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Adelere Adesina 🀴🏿

You can and will have a radical change in your life if you learn the art of breaking free from the old benefits. It took a while before I made this step, but as the purpose of a teacher is to take the student to rise to higher and higher levels, here I will show you the importance of breaking free from the chains of a ₦70,000 for the next levels of your life.

₦70,000 in this story represents the old benefits which you felt entitled to and accustomed to from your former life (e.g. career, relationships, religion, etc.). In my case, I worked as an office assistant for a few years with the government. My salary was irregular on the work-and-study program. Eventually, I was owed for a minimum of seven months before the pandemic started. That was a sum of ₦70,000. By the time the pandemic began in 2020, I had decided to venture into the world of business. I wanted to turn my income around and change my fortunes.

Although I entered the world of business, I did not leave the position of the former job for a year and two months after. I was not paid the ₦70,000 though. And when I did leave, the mentality of being entitled to an unpaid ₦70,000 simply made me stuck in that old position with all it entailed.

β€’ When I talked with my parents, I would say they should understand that because my ₦70,000 wasn't paid, that was why I did not support them in this project or that financial need.
β€’ When I talked to friends, I would say if only I got that ₦70,000 now, I would have done great deeds with my business and gone further than I had reached.
β€’ When I talked to my ex-girlfriend, I would say it was only because I had not been paid that ₦70,000 that I couldn't have given her more nice things.

That was the mental jail. I said to one of my students recently, "Everyone does their time in the mental prison imposed on self. My concern is with those who are ready to break free." That was what it took, breaking myself free from ₦70,000.

I realised that if I got ₦70,000 today, it would not simultaneously fulfil my promises to my parents, the intended investments in my business and take better care of my ex-girlfriend. Then it dawned on me that even though I left the job for many months now, I never mentally left the idea of being paid ₦10,000 monthly. I had to be free from that IDEA by embracing the new possibility!

What is your own ₦70,000 that you are still tied to mentally?

It could be that you have years which were invested in a company without as much bonuses and promotions as you expected. Now, you either have not left the company even when it is overdue for you or you left but your mind has not left that benefit as beneath you.

It could be that you spent most of your life building a family member at the expense of your career and genius of accomplishments. Now, everyone for whom you paused your life has moved on and you feel entitled to their care and comforts.

It could be that one way of life which you have invested your childhood and teenage years living by, only to wake up as an adult and realise that the system of thought you so much cherished was not progressive thinking for your vision. Now, you are confronted seemingly with stepping out of everything you once stood for and embracing a new way of life.

It could be an industry or a career path that you were prominent in and you led so many breakthroughs. Then you woke up one morning and that industry is no longer as relevant to the world's economy as it used to be. You find all your skills redundant and your ₦70,000 is the retirement plan you had been banking on now vanished overnight.

It could be any and all of these. These are the ₦70,000 of so many people. Someone you feel entitled to. Someone you thought you did so much good for and should be rewarded from them. Something you gave your whole life and breath to.

You must break free from all these benefits to experience your most phenomenal breakthroughs!

Did you know what happened in my case? After I gave up that ₦70,000 and decided I would start ASSUMING that I am highly valued and well-paid for what I enjoyed doing, I began to receive offers to do what I love to do best: Teach the law of assumption. It was within the same week as my assumption of being well-paid for even my mere presence.

For the first time in so many years, I was actually consulted by people who wanted so much to learn from me that they had to pay me to convince me of how much they needed my value.

One of the days when I visited the department where I was formerly employed to see some friends, someone brought up the ₦70,000 if I had gone to receive the payment. "They are paying now." But I already broke free from that mental prison. I couldn't understand what value the ₦70,000 has for me anymore when I paid my workers more than that monthly. My chauffeur would not take that over his salary. I didn't think it twice. I said it's irrelevant to my life now. Let them keep it.

Let that old benefit be irrelevant. Then you can focus on your next levels for yourself. The truth is that all forms of abundance is in your world right now. It is "excluded from view because you can see only the contents of your own consciousness. It is the function of an assumption to call back the excluded view and restore full vision. It is not the world but your assumptions that change." (Neville Goddard, Power of Awareness)

I changed my assumption from "The ₦70,000 limited me," to, "I am highly compensated for the noble work I do." That led the transformation in my life rapidly. It wasn't the world that changed, but my assumptions.

Stop being tied to the ₦70,000. Drop the regret and the blame.

Start rising as a reborn in your vision of a full life!

Yours royally πŸ‘‘,
Adelere Adesina 🀴🏿



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