Don’t Delay Your Manifestations Doing This

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9 min readApr 8, 2022


We are constantly manifesting, and our experience of life is the continuous manifestation of our states of consciousness. Now, consciousness is the one and only reality. That is, imagination is the power that molds and makes circumstances and events. This is known by most of us, and we want to manifest even more and greater than we have ever done. However, the most popular question when it comes to manifesting a desire is, ‘Why hasn’t it happened yet?’ or ‘Why didn’t it happen?’ Isn’t that such a significant question of doubt? Well, the only reason for failure to create an experience is that we haven’t actually lived in the state of the wish fulfilled in our imagination. But there are many things that might cumulate to this situation, such as using an unnatural technique to ourselves, complicating the end that we want to feel, not catching the feeling of naturalness, etc. Not to say you must know all what not to do; if you could find what to do and do just it, only it, you will certainly have your results. That said, I think this is important to share with us today because it is such an easy trap to fall into. Why? Because fundamentally, it is the illusion of two powers or two causes of reality. So, I would like to remind you as a friend. There is only one cause of all reality, only one cause of all physical phenomena. It is totally, completely and independently spiritual. ‘I Am’ the Cause, and that is your wonderful imagination. I hope you remember that there are no two powers to create. As your wonderful human imagination says, ‘All power in heaven and on earth is given to me.’

Now, I will show you this easy trap that could delay your manifestation, or even fail it. And I hope to show you how you may avoid it by transcending it. I shall use an example to illustrate it, and my example will focus on money alongside things money can buy.

Often, we fail to manifest many wonderful things which we could really enjoy because we focus on what we think will help us to get what we actually want. Meaning we are not living in the end. We are actually imagining that we still want it but we have what might get it. For instance, a man wants to have a new luxury SUV. This is his perfect plan to delay his manifestation of the desire, but he wouldn’t know it. He calls the merchant and asks for the price of the car. When he’s found out it costs $60,000, he then relaxes on his bed and tries to imagine a $60,000 just entered his account and he’s on his way to buy the car. He tries to manifest the money, and he touches the money, feels the money, etc. Then his manifestation isn’t happening as early as he expected. He tried to not ask the question because he thought it would mean he’s doubting his imagination. But when he couldn’t control his feeling again, he asked, ‘Why hasn’t my $60,000 come yet?’

As a wonderful student of the law, kindly examine his imaginal act and answer too. His desire isn’t $60,000 but a new luxury SUV. The end he’s imagining is having $60,000 that he thinks can buy the car. Is he living in the end? What’s the perfect plan to delay your manifestation? Have a desire A and imagine the end of another desire B. That’s how.

Now, we must constantly remind ourselves to ‘go to the end for the end is where we begin’ (Neville Goddard, It Is Within). For why would we have a desire but imagine another end (not ‘the’ end)? Because we think that another end is what will give us the ability to achieve this desire. Our friend in this example thinks if he has $60,000, he now has the car (or he now has the power/ability to get the car). This is belief in secondary causes which is tantamount to lack of faith in his imagination as the creative power. He gives the money power, but successfully takes away the power to have the car from his imagination. But his imagination is himself, and to doubt its ability to produce the car is to doubt its ability to produce the $60,000 too.

Let me put it clearly this way. You will delay your manifestation when you imagine the means for achieving the end rather than imagining the end itself. For this attempt creates two desires rather than the fulfilment of one desire. If you want the car, imagine having the car, not having the money to buy the car. For money is not the creative power called imagination. Money is a limited expression in the world of Caesar. You have your $60,000. So what? You get there and by your original doubt in the imagination’s power to externalize the end, another person has brought the last new luxury SUV that you want. So, your money cannot do it now. Or the price has increased by 15% and you are back to manifesting another money? Or the dealer felt strange about you and refused to do business with you. Then your $60,000 cannot help the matter. We must suffer the events of failure until we trust our imagination to externalise our fulfilment in its own way. Then we shall experience the events of continuous success.

Remember that the desire wills its own means, the end has its plan of fulfilment. Therefore, if you desire a car, go to the end of driving your car. If you desire a house, go to the end of sleeping/cooking in the house. If you desire some sums of money itself, go to the end of having this sum of money. In other words, be clear about what you want and imagine only what implies you have that which you once wanted already. When you think you must manifest the money before you can get something, remember to ask yourself what it is you want. Do you want the money? Or do you want the thing itself? Or do you want both the money in your account and the piece you’d like to have? You could fall in the trap of doing putting the money above your desire because sensory evidence tells you they sell it in the market and you let your knowledge of prices control your imagination of having it; but Albert Einstein says and we all quote it, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’

Did you realise that they are uniquely independent states, these three? They feel entirely different from one another, don’t they? The state/feeling of having what you want (e.g. a new luxury SUV), the state/feeling of having a certain sum of money (e.g. $60,000) and the state/feeling of having the money AND buying something with it (e.g. $60,000 on the new luxury SUV). Don’t you realise they feel different? And they feel independent. If you don’t, have you had a 1% discount that just came at a great time, allowing you to buy an extra product you’ve wanted so much? Well, if 1% discount which might be $1 could make you feel so different from when you didn’t receive the discount, how much more these? And did you realise that it’s an entirely different feeling to want to have an overflow of money that can buy anything sold in the market, a continuous stream of cash is entirely different in feeling from having a lump sum, and different from having the thing to be possessed?

Earlier today, my wonderful love was amazed when she realised that I had more of something which I wished only a few weeks ago. I have more of them now, and they happened so naturally. She said, ‘It seems you have more of this thing. How did you get them?’ I said, ‘Well, I have my imagination. That’s how.’ And I reminded her how on a certain week, I wished for something and within three days, it presented itself in multiples. I didn’t have to buy it. I didn’t go to market for any of these things, not even what she was surprised I had an increased stock of. I wanted them, and I assumed I had many of them. Then it would appear from here or there. Someone would gift it. Someone would buy it new and say it’s befitting for me than it is for them, and they would give it gladly. But to say I must manifest the money to buy them is an entirely different thing.

So, I have used the example of money to show how we could unwittingly fail to trust our imagination, and I have encouraged you to be clear on what you desire. Whether it is the thing itself — go to that end. If it is the money, go to that end. If it is the money AND the thing, go to that end. If it is the money to have anything sold in the market at anytime you feel like, go to that end. The end is where you begin, but don’t imagine that you have something so that you can use it to get something else. You are only saying you want that original desire more, and you’re manifesting more wanting. It is not lack you’re operating from, but a misdirected sense of abundance, which represents as lack in your world. It is operating with secondary causes. But I remind you that there is only one cause of the phenomena of life. What is the cause? Neville answers it, ‘I AM is that reality to which, whatever happens, we must turn for an explanation of the phenomena of life. consciousness is the one and only reality, it is the first and only cause-substance of the phenomena of life.’ (Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness)

I hope you remember it. When you desire a loving relationship, don’t imagine being able to cook the best of meals because you think he/she will fall for your culinary skills. Imagine a conversation or a ring, something that implies the loving relationship itself. When you desire perfect health, don’t imagine having money to do the surgery because you think the surgeon will save you. Salvation belongs to the Lord, and the Lord is your own wonderful imagination. So, be healed by assuming you are now perfect health. And hear the same doctor tell you, ‘It is a miracle, you’re completely fine.’ I strongly wish for you to go to the end. You want respect in the society, then don’t imagine having millions because you think you will buy respect that way. Rather, bring them before your mind’s eye respecting you and giving you honour. Receive it within yourself. No man can receive a thing unless it is given to him from heaven, and heaven is within you in your feeling.

I do hope today that you don’t delay your manifestation by belief in secondary causes. Buy the pearl of great price, you are told. Purchase this pearl, your own imagination, by selling your beliefs in every secondary causes. It is strange, these beliefs you hold so dear; when you are ready to sell them so you could buy faith in your own imaginal acts, no one will buy your beliefs. They are valueless. ‘You give them up as value-less.’ (Neville Goddard, The Pearl of Great Price) Take back the power you’ve given to secondary causes and discontinue your self-delusion. Do you think it’s astrology? So, you want to manifest an ideal partner, then you begin to imagine your signs align. Discontinue it, and go to the end. The end is where you begin, but the end alone. You begin from the end and act within the feeling that it is true. Do you believe in the government’s power to do something for you? So, you think they will, but you won’t do it for yourself first in the imagination? Should it surprise you that the government failed to, and your wife failed to, your children and friends, your business associates and relatives? It should not come as a surprise if they all fail you when you have failed to imagine that you already possess the security, joy, gladness, freedom, abundance or love which you seek. If you do not give it to yourself from within, all external conditions have received your permission to fail you — and at the eleventh hour, they will. So, give them up and go to the end, my friend.

And when you go to the end, you shall be surprised how prompt many manifestations shall be; and you shall learn by your own experience how they all ripen in their own appointed hour.

Now, let us go into the silence.



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