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5 min readMay 16, 2022

The Law is simply this: IMAGINING CREATES REALITY. It is all applicable as is. When you imagine it is real, IT IS REAL. Your imagining is creating 24/7. But why haven’t you manifested something you want? Let’s start with the last word, want. Do you WANT it?

By ‘I want it’, some folks just mean, ‘I’ll accept it if they give it to me but I don’t love it.’ Meaning there are those who say they want something when they mean they think others think it’s good or bad for them. When you say you want/desire a thing, you must mean it the way all creation is done. You must mean you’re ready to become it. This is how God created humanity. He loved it so much that he became it in order for it to become ‘a living soul’. That Is Desire! It is said, ‘And God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.’ If you find it, the breath of life is literally ‘the wind’ or ‘Spirit’. It’s God’s Spirit that God put into the outline called humanity, then he animates it. He animates Adelere (and it’s my Self). So, I animate Adelere. How? By desiring it, and when I have the outline of him, I put my Self which is my Spirit into him. Then he becomes a living being.

As an ongoing creative act, ‘Consciousness outlined the state of consciousness that he desires, and puts himself into this state, and the state becomes living.’

I am convinced by my personal experience that the feeling of being stuck in an old state of consciousness is often associated with not wanting the new state with enough intensity of love as to abandon the old state and all the ‘benefits’ in it. Man has grown the habit of being ‘friends with benefits’ to his old state of consciousness. Most people are not being honest and clear about what they want; and that’s made it difficult to have a sense of higher gains from it as to be worth leaving what they currently have in consciousness.

For instance, when a person says they want financial freedom but does not want to leave the attention they have from their loved ones who claim there’s potentials in them, they don’t say what they mean. Now, you couldn’t keep believing that your family see financial potential in you if you believe that you’re already a financial success beyond their wildest dreams. Because you want the attention they give you — maybe in another family, your friend doesn’t even have half the support and attention and that makes you treasure it. But would you find it easy to unpack in the state of lack and relocate to abundance if you were not ready to give up this attention you’re receiving? No one would say, ‘I believe in you.’ ‘You have potentials.’ ‘My nephew will be successful one day.’ ‘My uncle is going to rule the world.’ The only fuel to inspire you to release your acceptance of that attention WITHIN you is desire. But you already want to be rich, right? So do CLARITY OF DESIRE! Just as ‘God formed man out of the dust.’ He took the undefined and make the most concrete outline out of it. Clarify what you want. Know what you mean by what you say. What do you mean: RICH? What kind of attention will you enjoy when you are rich? Focus on that kind of attention.

Or you want to lose weight. But what about the loss of attention that you risk, the loss of a sense of responsibility before others. With this current body fat, everyone is present to give you some advice of the latest exercise regimen. You might not like the advice, but what about the attention you’re receiving? You could feel you’re entitled to being in debt because you’re trying to buy and maintain the perfect weight loss diet from the deepest part of the Pacific. Well, when you’ve lost the weight, you wouldn’t have a way to justify overspending, would you? Or perhaps you tie your sense of usefulness/validation as a human to your going for tedious exercise routines. How would you validate yourself if you were to have your perfect shape now? To the whole world, you’re trying to burn fat. Secretly, you’re trying to add more weight so that you could have more pity and attention, more reckless financial habits or poorer self esteem. Now, you see why you must know if you honestly desire it? I want you to understand with clarity. I am not saying you don’t want it badly. I am only asking you to check honestly if you want it intensely enough, if what you say is what you mean.

See, I understand that some of this might have pinched in the heart. But isn’t it time for a serious change of the way things are? I don’t mean you shouldn’t have fun in the process. You could only go through the process with fun. I’m saying transform in the process. Let this always ring its own bell in your heart: We are already manifesting all our life. We are now learning to master the Law so that we will manifest what we want. Therefore, our starting point of creative imagining, of controlled and determined imagination is: WHAT DO I WANT?

You must want it with as much intense love as could make you leave what it would cost. We intuitively know that we cannot be in a state and not suffer the consequences of not being in another state. If you were happily married, you cannot manage the kind of lavish lifestyle that a single would have. For instance, you couldn’t be happily married and expect to enjoy multiple sexual partners. So, when you say, ‘I want to be happily married,’ do you also mean you want to let go of the casual sexual that you enjoyed as a single? Maybe in your case, it would mean you’re letting go of your unaccountability — so are you committed to replacing unaccountability with accountability?

You see, after DESIRE is LIVING IN THE END. After the man is formed, God put his One Spirit into Man. It’s the same creative process, always the same. We are to be ‘imitators of God as dear children.’ But if you’re not ready to feel detached from the old state or to feel you no longer enjoy the benefits that come with it because you’re now a new being, ‘a living being’, then you couldn’t live in the end. We manifest what we experience its consequences in our imagining. Well, that is true. Let a person try so hard to prevent the rainy days. But they’ve saved for it, quite alright. They’ll have it in abundance someday. So, we experience in this objective world something that we have felt its consequences in our imagining. Therefore, you must desire to the point that you’re ready to bear the consequence of not enjoying your current state of longing because you’re feeling the consequences of your new state of consciousness.

So, that thing which you say you want, and quite frankly, I think this applies to money the most for all seeking to manifest financial abundance… So, that thing which you say you want, do you mean you are committed to leaving behind the benefits you couldn’t enjoy when you’ve got it? Just one suggestion, stop being ‘friends with benefits’ to your old state of consciousness where there’s lack, and get married to the new state that brings you abundance. Thank you.



Adelere Adesina 👑

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