December 1, 2020: 16 Days to ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021

Adelere Adesina 👑
6 min readDec 1, 2020

It’s a lovely December morning here. In fact, a cheerful one as friends and family exchanged wishes of the new month. I have greeted a couple of friends and family members, too. And here, I’m sitting before a sunrise that is breaking its way through thick, grey clouds that still covered the most of the sky. The sun doesn’t seem to be struggling; it even seems the clouds are rather struggling. The sun is merely doing what it is. And as I write, it shines ever more brightly.

Its warm rays settle on my skin just now more intensely than before. We are in the Harmattan, but I don’t think the sun knows that. I think the sun is creating the seasons but not regarding it to create. It is free, from the clouds impenetrable walls and the morning’s cold. Under the sky is a dam, Awba Dam in Ibadan. It is full of fish splashing. I have heard them now and then. And again, the sun is sunk beneath thick clouds. Here, I am being Engrafted with nature’s pure energy.

I am writing about ENGRAFT, ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021. It is just 17 days away today. What is my dream of ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021?

The sun spent the whole night preparing for its breaking this morning. The clouds cannot challenge that. As I write, it gets better. I look at the excitement of people to be in December 2020 today. It is 31 days to the new year. Is that not amazing? What could be the best use of 31 days before the new year?

I have known all great success development programmes to instruct that you wr ite down your goals, big goals. Write them in the positive: of things you are doing and having. Write them as though they have already happened. Read them morning and night thirty days until it brings conviction in your heart that you can achieve the goals. Do not worry about how, just focus on what. The plan will be revealed to you and your goal is yours.

What is your 2021 goal? The average person does not have clearly defined goals already. In fact, there is no understanding of what to do to achieve the goals. What I know most individuals do is to enter the new year, then begin to write resolutions of who they want to be, do and have. This is far removed from what we will call the normal action step. But it is the common step anyway, except for a few who rather do not set resolutions at all.

Resolutions are new year goals. If you really want to achieve them in 2021, the best time to set them is now, today itself: 1st December 2020. For the same reason why ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is coming in 2020. What is the reason?

The sun prepared all night long for its sunshine: now, the clouds cannot stop it. Parents who love their babies prepare for them before their birth. The final match of the world cup is prepared for before the match itself. To win 2021 as the great year of tremendous success for you, you must prepare in 2020. And an event designed to make you successful in the new year best come before the year runs out.


I believe that everyone wants to live a good, great life. I am sure that no one wants to be mediocre truly. Otherwise, no one should feel like a failure, unhappy, defensive, repressive and depressed in life. There is no point in being angry or in taking up addictions if you get what you want in life. But if you are experiencing any of those above, and emptiness, struggle, whatever, you have not been getting the results you want. I can say, you do not even know why not or how to. You see, you are not alone. That’s about how 99% of the world feels.

I believe not only that you have had these experiences but also that you want to change them, and deep within you is a drive to reach for the light that can remove this darkness far from your life. In other words, I believe you have a passion to truly solve the problem, and when you are given answers for you to choose, you will make that choice. I believe in your total good and capacity to be and do good.

But what if you search for answers all day long, only that you do not find them? That will be totally unfair, isn’t it? What if in trying to figure it out, you don’t know how the jigsaw should be arranged? Then life will be the most wicked thing. But life isn’t. God is just. For all who seek, they find. It is these answers ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 brings to you, and everyone you know.

In other words, ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is the answer you have been searching for all years on how to achieve the full expression of your life like the sun not hindered by the clouds.

In ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021, you learn why all you have done so far has been yielding frustrating results. Why have you worked so hard and honestly in life without having the gains you want? Why does it seem you are not in control of your life? Why are you feeling empty? Why can’t you break an addiction that is costing you everything? And such questions will meet their answers in ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021.

But what is a diagnosis without prescription? What is the answer to why things are the way they are if there is no definite answer to how things could be made into what they are meant to be? This is why ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 goes a step further in the soul-searching, life transforming programme.

How do you go from a normal, usual, casual, ordinary, bland and tasteless life to great and amazing, the full expression of your priceless worth and life? How can you be, do and have whoever or whatever is your true desire? How can you be of the greatest service and meaning to life? How can you solve your problems and help others solve theirs? ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is structured for this.

But don’t we all say colleges teach theories all the time without practicals? How about if there is a definite, practical process to add to the exact science of Success you’ll learn in ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021? I just thought, ‘I don’t want people to come with notes and return with knowledge but never doing the things that will change their lives for good. I want people to come, and for the rest of 2020, know exactly what to do in it so that January 2021 will be a beginning of Success and Happiness to them. And they will sustain this till December 2021. I want to give a simulation, a real life experience of being and doing success.’

Now that is what ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is doing. Bringing you the practical approach. I see people networking into new circles and communities. I see people bring business or career problems and get them solved in and across their new circles. I see integration of value. I see new business ideas arise, and from there, new partnerships. I expect only that in December 2021, the least performing attendee has done $1 million in income. And not selfishly. Not by greed, for they will have enriched society to the tune of at least $5 million. I see ordinary people live extraordinary lives because they create a reality of abundance for their society. I see friends I make at ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 who will tell their children, parents, cousins, friends, colleagues, and neighbours in the society: ‘Success is really easy if you know how to and do it. If I can do it regardless of my past status in life, you surely can. And you can even do more.’

I see struggling or even comfortable people come to ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 from all walks of life, but amazing, inspired and inspiring leaders return to their walks of life. Then they, you create the miracle of an oak tree there, wherever you are. Indeed, ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is a planting season we are engaging. And I see bountiful harvest in 2021.

Do you see it, too? Then join me.

Attend ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021. Get your free ticket to ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 today in three steps.

1. Buy ENGRAFT from any online bookstore.

2. Check and take a screenshot of your digital receipt.

3. Visit to register with the screenshot.

ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 coming up: 17th to 19th December.



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