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Today is a Monday, fourth of 2021. Most people are stuck, wanting to move forward and knowing fully well that they can,but not aware of how to rightly do that. Talking with a relative the day before, she rightly remarked the first law of the universe, ‘There is a cause to every effect.’ To being stuck, there is a cause. If being stuck would be removed, the cause has to be removed first. The strange thing is that about 96% of people are stuck on being stuck, and 3% others are stuck. But for the few who really want to move from that stage to the next life, is there something that can be done? Yes.

‘Order is heaven’s first law,’ is not only a true saying but the starting point of redemption. Practically everyone knows what must be done to succeed by knowledge of a little here, a little there. But not the order of these things. I shall apply this to a person who seeks a particular profession to make it pragmatic. However, the discussion, the examination under here applies just the same to other areas of existence. What is that thing which people know but put in the wrong formula in their search for success?

Easy, replaceable, difficult, reachable

Those are the words anyway. Now, make sense of it for opportunities. I shall do it for you. The average person believes that the secret to securing great appointments and unlocking riches through relationships in job, career or profession is:

Be difficult to reach because you are easy to replace.

First, the average person believes that they can easily be replaced and work carries on. So, they are not attributed any special price, cannot be remembered for any longer than a minute at the work. There is nothing special about them with the work at hand, be it a job or a partnership. Being easy to replace — as it is commonly said, ‘No one is irreplaceable,’ — and needing a sense of worth regardless, the thing that must be turned to is ‘Be difficult to reach.’ Put in clear terms, the average man’s formula for living is:

Be unreachable because you are replaceable.

However appealing this seems to your ego, it is the formula for failure. It is the chain of your life’s progress. Yet, ninety-six out of a hundred play out this disorder of the elements of success, quite unconsciously. It is responsible for why they are stuck on stuck.

Being unreachable, or being difficult to reach, on a task or work makes you lose opportunities. Most times, the average person focuses on the next interview they want to get, but act or excuse as being busy for the next work that fits into a perfect challenge for their potentials. Because they are proving difficult to reach. We say, ‘I am busy. I can’t do it now.’ We are ‘unreachable’. May we understand that the world will not stop to wait for us. That time that could have seized purposefully the opportunity to do some extra outside, the one, two or three hours more of task in a day, is key to endless opportunities. But we are difficult to reach. When we act or choose to be difficult to reach, we lose opportunities for contributing a special quota, another act of the day to make good. It is written in ENGRAFT, ‘Do not hold back from helping even when it seems that you have secured your personal interest elsewhere.’

‘Difficult to reach is a false pretence we make to the world to temporarily appease ourselves of the guilt that we are under-performing, failing or stuck.’

Difficult to reach is a false pretence we make to the world to temporarily appease ourselves of the guilt that we are under-performing, failing or stuck. That we are not stretched, not performing productively and using our strength and full devotion to everything. Inefficiency works with the man’s toil who is difficult to reach. But ‘others can understand, can’t they?’ They surely will, because they are, ninety-four others of them out of a hundred, difficult to reach.

Dorothea Brande wrote:

‘…the most obvious intention is to beguile the world into believing that we are living up to our fullest capacity… particularly true of those cases where the outward life is full of a thousand little matters, or one big job of drudgery conscientiously done. No one, surely, could ask us to do more than we are doing? Are we not plainly so busy that we have not one minute or a grain of strength to do anything more? Is it not our duty to do the dull, insignificant, unsatisfying task thoroughly?’

There is not real living in this camp of formula, and we know it. Difficult to reach is being an idler on true creative work but a conscientious labourer on some uncreative work. But choosing it by choosing not to take the challenges that come our way puts an appearance of worth upon us, as Dorothea put it, we ‘beguile the world into believing that we are living up to our fullest capacity.’ Failing and permitting it, this formula is responsible.

You can be sure that he who is difficult to reach will be replaceable. Either by the default that being difficult to reach, he has not honed skills and efficiency that could be built into his programme for having real, meaningful, creative contribution to the work or by the design that being difficult to reach, a substitute which is not difficult to be reached will be sought. The world cannot wait for us; as times and seasons move and pity not the man who wants to bury the dead, the world moves on while we pretend unreachable to confer upon us some unreal esteem. Money hoarded loses value in the end. Goods hoarded may hike in prices temporarily. But the hardship drives genuine creativity to create its substitute. Think that it may be different with you. This is a law of nature, and it respects no person. Once you are unreachable, you become replaceable. As such, there are no real progresses that can be sustained in any line or walk, no true increase.

The Formula for Success Is: Be Easy to Reach, Difficult to Replace

Be easy to reach. Having clearly defined goals for yourself and knowing just where you are going in life, you can easily pick opportunities when they come your way. What is an opportunity? An opportunity is a challenge seeking solution which is presented to a person or group for attendance.’ It is a moment of test and it does compel the exercise and development of efficiency, arousing the work of creation. It requires timely decision, no delay since ‘the challenge must be solved and cannot wait forever for a man.’ Those who seize opportunities are those who make decisions promptly to partake in meaningful, progressive work.

By this design, they constantly edify their mind and body and become more aware of the power of creativity, the use and passion on a certain area. As this continues, they become more unique at work, setting new frontiers rather than trying to meet existing ones. They are the creative ones, the geniuses, the leaders, the prolific and the efficient. With them alone at work, more than 80% of the work is achieved. If you were the one being their employer, would you easily replace them? They are prompt to take on new assignments, challenges and work. They execute it in time and seek for newer opportunities. From feat to feat marching, colonising new goals which humanity have never experienced. These are the successful.

What does it take to be here?

l Know yourself. Know your passion. Know your focus. Also, know leadership from within, the ability to delegate or assign work to others who shall be efficient at it. Do not be a do-it-all. Do it efficiently, and commit others to do it efficiently where they are.

l Learn your trade and skill efficiently. Not just the primary skill you are working at, but the broad with ideas from them at least. Not so you can do everything, but so you can know who else can do other things and so you can do important things when necessary. Learn your trade and watch how you can improve on it progressively.

l Do your work. Not just your present work but a little more, another addition and a little more to it. Do it with passion. Do it not as drudgery but with diligence.

Earl Nightingale puts it thus:

‘Do more than you have to do… No matter what your job, do it as you’ve never done it before…’

Earl quoted David Harold Fink to have said these words: ‘Act the part of the successful person you have decided to become.’ The formula is completed in those fine words.

The sum of this is put also by Earl in Lead the Field thus, ‘His income will be in exact proportion to the demand for what he does, his ability to do what he does and the difficulty of replacing him.’

Be easy to reach but difficult to replace.

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