An Attitude Exercise to Renew Your Life

Light the World with Your Eyes

Adelere Adesina 👑
4 min readMay 7, 2021

Unless your eyes are truly light, it makes no sense that they can see. Perhaps science tells you that they receive light signals only. But that is what the moon does above you; receives light from the sun and radiates its beauty to the earth. Like the moon, you can choose to shine the light of your eyes, or to dim them. At any rate, it is literally light for it to ever See and result in Seeing.


There is an attitude exercise with your eyes that can change your life in the very instant. If you keep this attitude up, it can improve your self-image/self-esteem too. Before you read it, be informed that this light attitude exercise is to the purpose of improving your rapport, self-image and impact certain paradigms in your subconscious mind that is responsible for timidity and lack of self-confidence in certain areas. Ensure you have the intention in your heart before you apply the exercise. Even if you don’t, be open to the intention and it will come.

The Exercise

For the next thirty days, consciously let your two eyes look directly into the two eyes of whoever is before you. Either you are passing them by or you are meeting them, let your interaction START with your two eyes looking straight into their. Add good smiles. Discipline your eyes to not look anywhere below their shoulders before you look elsewhere whenever you must remove your eyes from them.


a. Your eyes are light like the moon. They are the primary reflectors of the Light that is within you. The only time you look away from another’s eyes are when you CHOOSE consciously or unconsciously (more often unconsciously) to be dim to them. It is accompanied with being self-absorbed and with negative self-talking and gloom. It is that time when the moon is away, you know, leaving the Earth dark at night. When you look into their eyes, you must see the light in them too, because you have cast yours there. Where light goes, light sees. You can only find your confidence, happiness and such happy expressions.

b. You build instant rapport with almost everyone, even some of them who appear the darkest. Because you are actively looking for the light in them when you look into their eyes with the Conviction in yourself that if light is anywhere at all (e.g. in you), it is in them. Light is the fastest thing in the universe. Meaning you can create rapport in less than half a second — no exaggeration. When you try it, you’d probably find I have just understated things.

c. You meet long-time friends that have forgotten they knew you. Very certainly all the ‘strange and new faces’ that you meet for the first time within this exercise are going to confess that they have known you from somewhere before, and they cannot remember where. Of course you both know that in this present world that you have spent x years, you are just meeting them for the first time. But let their words be a reminder that when we enter into our consciousness or true identity as light, we all know one another. We are all one and the same underneath regardless of the differences in appearances and behaviour. Let it remind you that we all come from the same place and we knew one another there. That when we go past judgements and labels, we are going to remember one another in the spirit of brotherhood as one family, one humanity, one divine being having individualised human experiences in multiple centres. Let it remind you clearly that Spirit is one and the same, and is everywhere simultaneously. If you can, tell them you have known one another from the beginning.

d. They say when you stop looking for your happiness, you find it there. Well, experience the happiness that comes from being faithful to this exercise and you do not want to return to any other way of living.

e. This is where your practice of true empathy and listening proceeds. You cannot give listening attention to any person that you have not given seeing attention to. Light is faster than sound, remember! Often people sympathise. Let us face it. You dislike people when they sympathise with you. You don’t want them to, and that is why you avoid telling them how you feel. Because sympathy is not sincere love in expression. The person sympathizing is the one at the centre of experience rather than the person being sympathized for. But empathy, when you come across one, you always admire it. Empathy puts you in the centre, and puts another person in connection to you. When you maintain this attitude, you express empathy. You find that you see a part of you in them which can be inspired, renewed, uplifted and loved (even if tough love). So, instead of putting yourself into the centre, you make them the centre without you feeling diminished. It does not make a difference if you or them. In other words, you find true selflessness in yourself.

Remember the attitude exercise again.

Let your eyes focus directly into the eyes of anyone that comes across you, ANYONE whoever or whatever they may be. By rule, do not look below their shoulders when you must look away or down. Smile at them with sincere smiles.

Do not force yourself to do this. The word is LET. Discipline yourself to let it be the standard state of your communication with people. Imagine it often until your mind receives the idea and your behaviour is fashioned after it. At any rate, since you have read this, you cannot deny knowing the exercise. Right? So, live it out! Light the World, Light of the World!

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