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An Adventure to the Land of Success and Happiness: ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021

Wouldn’t that be what Canaan was for the Israelites when they were leaving Egypt? A land overflowing with milk and honey; meat and wine; abundance and bliss. But only 1% of the world could be said to be living in that kind of land at the moment. Are you one?

I like to tell people that success and happiness do not come by hard work on the physical level alone, at all. I am confident to say this anywhere in the world because it is not my invention. It is the law. The first time the idea of hard work was ever present in human history was after humans have fallen from blessedness. Hard work would give some results, but they would be cursed results of sorrow and lack. Man would take this result in a comfort zone, in a complacent state, while his life was degenerating under his helpless watch. I wonder how the idea that hard work is the path to success has become so widespread today; but we can tell why. Because 99% of people are either born into or inundated with the idea that only hard work leads to success and the idea is that those who fail in life are simply not working hard enough. It seems the idea of hard work has become the guilt alibi for those who are failing in life, a way to convince themselves that they are fair enough, just life is not fair with them. Hard work is meant to be a cover for their ignorance. Thus, I once wrote how Solomon described the lazy man as the same with one who is hardworking but lacking in understanding.

But the land that overflows with milk and honey, or the life that overflows with success and happiness does not know hard work. Take the Israelites for example. The only time they ever worked so hard in their history were times they were in slavery and captivity. For instance, the labourious toil of Israelites under the rule of pharaohs Seti I until Ramses II was of course hard work, but promising no success. Perhaps if they held on to the promise of success in Egypt without ever leaving there at a timely time, they would perish there forever. It was getting harder each day and they were getting more hardworking. But therein lay not their deliverance.

This idea of hard work to success has become so ingrained in people that when you tell them about the truth of success, they will wonder if you are in your right sense. Whilst I hope you understand that success and happiness do not lie in hard work, let us really talk about the case of the land of success and happiness. After all, to get something, we do not speak of something else that we do not want — even if that something else is the opposite. Imagine being in a prosperous land that overflows with milk and honey. Will you work hard to get anything done on that land? You can imagine that you will not. No more than a farmer has to toil hard on fertile land nor than a fisherman has to labour all night in a sea abundant with a school of fish. You will find that success and happiness is truly easy in that condition. This is where you are headed in life; and the way to it is not more tedious, harder physical labour. The road of success and happiness is without doubt simple and not laborious. In fact, the easiest path. For success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal, the path of which is the shortest between where you are and where you want to be.

I believe there is your land of milk and honey. You might not know how it tastes and feels before now; but there is no greater sense of happiness than that which comes from the full expression of being. No any greater sense of success than the continuous awareness of this expression, which awareness attracts you to all good things in life. This is your land of milk and honey, that you live the life you truly dream of. That you are of the greatest benefit to God in making the best use of yourself to the progress of humanity. That some beauty, some glory, some delight and constant joy is being revealed in this world because of your existence which has happened upon the world. That you are rainbow to the people. No one sees a rainbow and fuss in anger. There is always a delight in looking at rainbows. Even the hardest of men become soft on temper when they look at the rainbow. They muse and desire the beautiful things in life. This is what success is, to be in the process of realising an ideal and by that sort of thing be constantly renewed, refined and purified until you are pure as gold and glistening as diamond.

You see, however, the journey to the land of success and happiness is manifest by the lead of a person who has been out of Egypt before. More directly, there have to be guides on the path to your dreams in life. This reminds me of Santiago in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. On his journey to realising his personal legend, his life’s dreams, he met diverse people; one amongst them was an old alchemist. He was a guide for him on the journey, basically to help him learn, avoid mistakes and draw much nearer to his dreams in the shortest path of life. He achieved that dream in the end. The same goes, of course, for the Israelites. They had to take the support of Moses who had been out of Egypt’s kind of slavery life. He had known freedom, and could be able to lead them to freedom. You are going to make your destiny: your destiny is to agree to God’s will. God’s will is that you express life in abundance. Now, you need a guide, and we can be Moses for you, especially in 2021.

ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is an adventure, a rich adventure. What do adventures hold? Lessons, thrilling experiences, new fears and new joys, new hopes that quench fear, new courage that press on, new awareness of beauty and new wisdom. ENGRAFT CONVENTIONS are no less, but rather more. In fact, ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is an event packed with the seeds of your life’s adventure to success and happiness.

What is the adventure? I shall give a hint. Examine your current circle of friends. How well and highly do they speak of their lofty dreams, great expectations in life and their serene, happy living? How often do you have insightful, positive analysis from your mates and relatives? Or are they only gossips, negative criticisms, poor remarks and shallow-mindedness? When you want to get to a new stage in life, it is natural to have new friends while old ones become sieved. It is not you who is doing it to those you leave behind; it is their values not agreeing with yours again. That is, you simply cannot keep company with them at the same level as before. Great old friends stay, of course, who are as excited and hopeful for the great possibilities of life to which they want to give expression with you. Now, aiming at excellence in all you do, you are going to remake your company. As a good instance, when you tell your friends about the convention, some will not totally understand but be excited at the prospect. These are usually great people in life. Some will understand but reject the idea. These are not the kind that can make your life useful. Some will understand and accept the idea. These are already successful, and are becoming more of who they are. ENGRAFT CONVENTION not only gives you the room to rearrange your life’s room of friends so that you clear it for good ventilation; but also brings you into new teams and alliances. ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is building a network of teams of twelve people up to 420 of these. Do you want to miss being a part of such a team? Not at all. Most certainly, you are among.

ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 helps you to unlock the deep potentials within you so that you can draw the potentials around you. Talking of potentials, a potential is the capacity, the maximum effect which can be caused by or through something. Your potentials are the things you are capable of being, doing and having. We believe that you are capable, to the most accurate degree and potency, of success in life. Just that, as the children of Israel, we do not ‘know’ how to manifest our true desires in life; so we go on manifesting that which we do not like. ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is taking you on an adventure to realise that same capability and potential in you, to manifest your desires by getting the understanding of how, and live life beyond your wildest expectations.

ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 holds in December 2020. Why? So that you can really plan for a great adventure in life in 2021. Just as when you want to go on a journey. You really want to fill enough fuel to keep you from being stranded in some unknown place on the way. You also want to check that your car is serviced for the capacity to go the distance you desire. Or if it would rather be safer to join a public transport. Because you are really delighted about where you are going and you don’t want to make room for failure to get to your destination. This is exactly why success is not the destination; it is the journey. Success is staying progressively on the journey towards an ideal worthy of you. Failure is becoming stuck on the journey, failing to make progress towards the final place or turning back. The purpose of the three-day ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021 is to get you ready for a successful 2021. If your 2021 is successful, it is actually You who are successful.

Let me give you an idea of the ideal life which countless successful men in the past have identified. You might be thinkin your background is poor and your experiences in life has been worsening to your life’s desires. But You Are Born Rich, Bob Proctor says. And how could be become rich in reality if you are born rich? The Strangest Secret in the World is that You Become As You Think teaches Earl Nightingale. Do you look around you hoping your conditions are better than they were? Paulo Coehlo taught that you can do alchemy, you really can if you understand that all things are one and your not-great-condition can be turned to super great. In fact, you are The Alchemist. Then you are wondering that your environment is not healthy for your growth and expansion. Nothing around you seemed to be in the right place in the frame of your life. Don’t settle for that false theory in your heart. Appearances are deceitful. Or at least Russell Conwell taught that you are living on Acres of Diamond. Then you are wondering that your growth in life has been stunted before now. Could it be remedied? Yes, you can Think and Grow Rich says Napoleon Hill. I want to assure you once more. We know it and we want you to live to the fullest of your potentials in life. You have been a salesman since your birth. You have been selling your way through life. All the possessions you ever rightfully earn comes to you as a result of selling. You are The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino would pat your back to say. And if you are still wondering whether you can do it, you must hear the Magic Story. The Magic Story which Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey tells shows that you are the Magic Wand of God in your Success Story. And if you still doubt that, you don’t seem to know the stock of power that lies in you. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is the greatest power in God’s creation as Dr Joseph Murphy shows. Are you worried you will miss the way? We are giving you a definite map, and you can be sure it is exact because there is The Science of Getting Rich, the science beautifully told by Wallace Wattles. Now you are convinced. But do you feel time has run out and you cannot start from scratch again? Do not worry. We are getting you to ENGRAFT into success and happiness; absolutely no requirement that you have before now been doing it right, even though that is an addition. You can start from where you are in life and reach where you want to be.

Not only does this three-day convention introduce to the wealth of wisdom which has been hinted in the above but also does it plug you into the community where in 2021, you can practice all of this to attain success and happiness in life. You are going to know more about this adventure’s diverse forms as we count down to the date.

You can be a part of the exciting journey with the ENGRAFT COMMUNITY. Visit Engraft for all you want to know on how to, and to get your free ticket.

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