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You might be wondering, ‘This dude with his one-million-dollar talks again. What’s with him exactly?’ Don’t you think we should ask too, ‘What’s with you exactly?’ Truly, for some a million dollars appears like an exaggeration; for some others, an impossibility. The total point of it is never the million-dollar itself but the impact on lives that is made from there. Let me point things out clearly.

I might ask your recall of the childhood experience you have had before now. When you were asked, ‘What would you like to earn in the future?’ You simply responded, ‘One Million uncountable naira/dollars.’ Why? Not because you love money so much, but because you wondered what you would do for yourself, friends and family, and the community when you have such money in your care. You did not fear how much it was or how large it sounded. It was as real and possible as life itself for you. Don’t you agree? So, now that it sounds to removed from you to even think about one million dollars, should we not ask, ‘What is with you exactly?’ What is with you exactly because who else are you leaving to do those things you only can have sincerely performed if you earn the money? As you can clearly see, it is your childhood wish; and it is now brought before you. Why believe you can achieve the other childhood dream of getting married but not of earning what you can use to perform great and greater good to the society?

Past that, let us turn to another matter. Your reaction might have been, ‘Well, I don’t want that much money. I don’t want to like money. It is the root of all evil.’ I totally understand. I had felt so at a time, however inconsistent it was for me. I had accepted the idea especially because it felt so religious. But it is not. Be aware, it is not money that is the root of all evil. It is the love of money. Second, consider all the pious men and women who have been mentioned in the scriptures from where you seemed to have got the idea. Really do an examination for which of them did not have the means by which he or she could live a well-balanced, rich life. If you find any at all who is not financially free, consider how many are such as against those who enjoy the riches of God. Your answer, my dear, is none. None who is not financially independent amongst the spiritual people written in the scriptures. Anyway, I want to suggest a solution to you. You do not love money; and that might sound cool. But you can like money for the purpose of not loving money anyway. You can prove to yourself that you truly do not love money. Do a simple thing. Earn a lot of money and distribute it all to the poor. Is that not great? You will have shown you do not love money, and at the same time have improved the wellbeing of many with your impact. The question is, Do you have the capacity? If you do and you truly can bless others with such riches because you are not greedy of money, then it is a kind of disadvantage you do people everyday when you do not live for a kind of purpose in that line. Of course, I do not say be compelled to earn up to $1 million. But do not be a disservice to the world; add to it, not take away. Aim to have riches which you may redistribute.

Third, we are not talking of stealing, robbing nor cheating your way to earn $1 million. We are, in fact, talking of you earning it, which means such money is your profit or gain by honest means. I want you to consider which is nobler: to beg for money or to earn money? Of course, to earn. Which again is abundant: to earn little or to earn much? Of course, to earn much. It does not necessarily mean you are covetous. In fact, covetousness happen with poverty a lot. Covetousness is to desire that another’s possessions become yours without you paying the just price. Becoming successful with riches is so contrary to that point. This latter means you desire something and you simply work to pay for it by honest means alone. Now, think about the money you have earned in life so far and its effect on the economy or businesses. Say you have earned $100,000 so far. Will you identify that you are paid only a fraction of the service you have rendered? If your employer pays you $100,000, you are probably creating value of $500,000 for him. If your business pays you a profit of $100,000, you must have given services useful to customers to the tune of $500,000 or maybe even $1,000,000. To have earned is to have exchanged value with people. They do not part with their money unless what is coming to them is greater. So, earning $1,000,000 should not sound like you are committing robbery or stealing in life. Indeed, you may consider the mutual benefits of your earnings on the community. The richest man on earth cause many other people to have riches daily first. That is the righteous path to the prosperity of the society.

Still on the third point, if you are not eager nor making efforts to really earn so much in life, you are causing the economy to remain stagnant. Imagine that everyone think the same way as you do, will there be prosperity in the land? Will there be increasing standard of living? Will there be progress? Or is the society only to experience stagnation and recessions? Let’s think for a moment. People who want to earn better in a righteous manner think on how to improve their services so that they can have more happy customers. They think of what new ways to do things so that they can improve the lives of others. They think of how to give better services, learn better skills and change their attitude from good to great. In a bid to earn so much in life, they create social and economic progress.

But money stays stuck in their hands, you say. Yes, money flows to them and remains with them because you are not desirous to earn. Money is meant to flow. But money flows only where there is value being transported. When these people make great things that cause the economy to abound, they are paid for such things and earn it righteously. They can do with their money as they please. But I am sure they always want to enjoy the abundance of it. In other words, they need someone else to be desirous of riches enough to create new and better ways of doing things. When such people do, they spend back into the economy to get those things. The only reason why the rich become richer and the poor become poorer is because the poor offers nothing for the rich to buy except complaints all day long. That attitude is even worse than slavery. After all, slaves do not add complaining to their misfortunes. But many people in poverty do. Then you ask them, ‘What will you do about it? Or will you do this solution to it?’ And they tell you, No.

In short on this third point, when you are earning $1 million, it is sure that you have been a means of blessing the people and community wherein you find yourself with even more. Do you want to keep away from the world the things which the world can benefit from your desire to be rich? You do not want to do that harm to people, not to yourself as well.

I know it is not all about money ‘alone’. But money matters in its respectable domain, too. It is the only objective measure of riches. It is the only medium in a civilised world by which you can buy and sell. Unless you have it abundantly, you cannot do certain kinds of favours, certain kinds of services, certain kinds of gestures to your loved ones, not even certain kinds of self-development exercise for yourself. To study, you want money. And you want it amply so that you do not have distractions in your study. The same with putting your house in order or living a balanced life. Money is not everything, but the wise man once said, ‘Money answers all things.’

I want you to consider these points again.

* You always were eager for plenty things as a child, none of which is really impossible for you. You might have accomplished some of them, at least one. What about the dream of $1 million uncountable and the things you wished in sincerity to do with it? Don’t you wish to be a child or younger again? Here is a secret: you have been there before; the child is within you always.

* Even if you don’t love money, you can like it for what it can help you do to other people. You can make a lot of money and prove to yourself that you don’t love money or are not after money exclusively by sharing it all to other people in life. To not want to take the challenge or to think you cannot do that in the end shows how much you love money. Simple as that1

* You making a lot of money is contribution to society, wealth and advancement in life. You must trust that you can spend it wisely, and that you will. If you know you really can muster the courage and do it, then it is a kind of evil to allow yourself to never do it. Because your potential beneficiaries will never get the blessing.

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