Avoiding Some Common Errors in Using Your Imagination

Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readMay 22, 2022


We are learning to be masters at manifesting the life we desire using our imagination. Masters of Using our Imagination, yes? A favourite teacher of mine is fond of saying, ‘Every master was once a disaster.’ It’s our common sympathy as humans that we rise by falling, learn by stumbling and arrive at perfection by taking roads of imperfection. In the same spirit, to master the use of our imagination, we are quite susceptible to a few errors which we must learn to avoid. Before I talk about some of these errors, let’s review the basic and straightforward step of using the imagination. Because I strongly believe that the ‘Do’ is such a short and concise instruction, but the ‘do not’ is excessive, and what matters the most is to DO the ‘Do’.

Using your Imagination to create anything is not only possible, it is your birthright. It is also quite simple, and I mean SIMPLE! The steps are: First, KNOW what you want very clearly. Once you have identified your OWN Aim (what YOU want for yourself or another), go to the second step which is to KNOW what you would do Only AFTER what you want has already happened. When, where, with whom, in what manner? These are some questions to clarify what you would be doing that you could only do after what you wish has materialized. The third step now is to BE IT. ASSUMING that you already have the wish, Imagine Doing the thing you’ve identified in the second step. The fourth step is to allow the feeling from your assumptions to whelm you. You attain this by keeping your assumption intact and dwelling in the imaginal scene, in other words: the fourth step HAPPENS when you’ve done the third step properly. Got it?

What Not to Do!

1. VAGUENESS of Desire: For whatever reason that ‘desire’ is unclear, many people end up with vague or unclear desires which sabotage their imaginal acts/imagining. It DOES sabotage imagining, because we feel what we imagine as true. Now, when imagining the Vague as true, what is the expected feeling? Vagueness, yes?

Let me give a few examples of having vague desires, and how this ruins the job before we even start it.

Case #1: Ms X has a boyfriend. She is very concerned that he’s no longer showing his affections to her, and she wants him to be as affectionate as she’s fantasized a romantic boyfriend should be. Now, Ms X is unable to imagine a simple scene of her wish fulfilled because whenever she wants to imagine, another desire is in her heart: to be married. Well, most friends are already married and her parents just want grandkids from her too. So, she wants to be married. She is deeply concerned if to imagine her frustratingly unromantic boyfriend is now more romantic, if to imagine that she is now married to him OR if to imagine what? What is what? Well, she now remembers another thing. If he’s unromantic, she doesn’t want to deal with that in marriage. She’s seen unromantic marriage in some movies, probably her friends talked about theirs or her parents’ marriage wasn’t the ideal she wanted. Her Attention has been heavily invested in the truth of unromantic, bland marriages. So, now she wants to be romantically, happily married. But she’s currently very tensed about his lackadaisical, lazy relationship with her. So, she’s imagining that he is now romantic to her. But she does NOT want a romantic dating. Putting aside her reactions to his casuality and to her social pressures for just any marriage, she WANTS a Happy and Loving Marriage. But that’s about the third or fifth luxury down the line of what she’s currently imagining as the necessity of her life. Where is the resultant problem?

Ms X is imagining a romantic relationship, but she is looking for the feeling of a happy marriage. When the feeling of a romantic relationship comes, even when a romantic relationship happens, she will still WANT what SHE wants because she is not satisfied with what she has manifested.

Most who want a fulfilling, respectful, loving marriage are imagining a wonderful dating because, being vague about the marriage they want (for whatever reasons, e.g. social pressures, lack of courage to accept one’s truest desires, etc.), they are imagining what else.

What is the Solution to this? I would like to ask our suggestions for Case #1. What is your solution to give this vague desire its CLARITY?

For your further contemplation, how would you go about clarifying what you want in your relationships, maybe not marriage but friendships, business partnerships, etc.?

Case #2: Mr X wants to buy something. Once again, he’s exhausted the last penny on him and now couldn’t afford it. He already has so much debt with family, friends and his bank. Feeling very dejected about his current status, he got on Instagram. A billionaire was flashing his latest Ferrari, and another kid in the neighbourhood just sold an NFT for fifteen million dollars. So, he immediately felt the only solution to his current misery would be to become a multimillionaire. Mr X now wants to become a multimillionaire so that he can be able to afford anything he wants. Anytime Mr X is imagining, he is imagining that he’s a multimillionaire in his new Ferrari, with his private island and his private jet, at a cocktail party. He wants to Feel Financial Security from his imagining, that is, he wants to feel he can now afford anything he wishes to buy and have in excess of what he would like to spend. He imagines being a multimillionaire quite alright, but couldn’t get that feeling of security. Why not? Because what he wants is quite vague, very unlike what he is imagining. Mr X WANTS to be able to buy what he feels like when he feels like. He wants to feel financially secured, not to be a multimillionaire (he could want this TOO).

Consider this, when you’re a billionaire, you would have a billionaire’s lifestyle AND expenses. Being a millionaire, multimillionaire or billionaire does not guarantee you couldn’t be owing the bank. It only means if you would owe the bank, it might not be $2000, perhaps would be $20,000,000, yeah? When you are always having more than you can wish to spend and tomorrow you decide you’d like to buy your collection of Buggati and Ferrari, you would also have more than you need to spend on them. That’s what Mr X wants. However, not thinking clearly on exactly what he wants, he took the impression that if he had what these rich people had, he would rid himself of his debts and insecurity.

What in this Case #2 would you do to remove vagueness and restore CLARITY of desire? If you were Mr X or you were sharing how imagination works with some Mr X, what would you have suggested to yourself/him to do?

Remember, the first step to using your imagination effectively, effortlessly is to know what you want CLEARLY.

We will continue with this exercise in the next post.



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