Common Wisdoms vs Manifesting Money

Adelere Adesina πŸ‘‘
3 min readMay 8, 2023

What is considered false on one level is often true on another, and usually a higher, level. Certain common wisdoms and philosophies in life appear true to whoever unconsciously accepts them. Those who have just started to find their ways with using the Imagination might wrestle with these wisdoms. But my concern with you is to turn them around for our great good.

One of such common wisdoms is that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Well, we don't have to resist that idea. We can just work with it. And since this is particularly focused on money, let us see how we can turn it around for our good and consider an example.

First, let's accept it is true. But you probably don't like the tree nor like where the apple fell. With money, in many cases, the tree is your parents' financial experiences, or your guardian's or role model's. And the apple certainly is your financial experience. Take a mental break and reflect how largely different are your finances from your parents. (Or how different is your financial story now from their financial story that you grew up knowing.) Okay, your reflection would indicate that truly, the apple does not fall far from the tree. As clearly, your financial experience is 99% (I reserve 1% to let you express your 'feel special' tendencies) like your parents. This would be true unless you have consciously or unconsciously reimagined your financial life.

Well, the obvious purpose of this class is to have you reshape your financial life consciously.

So, let the apple not fall far from the tree. But you can make the tree be on a good spot. You can make it located in a great spot. You can shift your ideas of it and make it located in a completely terrific area!

In other words, you can revise what you have believed to be true of your parents (guardians/role models) finances. You don't have to stay up every night to watch for changes in their financial situations. Not to say that wouldn't happen to them, but this is more centered on changing your self-concept and less on theirs. So, you revise that their financial experiences were great!

Then you reimagine that your financial experience is almost like theirs (revised version), only much better.

For example:

1. Alice reflected and discovered that her parents lived from paycheck to paycheck. She's entered adulthood and 'resumed' paycheck to paycheck duties. Now, her steps would be as follows.

a. Revise one day when dad and mum argued or were sad about their paycheck-paycheck life. And change it to what she really wished it could have been (such as living on excess wealth). So, she imagine that the two were smiling and hear her dad saying to her mum, 'You know we have so much money that can be lavished all our life, yeah?' And she says, 'Yes!'

b. Now, she'd imagine that she feels just the same way... with a little extra. She has even much more money that her third generation will still keep lavishing. So, she'd mentally (just in her imagination) here herself saying, 'And I have so much money that even my great grandchildren will still lavish comfortably.'

What Alice has just done is not only to put her older family in wealth but also to immerse herself with the feeling that 'IT IS NATURAL TO BE RICH ALL HER LIFE.'

It Works! I'm speaking from experience. When my dad was speaking with me one day, he said: 'You're starting your family nothing like we did. Do you realise that your children can never know the kind of life we brought you up in?' What he didn't know was that I revised how financially comfortable he was when he raised us. I just put him, the tree, on better soil. The kind of soil that I'd like my apple to grow up in. He said he lived with his mother when he first took my mother in, but I changed it to that he was an independent bachelor. So, I don't have to resist his background or try to prove that I would be better. In my mind's eye, he was great. And I simply become greater! So, it works!

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Would you be Alice here and switch your money experience to the next level?



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