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Even if you see Romeo and Juliet 100 times at the theatre and pay over Β£10,000 to see it again and again, it remains futile to think the play would end differently, that Romeo and Juliet would not tragically die.

The amount you paid to see it again and again wouldn't change how the story ended. The number of hours you spent watching wouldn't change the end.

You might be closest friends with the actors who acted the parts, and probably expressed your utter dissatisfaction on the tragic conclusion of the play every time you hang out with them. But every time they get on the stage at Garrick Theatre, Romeo would still presume Juliet died, take his life and poor Juliet would discover Romeo died and end her life too.

It is now over 400 years since it was first written by Shakespeare, and all the actors who have acted this play performed the very same thing at the very end.

There is ONLY ONE WAY to change the play: the Author MUST Change the Script!

The author, Shakespeare, has to take the script of Romeo and Juliet, rewrite it. All the hundreds of millions that has gone into the production of this play tens of thousands of times cannot change the ending, but a single author's rewriting of the script will permanently change the drama.


Everyone is acting parts which you, by your mental conversations with them, have assigned to them. Everyone in this world is an actor in your play. It is your play. Once, you played the role of a child and now you play the role of an adult.

You might have friends and associates playing the role of breach of trust. But, like those actors above even if they didn't like the parts they played in Romeo and Juliet still couldn't change it, your friends and associates have no power to change the roles you've assigned to them.

You must change the theme of betrayal in your life's story to the theme of trustworthiness.

Perhaps your family members ridicule and look down on you, and you want to be an honourable, respected and dignified member of your family. You must rewrite the script and assign to them in your mind the dialogues which they say to your honourable, respected and dignified self. Let them praise you. Let them adore you. Let them respect you ALL IN YOUR WONDERFUL HUMAN IMAGINATION!

You are the author of your life. Take charge and change the script.

And the actors have no choice but to change the parts they play.


Because every actor must rehearse to perfection the parts which they play, the instant change in your the script in your consciousness might not be demonstrated instantaneously in the daily drama of your life. You must be patient for them to master their parts. However, there is only one way that is happening: YOUR PERSISTENCE.

Your persistence to bring your imagination to the same new drama every time it wavers.

Suppose your old script was that you were ill and needed medical care, and in the drama, you've assigned your friends and family members to look at you with pity and care. But now you change the script to that of fullness of health. You mentally let your friends and family members rejoice with you for your good health. And they've not quite acted that way as you were still ill. You must persist.

You must continue in the new dialogue where they say, "Wow, you are fully healthy." And you respond, "Yes, I Am Healthy."

You must rehearse the mental drama in your mind until you have made it your habitual state of mind. Until these actors have mastered to perfection the words they say to you in your mind.

And you'll be rewarded with the inevitable change of life!

As Neville put it well in Imagination Creates Reality lecture, "Each of us is writing his or her own script. If you are dissatisfied with the play, it is up to you to rewrite the script to make it conform to your idea of what the play should be. You cannot demand that the actors in your play change the character they are portraying. All changes must take place in the mind of the author."

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