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* "Pay close attention to this as if it were the job advert for a position you have been longing for in your life's career or the breakthrough in your business, and find how you can key into this dimension of ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021."

An important lesson lies in the analogy which Jesus puts as 'the visit of the thief'. 'If the goodman of the house had known what hour the thief would have come, he would have watched and not have suffered his house to be broken.' The best opportunities in life come as a thief in the night. It is the simple reason why most miss it and call it luck or chance. But few who are ready to seize it call this what it is: opportunity becomes blessings.

You are witnessing a tremendouse event, ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021, and with it is this dimension where 'opportunity meets preparedness.' You may have been expecting ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 to come between 17th and 19th December, 2020. That is right; but the CONVENTION begins today and right now. This is the beginning where light is called forth for thousands and this light is going to serve, transform and uplift millions. You must have become familiar with that line of ENGRAFT now.

'In a formless world where darkness was over the deep, light was called forth... from whence was light called out? From nothing? What do you have now, nothing? Then you have everything. It only takes the calling out and the manifestation of it... Where there lies darkness, there lies the creative power that could subdue it. Where there is formlessness, there is form within. What the man lacks is not what he wants but what he does not imagine.'


Sorting. Networking. Team Building. Business Augmentation. Community Development. Society Transformation

Pay close attention to this as if it was the job advert for a position you have been longing for in your life's career, and find how you can key into this dimension of ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021.

Have you ever thought of a business idea, but with the fear of how to carry it out, sell it without losing to competition, winning the risk of making a loss or even the planning and financing difficulty which is the most common setback to most people? Or are you eager to be a part of something big holding the desired position that utilises your skills for the best contributions to humanity but just have not found how and where? Well, ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 removes the impossibility problem for you, and we are giving the solution to you in full amount. The question is, 'Have you been watching for the night thief called opportunity? Are you ready to seize it now?'

'The only impossibility in the world that God created is nothing. All things are possible with Him.'

Think about that for a moment. The airplane was an impossibiliy which humanity craved throughout all civilisations (the ability to fly) until the Wright Brothers took their idea and pursued it. Today, we remember them and importantly, airplanes have made humanity better. The lightbulb was tried 10,000 times by Edison, and he failed in each attempt except one. Thomas said, 'I have to succeed because I have eliminated all possibilities that won't work.' Today, we have various lamps that his idea have made possible for us. At times, an idea is a simple improvement in an existing product or service, such as Mark's Facebook idea which simply blends and improves MySpace and Yahoo's concepts. But ideas are definitely worth as millions? Scrap that. They are worth as much as you place on them. Some have paid people nothing because their originators gave up on the ideas. Some have paid people billions, created new careers and jobs, and brought progress to humanity because their originators valued them to be worth as much as billions.

Do you have an idea? Let us transmute your idea with you into an absolute reality; it is your idea and you see it to execution. Now, ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 supports and engrafts you into success in your pursuit. These are the simple steps.

1. Write out your idea (either for a new business or an existing one) in the way it comes to you. Then, put it in two simple sentences: one, the issue it is solving; two, the solution. In case you have been invited for an idea, then put it down the way you understand it and write it out in two sentences, too.

2. Look through your circle of friends/relatives and check who amongst them is ready to commit to the vision of an improved world that you are sharing with them in the idea. Ensure they are people you want to trust, and who will honour your trust.

3. Invite them into your ENGRAFT team for the idea. Have about two to three friends on your team from your present cicle. Let them know the idea and only their conviction that it can, will and must be done should you entertain them.

4. Ask them to invite two friends into your team each. Now, that makes ten of you in a team with capacity for twelve. The remaining two will be added from new people you will meet in your ENGRAFT Club or Community.

5. Request for an ENGRAFT Team Space for your idea with the name you have given your team. (This request can come before you have other people on your team.) Kindly send your request to adelere@engraft.life or https://wa.me/2347064629851. You will receive a response for your Slack workspace where you can interact, plan and work with your team for making your idea become successful.

'All this is Free.'

6. Encourage each of you to register for ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 before Dec. 15. Because of this dimension, ENGRAFT now costs N2750--for the convenience of your team.

My Personal Advice on the Steps

1. Do not think there is an idea too big or small. It is an idea in its own right, and will never come into your mind nor you receive the invitation except it is possible--the right question is 'how?' Ask yourself, 'Where did I get this idea from?' or 'Why was I invited out of thousands?' Napoleon Hill suggests that ideas come from the infinite storehouse of intelligence of the universe and are given to people who really want something for their lives as a way by which they can achieve that thing. Your idea is worth more than all the gold in the world because it can buy all the gold in the world; but you have to see and honour it that way.

2. If you cannot find such friends in your existing circles, you have to really examine the relationships you are keeping. Because it means either you have not been contributing something worthwhile to some of your friends or none of your friends have the drive for a better life and future. Usually, the first means you should start working on you; the second means if you want to rise, they will bring you down; so, put them at a distant if they mock you trying to help them. 'Evil company corrupts good manners. Good company uses good manners to create positive values.' In case you don't have such friends yet, there is a solution within the ENGRAFT circle. But if you do, great for you!

3. Do not put doubters, closeminded people or those who do not have motivation (a desire in them for a great life) on your team. Put those who when they see your invite for the idea take it as their own life and they will carry it on for you even when you are not there. Your idea is your mind's newborn baby--don't leave it to people who will kill it.

4. Your team members can have their own ideas, too and request for an autonomous team space that they are creating. Their teams and yours belong to a club which you preside over and who can create synergies to foster rapid development. Clubs can collaborate with other clubs to combine into ENGRAFT Communities with multiple presidents. ENGRAFT Communities begin with five clubs or forty teams working together in a value chain. Communities foster market penetration, brand promotion and integration. In short, once your idea is ready to sell in the market (sell to investors, customers, employees, etc.), you have a market of markets waiting. All teams, clubs and communities belong to the same large society, ENGRAFT SOCIETY.

5. Simply send in the format that specifies your (a) name, (b) two-sentence idea (c) team name (d) WhatsApp contact/email.

6. It is not compulsory to be in ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 before you are in the ENGRAFT SOCIETY. But it is advised for a number of reasons. (a) ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 gives you the proper and full education that is necessary for giving you the 'how-to' to make the fastest progress possible on your idea (b) With your ENGRAFT ticket, you are rewarded ENGRAFT Starting Capital that is based on your club's base. (Only club presidents receive this, that is team founders whose team members also found new teams). This eliminates the 'financial problem' in executing your idea. (c) You receive supervision from ENGRAFT Mentors to ensure that you reach or come close to doing $1 Million in sales from your idea by December 2021. You think this is absurd and impossible. I understand, and have felt the same way at a point in my life. But do this. First, asking you, do you think you are priceless enough to lead an organisation that contributes $1 million prosperity to the world? Well, if you answer yes, it means 'You are born rich.' Second, 'Write out a financial goal for yourself and your team on ENGRAFT Goal Card or any card you can find. Write, 'I am happy and blessed that (your goal) by December 2021.' You don't have to believe it. Just write it--and make it anything starting from $1 million, since you are priceless enough. Third, read it to yourself morning when you wake and night before you sleep for the next thirty days. Do this faithfully. Even if you do not believe it at first, do it faithfully.

N.B. If you have paid more than N2,750 for ENGRAFT before now, kindly send the request of a refund of the excess to info@engraft.life. This applies only when you belong to a team.

Fuller DETAILS for you on ENGRAFT SOCIETY. Start an idea. Bring it to completion. The world awaits the change you are bringing.

Send that request for your Team Space Now!


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