Avoiding Some Common Errors in Using Your Imagination (III)


Adelere Adesina 👑
4 min readMay 28, 2022

The last post in this series, I would like to ask you to take the suggestions frankly and act upon them. It is a paradox indeed to suggest in an article of how to avoid common errors that I strongly advice that you focus on what to do and do it as simply and accurately as possible, rather than focus on avoiding errors of application. Still, this is what I advise. Place your focus on the very simple steps, and if you would do just the steps of what to do in imagining, you would achieve mastery. Yet, learning is a combination of understanding principles and experimenting with failure until perfection is reached. My teacher assured me that he has failed severally in applying the law of imagining, yet he never accepted the temporary defeat until he became the master he is. I can boldly assure you that I have failed in very many important matters too. What I did not fail to do is to try again but try with better understanding of what to do and do well. With this understood, let us see a third common error.

3. Sense of Separation: I feel this might be the primary error that makes the first two exist, and that make all other errors subsist. The sense of separation shows up in various ways all of which are doubt. To be anxious of ‘how’ it would happen is a sense of separation from the Power that causes all to be. To be anxious of when it would happen is a sense of separation from the fulfilment of desire, who is the Imagination in us. One definite way to overcome this sense of separation is to practice the first principle: ‘Be Still and Know I AM God.’ Well, let us see the error in a case story.

Case #4: Mr Z wants a brand new luxury car. He didn’t have the salary that could get it, got no means by which he could afford it. One day, he came across the law of assumption, read some stories and was so thrilled that it’s working for so many people. He thought, ‘I should definitely try this maybe I’ll get my car too.’ So, Mr Z started imagining that he’s driving his new car. In the evening, he would imagine that he is driving it. In the morning, he would be busy with the thoughts, ‘How am I going to get this new car? When I get this car, my colleagues will start to respect me. OMG, where will the money come from, maybe my bonus check that’s incoming? My previous bonus checks couldn’t have bought this car though. Will imagining not just hike it up this time? Hmm, I wonder whether it would be yellow or grey. My wife will start driving the old car but what if the new car never came? No way, I’ll be stuck with that old car? What am I going to do…’ Thus continues the endless rants in Mr Z’s inner voice. In a few days, Mr Z started to think, ‘If I want this car, I should have a huge income. I guess I would need a better job, or they must promote me. Why don’t I start a second job already? After all, I am qualified and there’s still some time. That way, I can finally have the money.’

What is Mr Z doing? He gets himself busy with ‘how’ his wish would happen. He felt separated from the fulfilment, or did not believe that his imagining is literally and experientially true. Not believing in the Reality OF his imaginal act, he fretted on how to bring it to pass again after he has brought it to pass in imagining. He felt separated from the power to make it so. He felt that he himself is not the power to make his imaginal act come to pass. So, he believed that there’s another power outside of his assumptions that can produce his new car, and this power is money. He believed in money, not in himself. Now, he goes on looking for money. William Blake says, ‘Why stand we here calling upon God on the outside, and not on ourselves in whom God dwells.’ Why did not Mr Z call on himself? Because he has believed that he is not God and he gives the power to cause and bring forth to whatever he believes to be God. ‘You are a man, God is no more. Your own humanity learn to adore.’ (William Blake)

Believing that he is separate from all things, he could not come to accept that by sensing and feeling the reality of his car, the thrill of having it, he has performed a creative act. God is Spirit, and the act he has done by imagination is entirely spiritual, therefore is God’s action. All the storms that rage when we are manifesting something proceed out of a sense of separation, which causes the anxiety, doubts and worry. You don’t need any other ‘how’ to manifest what you wish. There is only one way; and that is your imagining. ‘I Am THE Way.’

Well, what are your suggestions for Mr Z? What would you ask Mr Z to do in the process of the fulfilment of his desire? Or what would you do to shift your attention to sense of Oneness as a Mr Z?



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