Feeling Into the Desire

Taste It — Smell It — Touch It — Hear It — Don’t Just See!

Adelere Adesina 👑
4 min readApr 28, 2021

We have learned that the effortless way is manifestation. Rather than try to force things (and it doesn’t work in the end), simply manifest your desires. The path of manifestation involve tools such as visualisation and affirmations. No one can overemphasize the fact that behind these tools is a goal: to create the image and feel into being the image. ‘Feeling is the secret,’ as Neville put it. Feeling is the subconscious mind’s language for manifestation.

You Have Seen It — Enter Into It

Now, when we think of our desires, we literally create mental pictures which we see with our mind’s eye — our mind being the eye. This is the process of visualisation. The visuals must be given life before it can come alive. Which one evokes more spontaneous reaction or response from you: a sketch or a colourful picture? I suppose the latter. The same applies here. Colour each of your visuals with the sensory perception of your five senses as if they already are here. Don’t just pile the images in your mind as if they are some pictures you want to bury in a photo album that comes out once every year. Let them come alive by living in them. It is even wearying to pile the images of your dreams in your mind without spicing them up. Boring to have them lifeless, right? Very much like those old unmotivating albums become junk when we are not reliving their memories. The images of our imagination become a burden to our faculties when we do not excite them with wonder and enthusiastic feeling. Become a painter, and within it a dancer with your creation. Every parent rejoices — and rejoice for your newborn images. Life is feeling!

Smell It!

What is your mental picture? Whatever good it is you want, go into the frequency of it with feeling! Is it money? Can you smell the new currency notes in your pocket/purse now? And feel grateful for it? You might say, ‘It’s ridiculous to smell that.’ Then I wonder, just wonder. Do you ever expect to receive some important money and for a moment it feels like you already have it, you cannot let go of scenting it in the air — while you’re yet to have it physically? More so can you feel the smell of your new home, your new office. The smell of paint and freshness after your first night on your new bed. The smell of your new clothes.

Taste It!

How about you taste the new diet you’re on mentally should you desire to lose your weight? Don’t just imagine eating apples and grapes — it’s so boring you don’t want to do it. Rather, like your mouth literally waters for the junk, let it water for the fruits. Taste the delicacy of the lifestyle you have chosen mentally.

Touch It!

Why don’t you touch the roses in the garden of your new home? Or feel the metallic sensation of your wedding ring that your perfect partner wore on your finger? Maybe touch the skin of your new baby, or your cancer-free skin? Or touch the handle of your new door. You can, right. You can CREATE the sensation of these things as your build the mental image which you now see.

Hear It!

And what does it sound like to have your children running around the house? Or to have just delivered an impactful lecture and the audience is saying a heartfelt ‘Thank you’? You definitely can picture that you are at some place in your dream now and you suddenly begin to feel overwhelmingly thankful and good. Because you hear some of your friends discussing behind you that they are happy you got the breakthrough. Or you now happen to eavesdrop, or to pass by when some people you used to be ‘shy’ towards now speak with eager joy for your success. And in happiness for their joy to you, you already even forgive them of their wrong, and desire them to be like you — since you have heard them in your mind. Can you not hear your dream so alive?

Call It to Life

Call your dreams to life. You can choose to wait until your dreams are real to you — but they are reacting to you. Meaning they are waiting until you are real to them. So, call them to life! Because these things, while not in manifest form, can be called forth as though they were! Quite so in your feeling. What then happens when you call them in see, smell, taste, touch and hear? There’s a rule inherent in all things! They honour when they are called because they have been honoured by the call to manifestation. Call it to Life! Into Life that Is!

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