attention, then transcend them by letting positive thoughts flourish. After all, the reason darkness is perceived by us in the shadows of the night today is long ago, darkness was not created — light was called forth from it. In this moment, we cease to attract the negative for the positive.


Our present imagination is not necessarily our intentional creation. But it does indicate the level of our thinking. We can only attract a thinking akin to the level of thought we’re in. For instance, a person might be thinking ‘insurgence in Nigeria’ then eventually imagine harmful theft happening to them even with security. They attract the imagination of thievery that someone else had created because their level of thinking is similar. In the same manner, we may attract the imagination of ‘building a skyscraper’ when we are busy desigining how to spend $60 million this year.

The imagination/thoughts which we attract tell us where our focus/attention is placed. Fear happens when our attention meets thoughts of undesirable consequences.

An Ocean of Thoughts

Thoughts are things, that is something with attributes/qualities. The quality of visible things is form, occupying space and time. As for thoughts, these are formless with spaceless and timeless occupation. In other words, a single thought is everywhere in the universe at once. As Troward puts it, ‘Every thought we formulate sends its vibrating currents out into the infinite of Spirit, producing there currents of like quality but of far vaster power.’ Our thoughts are everywhere simultaneously. This is suggestive of how a friend suddenly calls us when we think of them, or even why we begin to speak about a person when they are already here. If this is true of the thought of a person, it is true for the thoughts of all. So that the thoughts of others are around us even as our thoughts are around them.


Your thoughts and mine are not secrets at all. They are so loud that at times we fail to hear what we are saying on our lips. Thus, Yeshua ‘knew their thoughts,’ or ‘knowing their thoughts…’ or ‘perceiving their thoughts.’ Often, we do not discern that certain thoughts obvious to our minds is not of our origin. Certain ideas have been communicated to us either by someone who selected us as the object of their thoughts or by our minds lying fallow until a wandering thought/spirit (thought+emotion) finds abode in our minds. For many reasons, we are not aware of the receipt in our spirits. So, we either resist our thoughts (that often are not ours) or worry over them.

Dear, we live in a telepathic medium and we hear in our spirits thoughts akin to the frequency wherein we are. Thoughts of fear are therefore reminding us that we are focused on a low, base frequency. This is where self-awareness that fear brings proves useful for our advancement.


The key to using fear in the most positive way is to bless when a fearful thought comes to mind. Instead of resist it, accept that the thought has already come. This is when we can nullify it. When the fearful thought is accepted, we no longer fear. When we do not see it as harmful, we can control it without force. This is true strength.

After this, we bless all thinkers who have partaken in the thought/imagination. Can we not affirm a beautiful thought this way with our heartfelt?

‘I send serenity, harmony, love and beauty to everyone and myself who have had this thought. In the place of death is life abundant. In the place of ill-health is well being. In the place of war is peace. In the place of hunger is overflow. Where scarcity is feared, riches are now loved.’


On this account, our fear is turned into stepping stones for faith, hope and love. We overcome our fear not by resistance but by blessing.

We raise our vibrations/levels of thinking from fearful frequencies to frequencies of hope, faith and love.

By affirming this with attention to what the words mean, we are sending out fresh thoughts that nullify negative thoughts. Interesting is even if the whole world think negatively and fearfully, the positive thought of a person can nullify the negative thoughts of a thousand because positive thoughts resonate in the mind of God himself. But we cannot take chances and wait for someone else to do it for us because we never know if there is someone else.

We are allowing the implantation of positive thoughts in the minds of people when we send our positive thoughts and words out. We not only cancel fear, we begin to build faith with whoever is willing to receive it. Very unconsciously, a thought of light from a soul in Nigeria might be the candle to kindle a soul in Russia, or from Toronto to Shanghai.

At any rate, we eradicate fear not by resistance but by making the best use of it to remind us to think peace and bless everyone, including ourselves, faithfully.

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