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5 min readFeb 24, 2021

Earl Nightingale in Lead the Field called attitude the magic word. Attitude is ‘everything’. And why so? What you see happening in your life, what you see happening to you life and what you see happening through your life are all a direct result of Attitude. In that case, if attitude is positive, the results are positive. If attitude is negative, the results are bound to negativity. Your circumstances and consequences are simply the image in the mirror to what your attitude poses before the mirror.

You are in control of (or can be in control of) your attitude. Why is that? Because Attitude is the composite of your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions. How you think consciously, how your emotional mind is feeling and what the former two condition your body to do is your attitude. Now, no one can think for you when you are doing your thinking. You are in total control of your thoughts. If you ‘think’ that is not true, then let’s move on anyway.

‘The sun set in the east two days ago and rose from the west yesterday. Nigerians still find that completely impossible, but it happened anyway.’

I suggested a simple idea as a fact above. But you likely have started to wonder, ‘That’s impossible,’ and now are looking at finding some resource in the news where you can verify. Even then, you are still going to want to explain away the fact if you choose not to agree with it. You are using a number of your mental faculties, including Reason, Perception and Memory. All these faculties have a single work that is done in different functions within them: thinking. So, you can think, and you probably are very unaware of your thoughts so that you do not control it. But you have the power to think your selected thoughts.

Well then, prolonged thinking of a particular idea (where prolonged is not a matter of time as it is of intensity; within a second, a prolonged thought having a thousand images can flash the mind’s screen) in a certain way (positive or negative) impresses on the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind receives suggestions from the conscious mind constantly. It is the subconscious mind that feels, and if you can think your thoughts, you can think into the way you want to feel in your subconscious mind. Rhonda Bryne said, ‘You can harness the power of a good feeling to the fullest by turning up its volume. To turn up the volume of a feeling, take charge of it and deliberately intensify it so you feel as good as you can.’ If you want to feel great and positive, intentionally take a happy idea and think about it. Use your imagination to get yourself involved in the thought emotionally. Consciously prolong/intensify your positive thought until you have created a really positive feeling, and you feel great!

Now, when you think positive and feel great, you are going to act positively. People are going to assume your positive thought in their head because thoughts are everywhere. This is the same principle as why you think of calling a friend and their call comes through. You think and others receive your mental conversation with them in their minds. Then, people read your feelings. They can read how you feel. If you feel timid, shy, fear, upset, hateful, etc. they are going to read it in your anxiety. If you feel love, faith, hope, joy, peace, calm, kindness, etc. they are going to read it in your well-being. Simply, your thoughts and feelings are well-known to the next person before you. You cannot hide it; to try to hide a negative feeling, the insincerity can be read, too. You may recount a moment when someone ‘appears’ to be greeting you well, but you know it is insincere. You probably feel disrespectful and started to be insincere in your reaction to that person. Then your actions are direct deeds which people see. What you do to them is directly upon you and it cannot be denied that your action creates its re-action (acted again) in most people. Only about 2% of people you meet daily are not reactive. So, your thought, feeling and action are your attitude and they determine what you get back from the world, viz. circumstances and consequences.

Since you can control your attitude, you can control your circumstances and consequences through it. You do not have to worry and fret over your present situation if it is not what you want, if it is not positive. Simply rest in the assurance that you are going to change it. But do not expect to change it by the use of force or anger. Simply create the positive idea you want in your imagination and impress it on your subconscious mind by getting emotionally involved in the idea. You are going to see the changes in your action that is going to create a new order and environment even out of the existing conditions.

What’s more? BE AT THE TOP OF THE ATTITUDE IN ANY MEETING/RELATIONSHIP. Do not let someone else set an undesirable attitude for you. Stop being reactive to others’ attitude and start pitching your attitude first. When you meet a person with a negative attitude, do not react. Respond with compassion and pity. Is it not unfortunate of that person yet to not know what happiness and fun they miss out of life because of their negative attitude? Do you not wish they could just experience even if a fraction of what great experience you have each day from your positive attitude? A person with a negative attitude deserves your pity not criticism.

You see, Attitude is your Magic Wand. You cannot change your present conditions except by changing your attitude. Or YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR PRESENT CONDITIONS BY MAKING YOUR ATTITUDE CONSISTENTLY BRIGHT AND POSITIVE! It is not only the magic word. Since you are in charge of (can be in charge of) it, it is also your magic wand!

A great attitude is the same as gratitude. It always brings back more of great things. If you do not like what is going on in your life, check your attitude and change it! Begin by changing your thinking to positive thoughts, then your feelings to great and vibrant, and finally embrace acting in a great, positive and active way. The world has a lot to return unto you positively, a lot of positivity for your attitude. But you have to Have It!

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