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The custom for anyone who realises that they are failing in life is to blame everything on God. From little whining questions such as ‘Why me, God?’ ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ to ‘Who created evil in the world of a good God?’ to ‘Can God exist and evil will be in His creation?’ Yeah, looking at the pandemic, unemployment and how the smartest in the room is not necessarily successful. All these questions appear more often now or budge the mind of the average person more often than before. It is 2021, and the average person feels God is irresponsible for all the evil going in the world, since He did not step in to stop the evil in its tracks.

It may be worth something to you to know that God is not irresponsible. God is responsible, and He readily admits it. About 3,000 years ago, Isaiah said God ‘created both light and darkness, peace and evil.’ Jesus puts this God-responsibility thus, ‘Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.’ Simply, all things happen by God’s allowance of it. Nothing passes that He is not aware of, that He has not permitted. So, God is responsible.

The reason why the flood of Noah’s days occurred was because God admitted responsibility for the creation of man who could sin, fall, do what he pleased outside of God’s pleasure. That’s God being responsible. He made man who could choose his fate, decide his bounds and choose his destiny. When this man was disrupting growth and development of creation (against the purpose of his existence, the Life Principle, the Soul of the World), God had to remove him from His creation.

God admits full responsibility that all things which happen to a man’s life are from Him. Because God has His laws which He has put in place to govern us, and our relationship with Him. Like a monarch fixes the laws of his land and these laws determine how the subjects may relate with one another and advance to him, God’s laws are respecters of no persons. Often, we think it means that God’s non-respecter of persons means He does justice to everyone else in the world except ourselves. What gives us mind to think that? What is our basis that the Non-Respecter of persons will respect only ourselves in all the world? Well, God admits that He has these laws. They govern the sparrows of the firmament and the moon of the sky. They govern us on earth, and are, in fact, tender to our advantage. We cannot question these laws. The pottery cannot question is potter. We cannot amend these laws, neither by appeal to pity nor by appeal to emotion, authority or whatever. They are not man-made but God-made. There is only one lawgiver. With all this, God claims to be responsible for all things that happen in the world since they operate or happen only by the very same laws. Thus, both peace and evil are His creation through the laws. This we know, and we know also that the law rewards those who are in harmony with it but punishes those who are in disharmony with it.

Now, God has admitted responsibility for what is happening in your life or in this world. Do you admit your part of the responsibility, too? You cannot blame God forever. That does not change anything, it even makes things worse. You cannot fail to be responsible and expect the positive change to happen because we moved from 2020 into 2021. God is responsible for the kind of laws that He has created. But you are the one responsible for what you do with the law.

The monarch, when he hangs an offender to death, is responsible for that death only to the extent that he is the one who established and maintains the law that has condemned the offender to death by hanging. But the offender is responsible for actions, inactions, reactions and proactions that lead to offence against the law. The monarch cannot be held responsible for that. The offender cannot blame that on anyone. Nor could ignorance justify the offender’s activity. Simply, he is responsible for the actions that brought the consequence of death. For the law that guarantees the compensation, God is responsible; for the action that guarantees the compensation, Man is responsible. You can choose.

With this understanding, God cannot be blamed forever. In fact, He cannot be blamed at all for the things that happen in our lives. I mentioned that there are such laws by which He govern and guide our activity and destiny in this world. Do you know them? Well, ignorance of the laws does not justify the sin: the violation of commandment or the transgression of law. You see, another word for sin is iniquity, the opposite of equity. Somehow, we have the law written in our hearts and known from within us. We have a sense of equity, and can tell that something is iniquity. We contend many philosophies today which have biased orientation of equity, i.e. which are iniquity. We act kindness by the drive to be equit-able. This is why no man can claim ignorance of the law. Because the law manifests some dimensions of itself to us. We only have to decide that we shall find it. And a part of the law is that, ‘When you seek, you shall find,’ ‘for God rewards those who seek Him diligently.’

The first law (now, there is a zeroth law, the one upon which this first law is established) of the universe is the law of cause and effect. This law states that every effect has a cause, that every new effect is a potential cause but most importantly that there is a first cause of all effects. Not only to the universe but to your personal universe. I believe this is the primary interest and focus of the individual, and rightly so. The better he keeps his personal universe, the greater he gains of the whole universe by entering into the Mind in charge of it with greater awareness. Each mind must mind its matter, its universe. Well, the law simply asserts that your personal universe, regardless of what experiences you have through it, or the collective universes of a society or of the world all have effects we see in reality which start with a first cause, a primary trigger, the thing that causes the things. The thing is thought. The things caused are reality. Indeed, each man in his own consciousness has created his reality by his thoughts. Put in other words, thoughts become things. The law of cause and effect asserts that as you think of a thought, it manifests by some way in reality.

Now, examine how responsible you have been with your life. God does assert the existence of this law, the power and force and the way it works. In fact, all great prophets, poets and philosophers have asserted this one thing only: We become as we think. Not just what we think but also how we think it. What are the things you think? Or put better, what are the thoughts you allow to happen and dominate your consciousness? It is not just what you think about, but as you think about it. A person wishes for a good life, envies others who have it. But when you check their thought, as they think is that evil should befall others who have those things they envy, or that they cannot be this good or that great in life. Once when they dream it, the next idea in their mind is how it is impossible. And that is what happens: impossible. They meet with a frustrating world of impossibility everywhere they go. This is blamed on God. Fair enough, but you are responsible for or irresponsible to the action of thought.

We cannot hold God responsible for our actions. In this year, failing in any area of life is entirely your choice. True that there is no such person created to be a failure. Yet, there are failures all about us. Not in my definition of the term success but in their view and perception of what success means for them. Barely one out of a hundred is really doing something called success in their lives, are living at all. The rest are merely existing. In the end, you find that we all this common base of existence, and the only difference is in the choice to live or not. By choice, each man becomes responsible for his or her fate.

You can choose to ignore and say, ‘God takes all the responsibility.’ That is okay, but not good. Okay because if you pick a thousand other people with you in a line, 980+ of them will say the same thing. At least, you can live comfortably and securely amongst co-thinkers who have the same opinions about life. But it doesn’t change the truth. So, it is not good. Not good because it holds no power to make you become great, no substance to change things. If God alone is entirely responsible, why lament? For instance, God is responsible for death. We never accuse death of doing the wrong thing. But we are responsible for dying — either we admit it or not, we know. So, we lament when a youth dies a sudden death due to reckless driving or a drug addict waste their glory and future by premature death. There is no point lamenting if God alone is responsible and you can do nothing about it. If you complain, lament, wail and whine either directly towards God or at other people who may be having implications for your life, then you are responsible.

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