Dropping It vs Persistent Assumption

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Question: Hi, Adelere. I have a question. Many people say it is important to let go of the seed. Also, many times, I read that I should persist. I’m a little confused. I don’t know which one to act on, dropping it or persisting. What can I do?

Hi, my friend. Thank you for asking this vital question. It is one of the most important questions that has caused some confusion in some places, but that if we truly understand what is expected of us in operating the law as regarding this question, we should experience increasing self-assurance. It is somewhat delicate because the two are but sides of the coin of skilfully using the law. So, I shall carefully answer, using two important analogies: the analogy of cultivating a plant and the analogy of delivering a baby. First, I would like to remind you that there is only one way to create reality; that is Imagination. There is only one reality; that is consciousness.

Imagining creates reality and this is like planting a seed. First, what is the seed? The seed of consciousness is Desire! Like a seed planted in the earth, you plant your desire into your imagination. Buried deep within earth/consciousness, it germinates in its time and brings forth a bountiful harvest. This physical experience with farming is a wonderful symbol of how the law works. Now, let us examine this process in respect of Imagining Creates Reality.

Before farming is done on any piece of land, it is first cultivated/prepared for planting. The farmer removes the weeds, and in the same manner you remove your attention from the physical evidence of the absence of what you want. Second, the farmer drops the seed in the earth. Dropping the seed isn’t necessarily a one-time event even in physical farming. Sometimes, the seed is dropped after the heap is first made. Sometimes, it is done after a furrow is dug. The nature of the seed determines; and that also determines the [technique] and tools (imaginal scene) that is most natural for the planting. The farmer who just finds a piece of land and drops the seed there will find himself unproductive. There is no growing unless the seed is first dropped? No, not dropped — not until dropping means you completely bury it. There is no germination unless the seed is first buried; buried to access the infinite nutrients and to develop a firm root. So, the timing for this differs, and really depends on the seed. Yet, everything the farmer does until the time when he drops the seed in the earth (and buries it) is all a part of the planting SEASON. Not all of it is the actual planting, but all belongs to the planting season. No manifestation; no harvest; only desire and the task of assuming the fulfilment.

In the same manner, as a wise farmer for your desires, you must cultivate your consciousness for your desires. First, have a desire which is equivalent to owing a seed. Only when you have a seed of desire does it make sense to weed out external facts from your consciousness by removing your attention from them and focusing it within yourself. Then you dig the furrow or make the heap by preparing the imaginal scene of an act that would imply your wish is fulfilled if it were true. Now, you plant the seed by dropping it or acting the imaginal task and then bury it by letting go of ‘DESIRE’ or ‘WANTING’. The seed that you let go/drop is the desire itself, the feeling of wanting but not having. You do not drop the whole farm. You don’t let go of the farming. Well, do you?

Isn’t it a good farmer who waters it? Isn’t it a good farmer who ensures that no weeds are competing for the resources its delicate plants are to be nourished by? Isn’t the watering and the weeding done in confident assumption that the harvest is certain and due on the day of the seeds? In the same manner, while you let go of the wishing/desiring/needing/lack, you assume the attitude of a good gardener or farmer. You nourish the plant with water and you keep external evidence from distracting your consciousness. So, you drop the seed and that completes the planting season. It simultaneously triggers your harvesting season. So, you begin watering, weeding and relishing the expected and certain, but very certain harvest. How long the harvest takes depends on the nature of the seed (but this ‘nature’ is your own ‘naturalness’ to the fulfilment of the desire.) This is persistent assumption.

‘Persistent assumption of the wish fulfilled is the means of fulfilling the intention. As we control our inner talking, matching it to our fulfilled desires, we can lay aside all other processes. Then we simply act by clear imagination and intention. We imagine the wish fulfilled and carry on mental conversations from that premise.’ (Neville Goddard, The Coin of Heaven in The World Is At Your Command) Kindly reread those words, then carry on. ‘Persistent assumption of the wish FULFILLED…’ So, the desire is buried/dropped. It is the fulfilment that you persist in. Be the wise farmer who regularly waters his planting. But don’t be the foolish farmer who thinks he will by his personal conscious effort make the plant grow. For it is your Father, who is within you that brings the increase (the being within you that hears all you say and is really you in awareness is constantly at work, your Father is Your Self, the giver of your desire and the executor of your wish fulfilled — the human imagination is who he is).

‘I planted and Apollos watered; but it was God who was, all the time, giving the increase. So that neither the planter nor the waterer is of any importance. God who gives the increase is all in all.’ (1 Cor 3:6–7)

‘I’ (imagination) plant, and Apollos waters. Apollos, meaning ‘Sun’ or Consciousness waters (feeds, nourishes, focuses attention on) the fulfilment by ‘matching our inner talking to our fulfilled desires… carrying on mental conversations from that premise.’ Without a thought as to ‘how’ it will be done, for that belongs to God who gives the increase and is all in all (in the desire/seed, in the planter, in the waterer and in the increase/the whole vast world). So, to be bothered whether you’ve dropped it or you’re to persist is in fact to not have dropped the seed at all. For Imagining Creates Reality, Consciousness is the One and Only Reality. So, with the question you asked, my friend, what have you been conscious of? Desire or Fulfilment?

The second analogy I promised, which I believe is commonly used in respect to ‘dropping it vs persisting’ is impregnation. So, your imagination is the man ready to impregnate itself in consciousness with the seed/sperm of desire. You perform the sexual act by imagining the wish fulfilled, and when you release the seed/sperm, you know because you attain relief. You are incapable of LONGING or of perpetuating the sexual movement. Without anyone’s suggestion, you will stop desiring or longing. Very naturally, you are ‘incapable’ of it. That is dropping. Dropping does not mean trying to let go, trying to surrender. It is the moment when you, by already having surrendered your desire, you are incapable of desire because in its place you have relief, you have fulfilment. The womb is now impregnated. But while the mother/consciousness carries the baby for delivery, does the father stop there? A foolish father stops there. Another ignorant father tries to make the human baby scheduled for nine months come on the fourth month. The wise and loving father will do differently.

The first foolish father becomes totally cold and frigid. He will have a child but lose the love of the mother. This happens when a person finally have the manifestation of their desires but they have lost the fervour/love of it. Often, it happens with manifestations we do unconsciously, especially manifestations of things we don’t like/want. Because we are unaware that we impregnated our consciousness with an assumption, when the child/manifestation eventually comes, we feel cold and resentful to it. Perhaps an assumption about money or parenting from childhood is now manifest, then we’re cold to it.

The second father becomes totally anxious and overhasty. He will eventually abort the child, or in the case of the farmer, he will uproot the planted seed. He is focused on ‘how’ the manifestation will happen, and he loses the joy and self-assurance of the manifestation being CERTAIN to happen. He is always wondering, ‘So, what new technique can I use to make it come faster?’ ‘What can I do now to make it happen quicker?’ ‘It’s delaying too much. Almost everyone else have got theirs.’ You’ll know it this way. This is NOT to be confused with the general urge to learn better techniques, improved ways of disciplining the imagination, etc. In particular, the frame of mind that this ignorant father occupies ALWAYS is that of ‘There’s one more thing that is still blocking this One Particular manifestation.’ It results from a sense of separation actually.

But the wise and loving father will shower more love and attention to the mother, cushion her and make her duration of pregnancy very comfortable by relieving her of stress and anxiety, nurturing her with meals that are healthy for the baby. He doesn’t expect the nine months process to become four months. He wants it to remain nine months so that he could have a healthy baby at birth. In the same manner, a wise and loving manifestor will shower more love and attention on the state of the wish fulfilled BY persistent assumption. He will cushion his consciousness with relief from stress and anxiety by removing his attention from external circumstances and false evidence appearing real. He will not try to hasten the process with superfluous plans; but with confidence go about his daily tasks, allowing himself to be directed and guided wisely by his intuitive mind in all that he does. So, he removes the thinking of consequences/judgements on his actions, because the creative act is done and only expectant of the manifestation is he. Expectation, not anxiety, is the attitude of mind of such a man.

So, do you drop it? Yes! You totally drop the desire. How long this takes really depends on how long it takes you to feel ‘relief’, to feel ‘it is done’, or to live in the state of fulfilment. That could be five seconds, a minute, a day or even a month, or more. Until then, you are to keep imagining. For this, you could find out what better technique will make your imagining more natural for you. For all that imagining is a part of your planting season. But once you’ve done it, you made the creative release. You will be incapable of desiring it, and consequently of imagining it. Instead, you will engage in persistent assumption, which is conforming your consciousness to the wish fulfilled through your inner speech, through controlling what you accept to be true and through remaining in the feeling that it is done (i.e. no more planting it; move on to imagining the next desire).

In my personal experience, after I have felt it is done, I find myself naturally gravitate to having fun with some manifestations already in place, to imagining another desire or to the contemplation of the law and the promise. I am naturally preoccupied with other tasks such that ‘I forget’ the seed almost totally. I feel ‘forgetting the desire’ is something that we would naturally feel when we’ve actually dropped it. Meanwhile, I don’t ‘try’ to drop it. Later when the manifestation happens, I realise that at the moment when I forget it, I have filled my consciousness with the assumption that it is done so much that if any fact ‘reminds’ me of it, I feel the ‘completion’, not any anxiety. I hear my inner speech play with the idea of its completion, not the idea of longing. That is dropping it and entering into persistent assumption. You cannot enter into persistent assumption until you have dropped it. You cannot drop it by trying to drop it; it is a natural act of your imagination. You can only enter the Sabbath (being in persistent assumption that it is done) AFTER you have dropped the seed, my friend. Consider how Neville describes the Sabbath here:

‘You are told it happened on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is only the mystical sense of stillness, when you are unconcerned, when you are not anxious, when you are not looking for results, knowing that signs follow and do not precede. The Sabbath is the day of stillness wherein there is no working. When you are not working to make it so you are in the Sabbath. When you are not at all concerned about the opinion of others, when you walk as though you were, you cannot raise one finger to make it so, you are in the Sabbath. I cannot be concerned as to how it will be, and still say I am conscious of being it.’ (Neville Goddard, Thinking Fourth Dimensionally — Lesson Three)

You don’t try to enter it. You surrender into it.

‘This mental rest which follows a successful conscious impregnation is the period of mental pregnancy; a period which is made for the purpose of incubating the manifestation. IT WAS MADE FOR THE MANIFESTATION; THE MANIFESTATION WAS NOT MADE FOR IT. AUTOMATICALLY you keep the Sabbath a day of rest — a period of mental rest. Pregnancy follows impregnation. Man does not continue desiring that which he has already acquired. The Sabbath can be kept as a day of rest only after man succeeds in becoming conscious of being that which before entering the silence he desired to be. The Sabbath is the result of the… conscious impression.’ (Neville Goddard, The Sabbath in Freedom for All)

Note the word ‘Automatically.’ Neville calls this mental rest or state of persistent assumption to be ‘a Result’ of the six days of work. So that when you still have this conscious desire, you will not have the rest. Just realise that you haven’t even dropped it. When you have dropped it, you will feel disinterested in continuing to desire, and only cherish the joy of fulfilment.

Now, I hope you realise that dropping it leads to persistent assumption. That persistent assumption is your conclusive evidence that you have dropped it while the manifestation is yet to appear. That you don’t try to be in persistent assumption (and you don’t need to try) when you haven’t even made the conscious impression of fulfilment. And that you won’t be able to keep imagining it when you have saturated your consciousness with fulfilment. It is ‘AUTOMATIC’.

I wish you a wonderful grasp of this magnificent law, my friend. I hope this answer helps.



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