Crucifixion Complete

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Neville wrote in the Law and the Promise, ‘The play begins with the crucifixion of God on man — as man — and ends with the resurrection of man — as God. God becomes as we are, that we may be as He is.’

I believe that you are reading this because you believe THAT God. Within you is a conviction ‘That God Is’. Also, you might believe that God alone can do all things. So that you believe IN God. What I now encourage you to believe is THAT GOD IS IN YOU. I hope you do not try to reason this out. For as Blake implies, ‘Spiritual sensation is temporary to understanding or reason.’ I hope you believe it and find the sensation, the imaginative experience of who-you-are. For then, not by imposed conviction but by loving experience, you would know that You Are God.

Now when you encounter your flesh and blood in a sensation, you know it is not who you really are. You wear it as a garment, just as you wear your clothes upon it. Tonight you will lie down to sleep, and you will leave it behind. It will remain right where you have left it but you have paid visits to other worlds having further imaginative experiences or spiritual sensations. Did you really wear it? I ask you to not take my words for it. So, when you are done sleeping, how do you wake? You put on the garment called body. You actually wear it again, and it is called waking. Let your alarm blare you out of a wonderful dream and you might just put on a creased, wrinkled and unironed garment of flesh. Sprawl it anyhow as you go to sleep and you might wake in very crumpled even aching body. Because it is actually literally cloth. So that when you pay attention to how you ENTER into it at waking from sleep, you will know that you left it temporarily.

It is on this body that God has been crucified. He is nailed to it, and he carries the cross around. He carries it around as Adelere, as Tola, as Alice or as John. But it is this one Being who has been crucified, nailed to the cross and dead on it. Now, the death on the cross is not departure from this world. It is the loss of memory about Self, loss of awareness about the Divinity who forsook himself to Humanity. So, ‘You are a Man and God is no more. Your own Humanity learn to adore.’ Being crucified, he does not escape the suffering of the cross. And I hope you do not think suffering means being troubled. For to suffer is to experience, and to suffer the cross of humanity is to experience all that comes with being a human. This is the mind that is in Christ Jesus. It is the mind that is in you.

‘Have this mind in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: who, existing in the form of God, counted not the being on an equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men; and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, becoming obedient even unto death, yea, the death of the cross.’

I could not ask the apple tree in my garden to have the mind of a bee — the bee would always have the mind to pollinate it, and the tree the mind to be pollinated. It is common sense that I could not ask the sheep to have the mind of a lion. For how? They operate on very vastly different levels of consciousness, and it has fashioned the forms in which they operate. The sheep could not be tamed to take its leadership; the lion could not be tamed to give up its pride. For the mind of a sheep remains IN the sheep, and the mind of a lion remains IN the lion. But YOU have this mind in You which is in Christ Jesus. So, I do not say that you are God and expect you to accept it hook, line and sinker because you have the mind that ‘emptied yourself and took the form of a servant, made in the likeness of men and humbled yourself unto death or total experience of humanity on the cross.’ Even when you are willing to accept it so easily, I do not expect it to be easy for you to live by on the very first day, nor the second nor even the third. If you chose to forget it at your becoming of humanity, it would take but spiritual sensation to make you fully aware of it. But I say it regardless so that you may seek ‘to remember’. You have been crucified with Christ. You became obedient unto death, and it is death of the cross. Death of the body called humanity that stands with hands horizontally stretched, legs vertically posed. And it is at Calvary, the place of the Skull where you died. Well, the Skull is within you. It is not your physical skull, but it is literal. For the imagination is Man himself who is God.

All men have experienced the Crucifixion. It is actually complete; and it is your access to humanity. Now, my teacher says it this way.

‘This is the great mystery of the seed. Unless it falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone, but if it dies it bears much fruit. God died by restricting himself to the limit of contraction and opacity of man in order to go through this world of generation and decay. He is now buried in Zion (your skull), which is the stronghold David takes by going up the spiral water-shaft. One night I felt an explosion in my skull, and when everything settled, I, God, observed my son David, my beloved in whom I am well pleased. I found my anointed and fulfilled scripture. I tell you: you are not predestined to be rich or poor, known or unknown. You are here only to fulfill sacred history.’ (Neville, Spiritual Sensation)



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