Behold and Remember, My Child

Assume Your Dominion Now

Adelere Adesina πŸ‘‘
3 min readMay 9, 2021

Your pains surprise me. Your exultation of lack and limitation baffles me. You complain and I wonder what has happened unto you. I call you to remember now, to remember my child. Remember the Opulence I have bestowed you with and whine no more.

Look at the stars, how numerous they are. Glory upon glory have I made them. I have called them forth by name. Is there limit to my intelligence? Is my Intelligence not in You? Are you not My Wisdom? Or how else have I tabulated all the species of life that I have fashioned? I call you to remember how You were with me from the Beginning, Naming all things what Is their name.

Look upon the soil whereon you stand, a kingdom and world for another level of habitants. I have formed every molecule, every worm and every root that breathes underneath. They replenish. Without effort, all the forests of the earth have marched from the same earth. The same soil wherefrom I brought your body. Remember the source of your good health and assume perfect health now.

How did you lack material wealth? Everything on your planet is mine to give, and I have given you the whole abundance of it. Your planet’s resources untapped into are currently valued at $5,000,000,000,000,000. Yes, without the multiplying genius of Humans yet. The ecosystem β€” that rains, that shines, that breezes, all the cycles β€” provide everyone with $125,000,000,000,000 yearly. Is it not an illusion that you lack? Your uncreative imagination and impotency of thought alone could accuse Me of creating insufficiency. But My Grace Is Sufficient For You, EVEN NOW! No one condemns you, but I call you to remembrance. There is more than enough riches for you to spend. If you so desire, you can be greater than Solomon in all degrees of wealth, fame and wisdom. I Am the power that worked through him. I Am Your Opulence. Remember.

How do you lack honour among your peers? How do you not have peace of mind? How has your business dwindled? Have you not visited the lion over whom I gave you dominion? Among all its peers does it command and give honour and dignity. Have you not met the dove and what peace it marks no matter the troubles? All beings see it as emblem of tranquillity. Have you not seen the serpent nor the fox? What cunny crafts do they have that is not exposed to you? Can these excel in trade, in business, in family and organisation of society while you fail? It is forbidden in My Kingdom β€” for these lower are subject to the Higher, and Order (in all respects) is the Primary Law of Mine.

How come you whine all day? How come you complain of lack? How come you wallow in self-pity for the lack of where to exercise your talents and gifts? Unto whom have I given 7,800,000,000 people to be duly served and satisfied but You? And every minute I come in 256 new births all around the world, all eager to be served for increasing life and livingness. How do you not have a busy trade? Use your creative faculties, my Child!

Let me remind you now. In the beginning, I created the heavens and the earth. Then I put you in charge of your own heaven and earth on the eighth day. Today is your eighth day, your day of creation. You are to arise from sleep and slumber. Be Risen, Son of God. I created abundance and opulence, dignity and nobility, virtues and values. I created all the wonders of the world, and My work is perfect. You are in My Image and Likeness. You Are As I Am. Ascend to Creation in your world. Your Spirit hovers on the darkness long enough; it wearies not to bring order to your chaos and void. Form out of that which you have. And I say again, FORM out of that which you NOW have.

I have put you in dominion of your world as the expanse of the Universe is in My Dominion. My Spirit is with you. My Spirit is in You. My Spirit is as You. MY SPIRIT IS YOU! Awaken and Create!

Photo by Miriam Espacio from Pexels



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