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Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readMay 2, 2021

Inspired by ‘The Missing ‘Peace in Your Life,’ Sheena Cantar. Follow here:


If you ever feel that you can do better than you already do (either you now do great or you think you are not). If you really want to do much better, but are yet to know how. If these, then you constantly nudge to do your best. That is just great!

It feels frustrating then to put in the effort but still return to the same old results. Especially because in ‘your’ judgement, you alone were probably doing your best to grow but everything was resisting you. And now your discouraging results that were not changing. Is it that life does not support people like you who are trying to do their best?


You are a creative being. Either you remember this or you have forgotten, you are a creative centre for life to see new things happen. As a matter of fact, every new moment of life is new, and is filled with new actions that you are doing. Indeed, you can recollect your childhood days when you did superamazing things. Everyone went, ‘Wow. You did that? At so young an age!’ They were actions you simply did then — either they took seconds or days. In the same manner, the parts of yesterday that were ‘boring’ for you were filled with actions, too. In fact, more restless actions than moments when you were enthusiastic in relaxation. Simply put, every new moment that comes, you always create new actions that you can later remember. You create even now.


The thing is that creating actions is not enough! Creating results is what matters, what brings a sense of fulfilment in the actions created. This is what everyone wants, at least you. Should the above describe you — that you always desire to do better. So, the idea is Action is not production. Activity is not productivity.

Productivity is how things are created. You are bringing new products, new ideas are coming to life. New excitements, methods, systems, results are not acted but produced.

Three Planes of Creation

So, if you’ve done it in the past, why not now again? What is different?

This means you really want to know you! You are a beautiful soul (at least you yearn and aspire to grow as said above. The point you must realise is that you create a perfect creation on three planes of activity. That is what turns activity to productivity. You can think, feel and act! There is nothing more that you can do as a human Being outside of these three.

Plane One Creation

Your thinking is the creation of the ideas that you are to bring to life. When you think, you bring up new pictures and these pictures are your creation. You can modify them at will. You have just acted! But to think of ideas/images without having them come to this physical manifestation is restrictive! No one can share your joy with you; no one can be inspired; no one can utilise its solutions or service. Often, with the excitement of the idea — without building any enthusiasm for it — you jump into actions.

Plane Three Creation

Actions, physical steps you are taking is the creation that is done on the physical plane. You are reading this writing from physical objects that you can hold, and prints on your device that you can see. These are all created things. Every action either manifests new things or disintegrate existing things — the difference between mere activity and productivity. But they are ultimately creating your results in your personal world. Become aware of your eyes reading this, and the diverse thoughts you have created in mind as a result. Tons of things are going on outside or elsewhere while you are reading, but your actions are directed here, and now creating for you results in their nature.

Plane Two Creation? RIPPED


When are actions productive to the images in mind? When they are created by intention! Intention is another way of saying ‘the action steps you take on an idea is felt into life.’ It is not mere excitement; it is enthusiasm along. The reason why most people do most things that yield little to no desirable results about every time is the absence of enthusiasm.

Thoughts, ideas are created in the conscious mind; enthusiasm, passion, in the subconscious mind (heart). The only result-generating actions are those which are birthed from the union of both. The issue with most of us is that we always put the conscious and the subconscious asunder. We do this often before they even become united! Our emotion is the second-step creation towards any idea we desire to actualise/realise. It is the feminine feeling to the masculine thinking. Sheena puts it this way,

‘What we tend to do is we have a thought and then we go straight into action. We bypass the feelings… I bypassed by feelings… I’m working really hard here but I seem to be making things worse. So, you’ve taken all the actions. But then I hold up the plug and I go, “You’re not plugged in. You missed a vital peace.”’

Thinking and acting without feeling in-between is like a man desiring a baby without making love to a woman. Nine months after, he remains the same as he was — even worse, because he thought he achieve more results but now met frustration.

Return Home

Your results are not exactly created by your thinking mind but by your feeling mind. For a moment, reflect! Your heart is constantly breathing. This action leads to a result called ‘living’. You are living here and now, not because you are thinking, ‘Heart, c’mon beat. I have a pizza for you after today’s 24-hour work.’ Your heart beats and you achieve the results of living because YOU FEEL ALIVE. It is the feeling that attracts relaxation, happiness, joy, confidence, gratitude, love and realisation/success.

Let the ideas you have thought about be homely before you act on them. Bring them home in your heart. Feel them Alive, as a part of you. Feel them successful, and feel successful over them. You cannt guesstimate what tremendous events are going to be created in your actions in a productive manner.

Think about this. If you do not feel passion into your idea before action, you could only have inadvertently felt frustration into it. So, feel passion. Feel love! Forget all self-doubt and negative talking, and feel at home with your ideas! Be intentional and pay attention to feeling good for the good feelings of what you desire to do.


Complete creation is done three steps. The first imaginable shape has three sides to it. But they always form from two edges connected by a line first. The meaning is, ‘Whereas there are three steps of thinking, feeling and action to completing your creation, the order of creation is that two steps are first done before the third is launched. Think and feel first before acting.’

Try it today. Before you do something that is a specific idea in your mind, imagine the amazing feeling to have it done! Then set out.

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