Day 3: It Works! in Ten Minutes of Ten Days

— to Self Mastery

Adelere Adesina 👑
8 min readDec 6, 2021

A Quick Polish to Shine the Day

I hope that by now you have put to practice one or two steps that would shift you rapidly on your way to self mastery. Even more, I hope that you have begun to pick some higher awareness, some deeper thoughts of your own. That is my biggest trust here: that you being a soul on your own, you are capable of your self-expansion. Welcome then to the third day in this ten-day journey.

I was in a quite tensed meeting with a number of friends on Sunday 7th December, 2021. We were resolving some disagreements and it was a really tense situation. The friend whom I sat to his right, he is my mentor. And he shared a really funny idea with me in the heat of the moment. Of course, I smiled with a broad grin. One of the disagreeable persons caught me smiling, but instead of thinking ‘How could I be making jest of the moment?’ He caught me by total surprise when he said, ‘You my son, you are always laughing.’ When another friend thought he referred to someone else, he said no he referred to me. Well, I smiled on that again. Could I have helped it? Haha.

We are dealing with some incredibly powerful laws of the universe here. They already make the whole situation tense for us. They are emotionless, just frank and straightforward. Like the law is always painted in most representations, they are blind with a sword in their hand. We are the life of these laws. We give them meaning, we give them possibilities of actions. Why then don’t we smile, even laugh when they seem to get too serious with us? Why not, indeed?

I know no faster way to switch your day to the brightest possible but to smile and genuinely mean it. You don’t have to have a perfect situation — in fact, there is no better joke the seemingly faultless universe could give you but an imperfect moment or an imperfect situation. Come to think of it, standup comedies really use jokes of things we already know on us — only with the sense of ‘Could you believe it? I can’t myself! 😱😂’

Get Instant Results!

I don’t know about all these promises we see on the internet these days about you having an instant million, instant car, etc. All these lotteries and the too-good-to-be-true promises. And what I don’t know about, I really would say, ‘I want to learn.’ In this case, these laws of the universe make us realise that ‘if you are going north, you will always be south. And the moment you make a turn to go south, you already are north.’ That is such an instant result that takes not even a full second to realise should we put it to practice.

Let us start with the law of opposites, it says that everything is two-faced. Who wants sour moments of life? Except those motivational quotes that say ‘Face it. Handle it.’ And we get to wonder after we are broken what they mean exactly if they do not give us a way out. It is because they assure us that the situation will not last forever that we are able to endure such trials. Yes, it is the understanding that ‘this too shall pass’ that help us to face the sour parts of life.

When we have this understanding, it becomes clear that we want the good and when we have the bad or the ugly, we actually have the good! We do have the good because that situation of bad, that circumstance of ugly — it is a coin with two sides. You have the tail faced up; flip it just once and you will have the head faced up.

So, I will encourage you differently — this time shall not pass. Rather, you shall flip this time now! Do not get me wrong. The bad times shall have passed themselves because of the law of rhythm. Do you remember? Since everything is always moving and always moving between two opposites, the bad will eventually move to the good. The problem with waiting is it could be frustrating, stressful and create more hurt at the end. Also, there is no fun in the low times and a sense of powerlessness, a loss of confidence somewhere on the way. In other words, the idea of self-mastery will never have been necessary if we only want to wait upon the law of rhythm to let it pass.

When the finances do not add up, the couple would have had a fight before ‘this too shall pass’ has passed. When depression hits, a blunder may have occurred before ‘this too shall pass’ has passed. When business takes its downward spirals, loyal customers may have been lost, diligent employees may have quitted before ‘this too shall pass’ has passed. Really, the only natural events (that is, unguided situations) in low times is low and disturbing moments. Worse piles on bad. Isn’t that why we all want it to pass? Now, what actually causes this moment to pass in an individual’s life is that they reach a low low which they cannot endure again! At this low, either they break forth or the break up! By the statistic, many people break up and only few break forth to become mighty again!

What is the lesson? Things don’t have to go from bad to worse before ‘this too has passed’. Make it pass here and now! How? A SMILE!

The magic is a smile. When you smile, you let it pass and pass so quickly it will.

Let me share here a short part of this book, Conversations with the Greatest Networker by John Milton Fogg. This is a conversation between the greatest networker and his student (the narrator).

“So, how are you? Quite a week — yes?” (said the greatest networker)
“I’ll say. Gosh, I’m really, really great, thank you. How are you?” (said the student)
“Proud and pleased with you for one thing.” He smiled his biggest, broadest grin.
“There’s that smile I want to package and sell,” I laughed, pointing to his beaming face.
“Ah yes, that smile,” he said, clearly pleased. “Want to know a secret?” he asked, leaning towards me with an expectant expression.
“Sure,” I said.
“This smile was something I taught myself to do. In fact, I first used it to change my thoughts and attitude.”
“Well, I once heard a Networker talk to a group of people he was training. He was speaking to them about negativity, how many of the skeptical thoughts and pessimistic attitudes in this business stem from rejection. He explained how he used a smile to change his attitude.
“Now, I am by nature a worrier. You look surprised! It’s true,” he told me. “I can worry about anything and everything, mostly the future. At least I used to — and I still do to some extent. You know that — what’s the word . . . acronym? Fear: False Expectations Appearing Real. I’m a master of that.
“Anyway, this guy who was training asked the audience to do an experiment with him. He told them that in a moment he was going to have them think a negative thought. Anything bad would do, he told us. Then, once we had that pessimistic thought in place, he said he was going to have us do something really interesting and just see what happened.
“So, we all got our angry or afraid or critical or worrying thoughts in place. He told us to keep our hands up, then lower them when we had our unhappy thought firmly in our minds. As soon as all our hands were down, he shouted, ‘Now, smile! It doesn’t matter if you’re still worried or angry — just smile! Big. Huge. Ear to ear grins. Come on!’ he yelled. ‘Smile!’
“Well, most everyone in the audience broke up laughing. Then he asked us, ‘What happened’?
“Seems no one in the group could maintain their negative thoughts with smiles on their faces. He explained it was impossible to stay angry or worried while you were smiling. In fact, he told us that the mind is incapable of holding a negative and positive thought at the same time. He said science had discovered that when you smile, the brain releases a flood of endorphin-like chemicals along with a series of signals much like electricity that made having and holding negative thoughts physiologically impossible. It was fascinating. Fascinating!”

Let’s hold it there. This is the fastest way to get the results you want in life, to have the good you desire! A smile is the wonder. Not a fake, ingenuine smile — although if that’s all you could manage, the effort counts. It is a smile from the heart that most of all create the instant shift.

In the face of everything, good or bad, you might lack everything else to face it. Yes, that’s true! Let’s be humble to accept it now before a harsh reality forces us to accept it. You might lack the expertise, the knowledge, the actions, the tools, the connections, the money, the experience, the appreciation, the boldness, social resources, emotional resources, financial resources, intellectual resources… you might lack all these, but never would you lack a smile. There is a surplus supply of it that you can draw upon immediately. 😁😁😁

What is the quickest way to shift your day and turn any negative situation into positive? I don’t know what the situation might have proven to be. A smile is the magic. After all, the old man smiled when talking to me in that meeting, ‘You smile a lot,’ he said. Not with anger, not with the frustration of the moment. With a smile, you see.

What do you do today? Smile! 😁 😁 😁

The work I have with you is best expressed by William Atkinson,

The Seven Laws may be applied under the mind and will of the individual, enabling him to take advantage of the flood‑tide of Rhythm, and to neutralize the ebb‑tide; to enable him to neutralize the Opposites; to find and hold the Balance and Poise; to convert the Cycles into Rising Spirals; to take advantage of the Law of Sequence — thus to Master Fate, instead of being her Slave; to conquer laws by laws; to oppose principle to principle; to acquire the Art of Mental Alchemy, or Transmutation of Mental States and Conditions.

My sincerest wish is that have the information of how to master — and even master — yourself in these ten days experience.

I hope this has been fun for you. And did you learn something? Perhaps unlearn or relearn? Kindly share it in the comments, my friend.

See you here for Day 4.🥳🥳🥳




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