All Things Are One

Adelere Adesina 👑
3 min readMar 28, 2021

Feeling Your Desires before Your Senses

All things are one. We have heard and learned this from a theological/philosophical/mystical perspective. We know that God is One, all things are from God and all things are one manifest in different forms. The intuitive understanding of this is the beginning of true creation or manifestation in our lives. This is the Law. But let’s see it also from a scientific point of view. This will help the students who still feel it is unnatural to assume their wish fulfilled and thereby suppose they lie.

Chemically, ALL the things you see, hear, smell, taste and touch are different combinations of 118 chemical elements, 94 of which are natural and the rest synthesized in the laboratory. Think about this and understand! The car, the house, the air you breathe, the space rocket and even your body — from only one or more of 94 elements known to man.

There’s even a greater intrigue. All these 118 chemicals are simply the one same atom combined in different forms or vibrating on different speeds. For instance, hydrogen is essentially the same as oxygen, except that in hydrogen is one proton and neutron while in oxygen is eight of those. Essentially, the air you breathe can become sand with a little tweak in its number of mass (weight); and that sand can become glass by making its atoms vibrate at an incredible speed. Relax, ALL things are ONE.

The same air is the tree, the fish, the mobile phone, the scissors, the iron, etc. What you see, hear, smell, taste and touch as different things are just one at the heart of them all, at their nucleus. They manifest in different forms. So, become wise that while you enjoy the beauty of their different forms in appearance, you remember they are the same substance in nature.

You have the God-given licence then to assume what you see in reality is what you desire it to be. If you call the phone you have in your hands the new phone you desire, and feel that way about it, it is not a lie — it is your application of the understanding that all things are one. The application of the truth that all what you desire already exist within all what you have since at their heart, they are made of the same substance.

Anyway, you are not the first person to call what you see as what you choose it to be in your imagination differently from what it is in the physical world. God did at first, ‘God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did.’

Think of it this way. You Are in God’s image and likeness. The best you can do is to imitate God. The worst is to misdirect the imitation of God. So, do the best you can. That means, call all the things you see around you as though your desire fulfilled, and give thanks for that. Feel it. After all, right within the air you breathe, you can smell as if you have new currency notes in your pocket and hand, can’t you?

Understand by the Mathematical Law of the Universe that ALL THINGS ARE ONE, and more powerfully that YOU ARE ONE WITH GOD! Check out I & I AM: Notes on Unity and Power.



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