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5 min readDec 10, 2020

What is success? Earl Nightingale said he’s found no better definition than that Success is a progressive realisation of a worthy ideal. I agree that it is the best definition I have learned too. Success is not having; it is becoming. And that is about the journey you are taking with me in ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021.

The three-day free ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is a load of seminars, connections, circle building, brainstorming and masterminding. What is the purpose of so deep a programme at the end of a year most have condemned to be the worst of the century?

No matter how bad something is, there is always the seed of equivalent good in it. The way 2020 has appeared worst means it can only go better and great with proper planning and persistent action rather than drifting and waiting on chance.

There is no chance nor luck anywhere in this world: only God’s blessings bring success in definite, durable terms. As Solomon said, Every man whom God has given riches and wealth and power to eat from it, to take his portion and rejoice in his labour, it is the gift of God.

Going forward, however bad 2020 had seemed, it has opened new opportunities for whoever is ready to seize them for a great life.

The purpose of ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 at the end of 2020 is to put each person on a level of awareness of their potentials for a rich and wealthy life that they may be prepared to seize the planes of opportunity in 2021. In other words, it is the year planner staging you for success and happiness by educating you and merging you into a circle of people who want to do as much great and well for themselves.

The convention is the ticket itself for a fresh adventure. The name of the adventure is success: it is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal. The convention opens your mind and thought to the understanding of the worthy ideal of your life. As Bill Gove put this, ‘If I want to be free, I got to be me. Not the me I think you think I should be. Not the me I think my spouse thinks I should be. Not the me I think my kids think I should be. If I want to be free, I got to be me. And I’d better know who me is.’ The primary subject of ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is to introduce you to the You so you can be free.

The adventure is otherwise tagged the One-Million-Dollar Adventure. In the previous post, ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 AND THE ONE MILLION DOLLAR ADVENTURE I, I wrote four definite reasons why you should want to earn one million dollars in a year. Of course, this income figure is symbolic of having financial independence and prosperity. It does not mean a million dollar exactly. It can be more for your ideal or less. But if earning more makes you do more for people than what you currently do, then earning more is a good ideal. Not for the money itself but for what it can help you achieve in others’ lives. But I want to take you much deeper to what the One-Million-Dollar life really is.

The One-Million-Dollar life, though can be measured objectively in income and asset, may be reckoned in fullness from the viewpoint of health and peace as well. Many people we know right now are satisfied with the life they are living; but they are not happy with it. Every opportunity they see to complain about it, they seize. Every time they can cheat their ways out of it anonymously, they do. Every person they see who excels than they do in their lives, they envy. They tell you they are okay with the way things are: but they are really only satisfied, extremely unhappy, but satisfied anyway. They might be earning past the million dollar mark, but they have no peace of mind with it. That is not the life ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is taking you on an adventure for.

The 2021 adventure exposes you to the proper maintenance of your body, not in fear of diseases but in embrace and faith of well-being. You are a magnificent spiritual being who lives in a physical body given to you from creation. God desires that you cherish, nourish and replenish it so that you keep your body in good health. That is a One-Million-Dollar life, a life that only few ever make the mark. Because most do not know their health and the optimal use of it, they do not live a balanced life in good health. Ranging from self-medicated paracetamol, pain-relief drugs and other such that are used to suppress the effect of stress and body pain. Then the more complex drugs which are abused every time. These never really take away the dis-ease of the body. They are attending to the symptoms only, the effect. But they are not treating the cause. To solve a problem, we don’t stress on removing the effect, but on curing the cause. This is what ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 brings for you: the power to make your health improved by eliminating the cause of ill health and promoting the cause of well-being. As mentioned, with or without the One-Million-Dollar income, this status of health is the One-Million-Dollar life. It is absolute poverty to have riches but not the body that can spend it in good health. As Solomon mentioned earlier, the blessing of God which brings riches and ‘wealth’ makes abundance occur in all dimensions of the human life. He has riches from his labour and the power to eat from it. In other words, good health. The case where man lacks the dimension of being able to nourish himself with his riches, Solomon calls it an evil disease.

The One-Million-Dollar life brings you to the awareness and utilisation of a healthy lifestyle of which you are capable.

Why must you increase in health? For many reasons.

First, it is poverty to have riches without good health. It is much worse than good health without riches. But most of all abject is to lack money and well-being altogether. Men of the three experiences or at the three levels of living are most pitiable of all men. The full expression of the immeasurable wealth within you is to have the objective measure of money in abundance. Then add to it the subjective measure of good health. This is true wealth that proceeds from God as blessings. This is the adventure of ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 for you.

Why don’t you become a part of the convention today. Have you got ENGRAFT? Then I have a free ticket for you to ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021. We also have great programs coming your way. You only want to be there, seriously! Best to get ahead in life with ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 now. Click here for your free ticket.



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