Day 2: It Works! in Ten Minutes of Ten Days

— to Self Mastery

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11 min readDec 3, 2021

They Work Together, These Laws. We Could As Well Work with Them, Right?

When it comes to Self Mastery, we must bear in mind that we are dealing with unchanging laws; our attitude to them alone can change. It is our attitude towards these laws that make all the difference. In Day 1, we learned something about these laws being One. Close attention to details quickly yield this understanding to us, that the ups and downs of life are dominant in three of these laws: the law of rhythm, the law of cyclicity and the law of balance.

In the law of rhythm

…everything moves between two opposites. Rhythm itself is a word that has something to do with a regular repeating sound unit and spaced silence in music, or any other pulse. What makes the difference between music and noise is essentially the corresponding and coherent silence/breaths in music which is absent in any form of noise. A sound unit. A breath of silence. A sound unit. A breath of silence. So does music, and any harmonious form of life, progress. So does a soul in harmony with this law operate. As you could see in the diagram here, there are two opposites and there is a continuous movement to and from both ends; which is rhythmic.

Fun Time: Why is the mere movement across two opposites a rhythmic movement? (Hint: The answer is in its question.) Share your thoughts with the community. We would love to learn.

In the law of cyclicity

…everything moves between two opposites time and again. When it goes up, it comes down; and goes to the old ‘up’ again. Let’s graphically represent this law. In fact, the law of cyclicity is what happens when you let the law of rhythm and the law of orderly trend work in harmony with one another or meet one another. It simply means that there is no chaos in the rhythms that happen around us. Rhythm says everything moves and is always moving. Cyclicity says everything moves in an orderly progress. Cycles are rhythms that are smoothed out.

In the law of balance

…everything that moves between two opposite poles have a centre and as such, an internal meeting point. This is expected when you realise that cycles are regular rhythms and every circle/cycle has a centre. It is this centre that the law of balance refers to. This centre is, in fact, a polar opposite to another thing on a higher level/plane. Thus, whatever is balanced or is in balance could move to a higher plane where it again works its way to the centre and experience balance; and this point of balance being a pole in another higher level, the thing could move even higher. This is how balance could be used for mastery. Study the diagram representing this carefully and you will see the mystery of balance. The Centre on a level lower is the Bottom on a higher level.

Observe with fun and thrill that when you match the law of cyclicity with the law of rhythm, balance is the centre of both of them. And the law of balance is itself a polar opposite of the law of opposites. Balance says there is a centre; the law of opposites say there are manifest opposites which are the same thing in essence. When you combine both of them, you resolve into the law of laws: the law of Cause and Effect. Therefore, when any soul moves (aren’t we always in rhythm?) in understanding and application across these laws, a moment will result in their expansion when they will master the law of cause and effect. This means they will hold the absolute cause of everything and thereby manifest the effects they desire to experience.

This is some powerful knowledge and it could be used just as progressively for all humanity (Think of Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie) as it could be dangerously by a person without character, the enlightened do not entrust it lightly into the hands of people. (Think of Adolf Hitler, who competently used this law whether consciously or unconsciously. He is a reminder to us all of how this knowledge must be treasured and entrusted only to the meriting.) Regardless, this is knowledge for all. It is the heritage of humanity, and I would leave as much hints to help you move to this uppermost scale of mastery of balance in the law of cause and effect.

Let’s Get Started with the First Thrill!

So, let’s begin to apply ourselves harmoniously to these laws. We shall start with a really simple exercise here. Remember this: they are always working, even right now. And they are two-edged sword; able to save a man and to rip him apart. What makes the difference is not the laws but the attitude of a person towards them. If you grasp it clearly as said in Day 1, ‘The north is where you are when you are looking south — and when you flip on the same spot, just the same spot, you are south facing north.’

Because you have a lot of serious business in your daily life, I shall encourage you to have fun in this moment here. Let these ten minutes always be fun for you. After all, balance is key! 😉


Let me guess, you’ve been wanting to create a wonderful life that you will be happy with. You have dreamed, daydreamed, imagined, wished, planned, acted, failed and failed again, got disappointed and exhausted and still trying to cope not really understanding what might be going on. This could have been with your finances, your relationships, your business, your emotional balance, your religious affiliations and your spiritual life. It is a guess, and it doesn’t have to be true about you — after all, everything is and is not at the same time by the law of opposites. Suppose this law is true of you trying to create the future, what would be the way you ‘flip on this same spot and face the direction of south being north’? What could you do that would be opposite of trying to create the future and thereby move towards a centre of balance?

What is it? Any idea? 😁

You guessed right if you guessed doing something about your past. Leaving our past untouched when trying to create the future is exactly how we make the past repeat itself — because we are still living in the fears of the past that way. It is like trying to go north; you must be in south then — strangely, when a person is trying to go north from south, they will never arrive at north. Because they are remaining in south. You will be at north instantly in the moment you turn 180 degrees and start moving towards south.


In other words, by recreating the past, you face your fears for release and pick your old strengths for renewal. This eliminates fear, worry and doubt. It instills a fresh confidence into your present and propels you into the future faster. Let me put this in terms that almost everyone is familiar with. And I will borrow the words of William James to toss it across, sire.

Most people live — whether physically, intellectually or morally — in a very restricted circle of their potential being. We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon of which we do not dream. ~ William James

Would you like to reflect on the word ‘reservoirs’? William James said we have ‘reservoirs of life to draw upon’. Are reservoirs things you get from the future or that you have got from the past? You see it, too, right? This is wonderful wisdom! Unused reservoirs, not maximising our potentials, feeling we are underperforming — all these indicate that we already have what we want right now FROM THE PAST! We just didn’t seize it. We didn’t use it. We didn’t maximise it. So that generally, the solution isn’t in the future. You tell me where the solution lies with this awareness.


There are three tools that you could use right now to recreate your past. Why three? Because the first one has an opposite second and the two combined balance at a higher level of awareness. What a wonderful grace these laws of the universe are.


When you learn the lessons of an experience that has happened, you don’t even have to try — the experience will not repeat itself in any form again! In other words, you have mastered the experience. If you want to keep the experience repeating itself, simply ignore the lessons and keep fighting it. It’s so simple! And you have a choice — you can cause what will happen right now. To observe and learn or to entangle and struggle.

You could challenge this idea, you know. And put this tool to test. This is one way to use it.

1. Remember an undesirable event that happened some five, ten, twenty months/years ago. Whatever you could recall that you don’t like. Pick an event that you have ignored or left unreviewed.

Before you apply this tool, kindly make an honest observation that the feelings attached to this event are still repeating themselves through other people, even new people in your experiences today. Probably some embarrasment done by your sibling back then but now done by your spouse or children, or even a total stranger. This is to show that the future won’t come because the past is still repeating itself. Trying to go north keeps us in south.

2. Now, write down or make an audio recording of this event as vividly as you could. The aim here is to have the event expressed in an objective form outside of you. Write it down or record it on an audio.

3. Look at ‘the story’ and write or record again three (3) or more EMPOWERING lessons/morals that you pick out of this experience as an observer. Kindly ensure they are empowering lessons, meaning lessons that if you apply them, they don’t stop you from expanding life; they encourage you to be more and do more. You might have done an inventory as this before but without picking empowering lessons. It is important that your lessons are empowering.

4. Once done, simply cross out or burn the story, otherwise delete the audio recording, and ponder on the lessons alone, reflecting on what the event would have meant then if the lessons you have learned now were applied in the days it happened.

5. (Optional) Rewrite the event or record the story as if the lessons were already learned and the ideal you wanted actually happened. Use your imagination to create the story you would have loved to experience then.

6. Then let it go. Once you have done this, you have turned to approach the centre between your past and your future on the account of this particular experience and its feelings.


Because everything has its good and its opposite, we could have tremendous gains from some ugly experiences. Probably manifest five minutes later or five hours or even five years. There is always something to gain. However, unless we gain that thing, we cannot feel grateful about the scenario and we would always pity ourselves for that experience. Meaning many a past are stuck in our minds because we can’t bring ourselves to let them go. And we won’t do that unless we have recorded our personal benefits and gains. We are humans, right? When something is not in it for us and it has cost us something so precious as our time and energy, it could hurt us forever. We are talking about an event in the past; so, we’ve already spent this time and energy. Wouldn’t you like to profit from that?

It is so simple, and this is the balance of learning lessons. It is identifying benefits or gains you got. So, test this out on the same event on which you have applied TOOL ONE. A benefit could be material, emotional, intellectual or even spiritual. Be very broadminded about these benefits and ensure you gain as much as you could from the events of the past.

1. Remember an event that happened some five, ten, twenty years ago. Whatever you could recall. Pick an event that you have ignored or left unreviewed.

2. Again, write down or make an audio recording of this event as vividly as you could.

3. Look at the story as an audience and identify three (3) or more benefits that the central character (which was you) must have gained out of these events. Ensure these are things that could expand an human life.

4. Reimagine the story with the benefits included expressly. Allow the central character (you) to have consciously enjoyed these benefits in the story, and to have loved the fun and enjoyment.

5. Then let it go.

TOOL THREE: __________

This third tool is the centre of balance, the point of cause and effect. I have omitted it deliberately because when you actually do both exercises above, you will discover it of your own accord. And there is an indescribable joy, pride and ownership over ideas that you discover yourself, aren’t there?

Let’s Have Fun: Also, the first person to correctly describe this tool as briefly as possible in the comment section will receive $1 in USDT. The question is simple. What is the balance of the two tools of recreating your past?

I guarantee you that if you apply any one of the two exercises this weekend, you will experience a shift that will carry you through the next week in a powerful state of mind. If you apply both, you will double your happiness, your confidence and your peace of mind while you minimize your stress and effort so easily. It takes discipline to task your mind for the first times on these exercises though. First times are never easy. So, be diligent!

The work I have with you is best expressed by William Atkinson,

The Seven Laws may be applied under the mind and will of the individual, enabling him to take advantage of the flood‑tide of Rhythm, and to neutralize the ebb‑tide; to enable him to neutralize the Opposites; to find and hold the Balance and Poise; to convert the Cycles into Rising Spirals; to take advantage of the Law of Sequence — thus to Master Fate, instead of being her Slave; to conquer laws by laws; to oppose principle to principle; to acquire the Art of Mental Alchemy, or Transmutation of Mental States and Conditions.

My sincerest wish is that have the information of how to master — and even master — yourself in these ten days experience.

I hope this has been fun for you. And did you learn something? Perhaps unlearn or relearn? Kindly share it in the comments, my friend.

See you here within 24 hours.🥳🥳🥳




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