How Do I Live in an Assumption All Day Long?

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OR Relatively Enduring States vs Passing States

‘Personally I like to confine my imaginal act to a single thought, but that does not mean I will stop there. During the course of a day I may imagine many things’ ~ Neville, Questions and Answers

We must understand how our imagination operates among states of consciousness, and we grasp this question. Let’s take a symbolic look at the daily life of a person. Typically, Mr A wakes up in his apartment. He dresses up, goes outdoors to his office. Whether it is four blocks or four thousand miles away, he leaves his own apartment for the office. During lunchtime, he goes from his office to the restaurant just across, eats his lunch and returns to his office. On his way back, he stops at his friend’s house. They talk, watch TV and he leaves. Finally, he arrives home, make some dinner, do other stuffs and sleep. Within 24 hours, he occupies four buildings: his apartment, his office, the restaurant and his friend’s apartment. He has experiences of all four, but he actually dwells in and returns to one of the four. It is worth mentioning that in moving from one place to another during the day, he passes tens and hundreds of buildings that he doesn’t even step a foot. He might admire some of them, be indifferent to some or be haunted by some. But he doesn’t OCCUPY them. He occupies only four, and he experiences life in those ones. Finally and very important to this question, he dwells in or returns to one.

The imagination behaves in a very similar way. Let’s start with the ‘house you live in’. A house of your imagination is a state of consciousness. So, this is simply the state that predominates throughout your day. Very easy to identify by:

1. Looking at the state you sleep in at night. What are your last ‘wonderings’ of mind before you sleep?

2. The way your life is generally unfolding. What are the most significant events happening in your life?

3. The most common reactions/feelings you have in the day. What are you reacting to most of the time?

Your answer to any of these is the state of consciousness that your imagination dwells in. When you have a most important desire, you want to ensure that you are dwelling in a state of its fulfilment. I assume you already know how to live in the end, because your question is about living in the end ‘all day long’. So, you make the state of fulfilment of your most important desire at the moment the one in your SATS. Neville said it above, ‘I like to confine my imaginal act to a single thought.’

But a most important desire does not mean you don’t have other desires whether for yourself or for others. So, when you wake in the morning, allow that you wake into the feeling of fulfilment of your most important desire. Then as you step out in the day, you will encounter other desires. Those that you want to fulfil, step into them by assuming they are fulfilled. If you notice, this act means you have left the assumption of your most pressing desire for a moment. Thus, you won’t live in it all day long. The law does not require that. Well, you have desires for many other things, then assume the fulfilment of those desires too. Some of them, you might do SATS for (like Mr A in the office). Some of them might be a momentary revision (like Mr A in the restaurant). But when you are ‘out of’ those desires, where will you return? Your home! You go into your persistent assumption of the wish fulfilled. I hope by now you have learned that you don’t live in it all day long. It is healthy for your faith that you momentarily forget, and also useful for you to keep manifestations ongoing in other areas of your life.

So, do you have to try returning always? I wouldn’t say so. Mr A doesn’t try to return home. He returns home when he is done with his outdoor activities. Whether he makes that happen by scheduling his return to 6pm or just whenever it happens, what’s important is he goes back home after he is done and can PEACEFULLY (with the sense that today’s outdoor life is done) do so. In the same manner, your imagination will naturally return to your predominant desire when you are peaceful to be there. After all, if it is a predominant desire, you will be consumed by it many times in the day. As frequently as it comes to mind, seize it to OCCUPY/ASSUME the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

If living in it all day long means effortlessly or consciously (e.g. setting timers to consciously imagine fulfilment) assuming the wish fulfilled, then do it that much often. If, however, you mean having to imagine just one thing every second of a day, I would say that is not done, and not necessary. Your Imagination is God. He does not use the length of time to fulfil the desire. Do you believe it to be true already? Will you remain faithful to that belief? Those are important.

Finally, you see those houses that Mr A doesn’t step a foot in as he passes them by, they are symbolic of you looking at some desires without occupying them. Learn to do it consciously for many ideas that fly around in the day which you don’t want. Don’t react positively nor negatively to them, but by ‘complete indifference, then choosing what you want and assuming that to be true’. (Neville, Sound Investments)

So, you endure in a state or dwell in it until your wish is fulfilled. Do SATS for that state, frequently visit it as it comes to mind in the day or by conscious design. They are relatively stable states. But like Neville, there would be plenty little imaginings for yourself or someone else. Do those too. They are passing states. When your important desire is fulfilled, choose another very important desire to start living from. it’s like you’re moving from one apartment to another.



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