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Adelere Adesina 👑
3 min readApr 22, 2022


The Imagination is Spiritual Sensation. You who can see what none has seen, who can hear what none has heard, who can touch what none has touched, who speaks that which none has spoken. How sense you that which is unseen to the world? What cannot be known by your reasoning faculties could only by imagination be perceived. For ‘imagination is everything’.

Your experience is transcendental to this mortal world. Where do you first know love? Is it not subjectively? Where do you first know trust? Where do you first know betrayal? Where do you first know hunger? However acutely your senses perceive this world, your experience is greater and wider than that which is present to your physical rational experiences. Do you not perceive more than your senses can know? Now you entered a dark lonely alley. One minute of brisk walk in it and a figure ran across you. Without any other physical sensing, your perception of the alley is quickly changed as you perceive unnumbered possibilities. The perception of possibilities of danger or of security in the alley are now independent of the facts that the alley has provided you with. You are not bounded by your sensory faculties. You are beyond flesh and blood. The whole universe is the dark lonely alley and all the forms of life in it are the figure that runs across you. You shall perceive more than the alley and its figures. What shall you perceive: danger or security? For when your perception is independent of the evidence of your senses, what you perceive belongs to your assumptions of what is true or what is possible. You are the Imagination, ever able to take yourself everywhere and totally independent of your physical situations.

‘Mans perceptions are not bounded by organs of perception. he percieves more than sense (tho’ ever soacute) can discover.’ (W. Blake)

Fear and love, lack and abundance are all perceptions beyond your actual experiences. Success nor failure is perceived from the past, present or future, but from the assumptions of your heart. You imagine what you believe is possible, not what is present to your senses. The moment is where the imagination lives. What is possibly true unto you, even if the whole world does not see it, is assumed to be real by you. Your assumptions are truths of your heart. No person could take them away from you but yourself. ‘What seems to be is to those to whom it seems to be.’ (W. Blake)

Why do we have such court sessions? Is it not because facts are not final? Is it not because evidence is perceived independent of itself but seeming to have been for itself? It is not because of the house that the landlord is proud, but because of himself. Nor is it because of the money that the millionaire is charitable, but because of herself. Not for a thing of itself do we have a feeling about it, for feeling is within us. Therefore, ‘all that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.’ (Neville Goddard, Faith, Hope and Love)

Now, experience in imagination that which you desire to experience in reality. For the feeling of anything is within. The alley and its figures could not themselves perceive. Cars, houses, money, fame, happiness, passion, success, service, purpose, none of these could perceive themselves, but that being who is conscious that ‘I Am’ — this Being perceives them. And when you say ‘I Am’, you speak of God. The only being within you is the being who imagines. For all that goes on within you is imaginal! So, ‘God is not apart from man. He is never — not in Eternity — so far off as even to be near, because nearness implies separation. He can’t even be near you, because He is your own “I.” When you say, “I,” that is God! When you say, “I AM,” that’s God — His name forever and forever — and there is no other god.’ (Neville, Imagining Creates Reality)

Now, experience that which you desire in you. Not as a desire but as a fulfilment. For couldn’t the feeling of fulfilment supplant where the feeling of longing once lived? And all feeling, all experience is within you.



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