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This is such a topic with the many angles from which it could be approached. I suppose we may simply cover the basic lessons and from the insights, you can inspire rising higher. The idea of divine timing or God's timing is already a concept so ingrained in man from such statements as, 'In God's timing, it will happen,' or 'It has its fullness of time.' Although when you come to the law of assumption, the basic lesson is that you are God, you are the I Am. That lesson is often reviewed in the light of the idea that things are supposed to happen in God's timing. For who is that other God in whose timing your wish is fulfilled if not you? And if you, why hasn't it happened now? But this is merely mixing truth with prejudice. Hopefully, by the end of this note, you'd have dropped some of the prejudices also and leave with a lighter yoke than you came.



If it wasn't conceived, there's no timing at all. This is why you can't sit down and assume nothing. If you don't assume a wish fulfilled, you have not impregnated your consciousness with the fruit of that idea. It will not happen even in any God's time. For that God's time is your time from conception to actualisation.

If a woman never becomes pregnant, she doesn't have any nine months to wait for.

If a crop is never planted, the farmer has no harvest to claim an appointed hour for.

There is timing only after the planting or conception of an idea.

This said, everything really has its appointed hour which we all respect in so many cases where things are already natural to us or accepted by us as the status quo. You gain admission to a university for a five-year course. You would not be impatient in the second or third year to graduate. You KNOW your certificate is only a matter of five years in this university. The appointed hour for your degree is five years from the apparent conception of admission. For that, we all seem to wait. Where it is four years, we don't try to half it into two. We wait for all four years.

You don't get pregnant now and want the baby out in two months. You wait for nine months quite patiently because you KNOW the baby is yours at the end of the wait.

You know the degree is yours at the end of the waiting.

You may have imagined your married life when you were ten years old. You did. But you didn't want to get married ten years of age. You waited until you were in your twenties, thirties or thereabout before you marry.

I intentionally chose some examples of things that seem to take years or decades before they manifest after your conceptions or assumptions of them to show you that you can really WAIT. You have been waiting for so many things for their appointed hours.

Impatience is not a virtue known in the same association as faith. "Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience." (James 1:3)

Meanwhile, there are things you manifest in minutes or hours. You manifest waking the following morning at a certain hour from the night or some days before. You manifest your breakfast within thirty minutes and three hours.

So, who determines these appointed hours?


The only divine timing is made by human receptivity. When you are ready, you receive. Only when you are ready does that happen.

God's timing for anything you are assuming or imagining is fixed by your naturalness. Naturalness means how much that idea has become your nature or your way of being.

In reading the profound chapter on failure which Neville wrote in the Power of Awareness, Chapter 24, he said:

'What is the reason for failure? The answer to this is the most important factor in the successful use of the law of assumption. The time it takes your assumption to become fact, your desire to be fulfilled, is directly proportionate to the naturalness of your feeling of already being what you want to be - of already having what you desire. The fact that it does not feel natural to you to be what you imagine.'

Note the manner he communicated. You didn't fail, you just had a delay which could only be resolved by adjusting your naturalness to the state. It is noteworthy that when you assume a thing, it is already done. Whether it is physical today or tomorrow or ten years later however depends on how natural you feel about it.

For example, it is likely unnatural to you to be married from the age of five. But it is natural to a certain people. You judge it and you turn away from it. I do not ask you to entertain it. I'll offer you an empowering way of reacting when you do not want something, a way of reacting which will not diffuse your naturalness to your wishes fulfilled. For now, let's be back on track.

So, you don't feel natural with driving a car until you are 18 years. Someone else feels natural about that from the age of 15. You feel natural about eating spicy meals but someone else does not feel natural about that. You feel natural about going everywhere you go first class. Someone else does not have that in their nature.

The slight challenge is that because it is your nature, you feel an urge to defend it rather than renounce it if it is not serving you.

You do get the sense of it, don't you? The sense of what's natural. That is what you accept as how you are and how life is without thinking you need to do something extraordinary to make it so. It is so ordinary to you, so in your bone marrow.

Let me come back to some of the examples above with you.

Where you think you have to spend ten years in a program to become a doctor, someone else feels natural to have it in a year. Where someone thinks they have to be married before they are twelve years of age, you feel natural to be a young mature adult. Where someone feels they must wait nine months, another is compelled to experience the birth from seven or eight months.

'They are unnatural, Adelere.'

That reaction does not serve. Because, do you know what else is unnatural?

- Growing your income by 5000% in a year when the best performing asset in the world goes only by 1000% and you're working one-tenth the time. That's unnatural.

- Skipping three positions between your last role and the role of a national director is unnatural without two required certifications and three qualifying examinations.

- Healing all your ailments cured in one week without following the doctor's prescriptions is unnatural.

- Winning the ยฃ100,000,000 lottery from your first or second lottery ticket ever is unnatural.

- Marrying the perfect man or woman who gives you the fairytale love vibes and makes you love yourself ten thousand times more is unnatural.

- Having no debts, no outstanding on your credit cards, no mortgage, no overdrafts is unnatural.

These are all unnatural experiences that, by your conviction that all things are possible, you are inspired to manifest them. When you react to something you don't understand as unnatural, you are claiming as your nature, the opposite of it, whether you like that nature or not.

How do you make the proper things your nature?


Another way to describe your naturalness is the degree to which it is your nature. Your nature is a collection of your concepts of self. For example, a man conceives the following ideas of himself.

'I am a man. I am a great man. Greatness requires service. I am a man of service. Service requires sacrifice. I always sacrifice all that's good for me to further serve others. The best thing that's good for me is time. I always sacrifice my time to help others. I am a great man because I don't have time for myself anymore...'

Would it be natural for this man to be promoted from being a secretary to the general manager to being the general manager?

Yes, only after twenty years have passed in which he had given his time and best resources to feeling deserving of the greatness of being a general manager. Not that he didn't manifest it in 2003 when he first imagined it, but by his concepts of greatness and sacrifice, given this is a role of greatness, he took himself 20 years to accept it as a natural fact.

He just couldn't accept it until that nature is no longer his.

Refinement of your concepts which shows by a change of your dominant reactions to life is the way to change the timing intentionally.

I said earlier that you do not want to react to things by calling them unnatural. Here is my suggestion. React to them by identifying the unifying power and creative process that created those things. Such as:

'People marry aged five? That must have been what they wanted and assumed, but I don't want it so I'll assume differently.'

In a space, you just became indifferent to that unwanted experience without judging whether it is right or wrong and unconsciously entering a state of consciousness.

Choose your reactions to others' experiences you witness as, 'They must have wanted and assumed that. I want differently and I assume what I want is true.'

Remember, naturalness is determined by one's concept of self.

If you ask me, I believe that the most important spiritual value of manifesting all your desires is that it compels you to refine your concepts and choose more powerful and loving ones intentionally, new concepts with the quality of your trust in the power of God.

For example, a person wants to manifest $100,000 monthly income. By their concept of working 9 to 5, struggling on weekends and having two more promotions before that could ever happen, they're delaying it for another couple of years. But by renewing their concepts to:

'An assumption that I already receive $100,000 monthly though false, if persisted in will harden into fact.'

they become more spiritually tuned.

There is still much more to be discussed on this topic and I can see that if we continued, there'd hardly be space left. But with what has been shared, you now know that the only time is determined by you.

Now, assume and have the nature that would be yours were your wish fulfilled.



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